‘Sister Wives’ Kody and Robyn Brown Accused of Child Endangerment of Their 7-Year Old Child

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Robyn Brown

‘Sister Wives’ Kody and Robyn Brown Accused of Child Endangerment of Their 7-Year Old Child 

A flashback moment featured on Sunday’s premiere episode of Sister Wives landed Kody Brown and Robyn Brown in hot water with fans. 

Robyn Brown

The episode featured a strained conversation between Kody and his ex-wife, Christine Brown, during which the couple discussed how they would navigate the holiday season for their minor daughter, Truely. 

Christine Brown

Meri and Robyn Brown hashed out their holiday plans in a separate scene, which included a flashback of the pair sharing the previous Thanksgiving together. Kody and Robyn’s daughter, Ariella, was included in the holiday flashback, and fans noticed that the nearly seven-year-old child was sucking on a pacifier.  

Ariella Brown

One fan asked — “Why is this grown child still sporting a pacifier?”

A second user chimed in — “Yeesh, still showing Ari with the pacifier in the flashbacks..”

Robyn Brown

A third added — “So shameful! Not good parenting.” 

One viewer snarked — “Since Robyn is at home & also has a nanny… have they finally been able to tear 29 year old Ari away from her pacifier?”

Robyn Brown kids

Another remarked — “Is Ariella still taking a pacifier? Yes, I’m judging anything Robyn adjacent.” 

This wasn’t the first time that fans have noticed Ariella clinging to a pacifier on camera. 

A fan tweeted directly at the couple last year, writing — @LuvgvsUwngs and @realkodybrown 5 year old Ari doesn’t use a seat belt or car seat, and still has a pacifier.”

Robyn’s parenting skills were called out in real time as she explained that her kids’ well-being was her number one priority as she considered joining the Brown family, back in 2010. 

Robyn Brown

Kody’s fourth and only remaining wife referenced her previous marriage during the premiere episode, calling her it “a tough situation.” 

She explained that she was looking for a “safe family” for her children.

“When I met Kody’s family, I saw them operating as one family… I thought this was a safe place for my kids to be,” Robyn told cameras.  

Robyn Brown

Fans rejoined the Brown family in the wake of Christine’s exit, but prior to Janelle and Meri following in her footsteps. Christine and Janelle weighed in on how Robyn’s entry potentially factored into the family’s ultimate demise.  

Meri told cameras — “If she saw that we were perfect, either we were all really good actors or she had blinders on. I don’t know. And I’m not saying that to be rude. We, just, we were not perfect. But we were good.”

Meri Brown

Kody’s second wife, Janelle, echoed a common viewer sentiment when she noted — “Once Robyn entered the family, there was a shakeup, and I don’t know if things were ever settled again.”

Sister Wives

Christine stopped short of blaming Robyn for the family implosion, commenting — ”We became very separate and the family traditions stopped. And I don’t know, and I’m not accusing Robyn of stopping all the family traditions. I don’t know what happened. I just know us getting together again as a family stopped.”

Sister Wives airs on Sundays, at 10 pm ET, on TLC. 


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