‘Southern Charm’ Trailer: Taylor Ann Green’s Messy Love Triangle With Austen Kroll and Shep Rose Exposed

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Austen Kroll

‘Southern Charm’ Trailer: Taylor Ann Green’s Messy Love Triangle With Austen Kroll and Shep Rose Exposed

Season 9 of Southern Charm premieres in September and a newly released trailer hints that Shep Rose’s ex, Taylor Greene, had a fling with his best pal, Austen Kroll. The preview also teases that things might not be over for Taylor and Shep. 

“Something happened with me and Taylor,” Austen reveals in the sneak peek. 

Austen Kroll

Austen’s ex, Madison LeCroy, doesn’t mince words, asking — “Did you f— Taylor or not?”

Taylor Greene

Austen’s former love interest, Olivia Flowers, 31, asks her friend the same question.

Taylor denies that anything happened between her and Austen, insisting — “Never, swear on my life.”

Taylor Greene

Patricia Altschul also appears in the teaser, implying that one of the women sent “nude” pics to her son, Whitney Sudler-Smith. 

Patricia Altschul

Olivia later informs Austen that Taylor woke up in Shep’s room and footage reveals Taylor in the sack with her ex-boyfriend. 

Austen tells Craig Conover during a phone call —“Shep and Taylor banged.”

Austen Kroll

Meanwhile, Craig, 35, and his girlfriend, Paige DeSorbo, 31, clash over the timing of their imminent engagement.

“I’m not trying to plan a wedding right now,” Paige tells her “Summer House” co-star. 

Craig responds — “Why would we date if we’re not going to take the next step?”

Paige DeSorbo

Madison teases that she may be pregnant with her second child when she asks her 10-year-old son, Hudson, “Why I feel so nauseous?” before heading to the doctor. 

Things between Madison and Austen remain tense, four years after their split.

“You are a sloppy mess,” Austen tells his ex. “You always have been.” 

In March, People reported that Austen and Taylor hooked up last fall. 

“They didn’t have sex, just made out,” a production source told the outlet. 

Taylor Ann Green

“They thought about dating and took time to think about [it] for a quick sec, talked to their family about it,” the insider added. “But at the end of the day, Taylor said it wasn’t worth losing Olivia’s friendship if her and Austen didn’t work and she was at a low point after [the] reunion.” 

Austen and Taylor’s alleged fling came months after she called it quits with Shep, in July 2022. Taylor referred to herself as “the whore that stuck around for long enough” during the Season 8 reunion series.

Southern Charm

The source said that “Shep didn’t seem to care” about Taylor and Austen’s rumored make-out session. 

The tipster added that Olivia learned of Austen and Taylor’s hookup during a scene shot for the upcoming season. 

Southern Charm

Austen and Taylor were close before they even knew Olivia existed,” the source adds. “And Olivia and Austen never were in a relationship.”

Austen and Olivia briefly dated but their connection never evolved into a real relationship.  

Olivia wanted a relationship, but Austen never fully committed,” the insider said. 

Press play to watch below.

Southern Charm Season 9 premieres September 14 on Bravo.  


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