Lindsay Hubbard and Danielle Olivera Call Truce After Explosive ‘Productive Conversation’ at ‘Summer House’ Reunion!

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Lindsay Hubbard and Danielle Olivera

Lindsay Hubbard and Danielle Olivera Call Truce After Explosive ‘Productive Conversation’ at ‘Summer House’ Reunion!  

Kyle Cooke hinted that Summer House frenemies, Lindsay Hubbard and Danielle Olivera, may have emerged from the contentious Season 7 Summer House reunion with their friendship in tact. 

Lindsay Hubbard

Andy [Cohen] has a way with words, and he really helped facilitate a productive conversation between Lindsay and Danielle,” Cooke told Page Six during his company Loverboy’s Limoncello Spritz launch dinner in New York City.

Cooke revealed that cast members felt “relieved” after the reunion taping, because they initially had “no idea” how the sit-down would impact Hubbard and Olivera’s relationship. 

“I know I left feeling hopeful,” Cooke said at the Thursday event.

Kyle Cook

Hubbard and Olivera shared a close friendship for years, but their relationship went south when Olivera criticized the publicist’s speedy romance with Carl Radke. Hubbard and Radke are currently engaged. 

Lindsay Hubbard and Danielle Olivera

While Hubbard, 36, and Olivera, 34, seemingly exited the reunion in a better place, both Cooke and his wife, Amanda Batula, didn’t dish any update on the duo’s friendship. 

Cooke also spoke out about fans expressing surprise at how “intense” and “nasty” the reunion was, considering the “tame” overall vibe of the season.

“I think at the reunion, there was a lot of pent-up stuff, even from the Season 6 reunion, some stuff that should’ve been discussed that wasn’t, so some of that bled into this season,” Cooke explained.  

Kyle Cooke

The first part of the reunion featured an argument between Paige DeSorbo and Hubbard, which puzzled fans as viewers only witnessed a friendly relationship throughout the season.

Craig Conover

DeSorbo has yet to address the brouhaha but Hubbard threw some subtle shade her way on social media after the reunion drama. 

“I guess we speak in couches & beds these days…” she captioned an Instagram Story, seemingly taking aim at DeSorbo for admitting that she’d rather spend time in bed than socialize with friends. 

Lindsay Hubbard disputed DeSorbo’s claim that she threw a shoe at a Summer House producer, during the first reunion episode. 

Lindsay Hubbard and Danielle Olivera

“There is no shoe. There is no shoe to the producer lol,” the reality star wrote under @bestofbravo’s clip of the exchange, posted on Instagram.

The ladies bickered over DeSorbo calling out Hubbard for allegedly mistreating her co-stars, fans, and even producers. 

“The way you treat production, the way you treat fans, even Andy [Cohen] knows you’re rude. He had to yell at you at BravoCon for the way you speak to his employees,” DeSorbo told her co-star.  

Hubbard denied that she was yelled at by the Bravo producer, but co-star, Ciara Miller, 27, backed up DeSorbo’s story.

Lindsay Hubbard

The cast’s back-and-forth over the Bravoleb’s alleged behavior went on until  the episode ended with Hubbard calling DeSorbo “pathetic” and DeSorbo firing back that Hubbard was “nuts.” 


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