‘RHONJ’ RECAP: Danielle Cabral Plans To Expose Margaret For Spreading Melissa Gorga’s Cheating Secret

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Danielle Cabral 

‘RHONJ’ RECAP: Danielle Cabral Plans To Expose Margaret For Spreading Melissa Gorga’s Cheating Secret

Welcome to a new episode of The Real Housewives of New Jersey. The ladies are back on U.S. soil and have a lot of opinions about the drama on Dolores Catania’s trip to Ireland.

Dolores Catania

Margaret Josephs is hanging with Lexi and her son, while Paulie tells Dolores the ladies jumped in poop. Danielle Cabral and her husband, Nate, are chatting with their kids as Danielle’s mom, Angel comes to visit. After sending the kids away, Danielle shows her mom the gift she got for Teresa Giudice. Danielle wanted to get Teresa a c*ck ring, but Mama Angel is over Danielle’s filthy mouth. Mama Angel loves the gift and Danielle tells her mother about her terrible trip aboard. Nate can tell Danielle had a rough time and, Danielle thinks Rachel Fuda and Margaret were, “Mean Girls on 101.” 

Danielle Cabral

Danielle tells Mama Angel the rumor about Melissa Gorga alleged cheating. Danielle fingers Margaret as the source of the rumor. Mama Angle suggests Danielle tell Melissa, because it’s the right thing to do.

Danielle Cabral

Rachel and John Fuda are driving to an attorney’s office to discuss Rachel adopting John’s son, Jaiden. The attorney takes John and Rachel to the conference room to talk, and Rachel begins explaining that Jaiden didn’t have a, “normal” upbringing. Rachel explains Jaiden’s mother wasn’t around. The attorney, Debra Guston, explains that the law states that Jaiden’s biological mother needs to be notified and there’s a chance that she may contest the adoption.

Rachel is feeling frustrated as she believes that she’s Jaiden’s true mother. However, she must navigate the system to achieve her goal.

Rachel begins crying and John comforts her, as the attorney wraps up their meeting. Once the papers are drafted, the attorney’s office will attempt to reach Jaiden’s biological mother and if they get no response in forty-five days, they’re free to move forward with the adoption. Let’s hope for the best.

Meanwhile, Jennifer Aydin’s showing her daughter the gifts she got Teresa for her upcoming surprise bridal shower. Jennifer wants to do henna tattoos for Teresa and even bought her a garter. 

Bill Aydin arrives home from work and their daughter updates him on the suggestive gifts her mom bought for Teresa’s surprise bridal shower. Bill and Jennifer chat in the backyard. Jennifer asks Bill if he spent time with the kids while she was gone, and let Bill know the kids were calling her while she was away. Bill brushes it off as kids being kids but Jennifer brings up the therapist advice, to have Bill make the rules so the kids respect them more.

Jennifer Aydin

Bill doesn’t want to be the bad guy when he comes home but Jennifer needs a little help. Although Bill is feeling overwhelmed, Jennifer is tired of being blamed for their household issues. Despite Bill denying that he blames her, Jennifer believes they should continue seeing their therapist. However, Bill disagrees and thinks Jennifer has more complaints and issues are hers to work on. Jennifer believes it is only fair for Bill to meet her halfway and is wondering about their next steps moving forward.

Later, Teresa and her daughters are going shopping for the bridesmaids dresses. The girls look beautiful in their dresses and Joe Giudice calls just in time to see the girls dressed up. Teresa looks like a proud mom as the girls catch up with their dad. Teresa gets emotional as she tells Joe that she wishes he could come back to the U.S, and Joe appreciates Teresa, wishes her happiness, and thanks her for all she’s does for their family. By the time the girls hang up with Joe, everyone’s crying, and Teresa has the girls take the dresses off so they can go.

That evening, Margaret goes to dinner with Marge Sr., Lexi’s mom Ingrid, and Lexi. Margaret loves Mama Ingrid and tells us that Ingrid is also living in her guest house. Margaret loves the chaos and loves helping Lexi save money. Margaret’s mother believes that Joe is a great substitute grandfather figure for Lexi’s son. Margaret is happy to be there for Lexi during her difficult time after her breakup.

Margaret Josephs

According to Lexi, she would not have left her ex-partner if it weren’t for the support and guidance of Margaret and Joe, who she considers her trusted confidants. Margaret gets emotional as she reminisces about Lexi being there for her when she went through her divorce. Margaret believes Lexi is her soulmate and loves having Lexi apart of her life. Margaret believes they have a great dynamic with Lexi and can’t fathom how siblings don’t have the same blessing. Marg Sr. says she doesn’t know why Teresa’s so mean to her brother and the table agrees.

Meanwhile at Melissa Gorga’s house, Antonia receives a recognition for straight A’s at school and her parents can’t be prouder. Melissa blushes about Antonia in a confessional and loves how brilliant she is. While Joe makes a speech, Mama Donna pulls up with a brand new Porsche SUV (valued at $100K) for Antonia’s 17th Birthday. Antonia cries and pulls herself together as she jumps into her new ride to try it out. After Antonia leaves with Grandma Donna, Melissa fills Joe in on the drama of their trip to Ireland.

Melissa Goga

Melissa’s upset that Teresa brought up Antonia and tells Joe about getting emotional while explaining Teresa’s painting. Melissa’s over fighting with Teresa (so she says) and tells Joe about Teresa’s upcoming bridal shower. Joe’s surprised Melissa’s going but Melissa plans to go through the motions of Teresa’s wedding and then she’s done. We shall see.

Joe Gorga

Later, Dolores meets up with Frank Catania to straighten him out in regards to their boundaries. Paulie wants Dolores to speak with Frank in order for everyone to be on the same page. Dolores and Frank aren’t used to discussing their feelings, so this is new territory for these two. After pleasantries, Frank complains about not being able to speak with Dolores every day and Frank wants to have a family dinner with Dolores, without Paulie or Brittany attending. 

Frank doesn’t understand but Dolores stays firm that their family can extend to other people. Dolores is considering Paulie’s feelings, but Frank doesn’t want to listen to her. Frank thinks Paulie’s intimidated by Frank but Dolores shuts that down as Frank continues talking in circles. It looks like Frank’s finally regretting his past choices and Dolores even tells Frank to go to the bathroom to get it together. Dolores apologizes to Frank for how he feels but remains adamant that her concerns are with Paulie and Paulie alone. Dolores finally sets firm boundaries with Frank and Frank finally gets the message as he and Dolores continue joking over dinner.

The next day is Teresa’s bridal shower and Jennifer’s running amuck making sure everything’s in place. Jennifer invited Louie’s sister and Teresa’s best friend, and the ladies look beautiful as they begin to arrive. 

Gia Giudice arrives as Melania and Gabriella lure Teresa to her surprise bridal shower. As Teresa drives, Louie calls to check in on who’s invited to an event next week and Louie talks so fast that he ended up revealing that Teresa planned on not inviting Melissa and Joe. Teresa quickly tells Louie the cameras are rolling as he replies “Oh, sh-t okay.” Teresa tells Louie to invite everyone and continues her conversation with her daughters. They wonder why Teresa’s inviting Melissa and Joe, but Teresa claims she’s trying to keep the peace.

Teresa Giudice

Melissa arrives and greets Louie’s sister, Veronica, as she makes small talk before Rachel walks over. We learn Veronica’s officiating the wedding and Gia gives Melissa an awkward hug as the ladies marvel over Dolores’s butt. Danielle shows up and is quiet before the ladies begin discussing the trip. Melissa admits Danielle seems off but before Danielle can respond, Margaret walks in. 

Danielle Cabral

Margaret asks Melissa if she’s spoken to Teresa since returning and of course Melissa hasn’t. Danielle continues contemplating spilling the tea to Melissa about this rumor but decides to keep her mouth shut, for now. Teresa’s finally outside and the group is getting ready as they successfully surprise Teresa. Teresa’s so happy and loves the attention that she’s getting from her family and friends. Teresa gets emotional as she wishes her mother was there and soon the party gets started — food and drinks begin flowing. Dolores checks in on Danielle, who says she came home from Ireland a whole new person. Danielle plans on keeping her opinions to herself and Dolores appreciates Danielle’s growth, over time.

Rachel Fuda

Rachel sits down and interrupts the vibe. Danielle tries her hardest to avoid speaking with Rachel. Soon, the rest of the ladies sit to eat, and share their drink of choice. Teresa thanks everyone for coming and makes a comment about Louie’s sister, Rosanna being there for her while Joe got deported. Margaret stirs the pot by claiming daggers are being thrown at Melissa.

Teresa Giudice

Melissa remains quiet as Jennifer prepares the henna tattoos for everyone. Jennifer wants to wish the ladies luck and prosperity and Melissa’s trainer apologizes to her about the way Teresa’s treating her. Jackie Goldschneider listens closely as they begin joking about Louie being a Sagittarius. Jennifer brings out candles to dance around Teresa and to bring luck to everyone participating. Teresa enjoys the love from Jennifer and thanks her as the party continues. Be sure to come back next week for another episode of The Real Housewives of New Jersey.


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