Jazz Jennings REGRETS Childhood Transitioning, Fans Want Her Mother Charged With Child Abuse

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Jazz Jennings

Jazz Jennings REGRETS Childhood Transitioning, Fans Want Her Mother Charged With Child Abuse

I Am Jazz star Jazz Jennings has recently been in the spotlight for expressing regret over her transition from male to female.

The college student stated that she doesn’t feel like herself, which contradicts her mother’s urging to continue living as a transgender woman.

Jazz’s Influence

Jazz Jennings

Jazz Jennings’ narrative had a significant influence on the acceptance of transgender individuals in America. When Jazz was only 5 years old, her parents initiated the process of transitioning the child from male to female.

Jazz became an iconic figure, starring on her own TLC reality show, I am Jazz, demonstrating the perspective that some individuals are inherently meant to be a different gender. This argument was reinforced by the fact that Jazz’s parents raised her as a girl from an early age.


Jazz Jennings

In the past few years, Jazz, 22, has gained attention in the media due to health issues that challenge the idea that medical interventions can effortlessly transition adults or children to the gender of their choice.

Jazz’s vaginoplasty, which involved a flawed penile inversion procedure, was carried out when she was 17 years old. This resulted in the need for several corrective surgeries and a significant reduction in her sexual function.

Jazz’s vaginoplasty was performed using stomach lining material due to insufficient tissue, which resulted in the “neovagina,” splitting apart shortly after the surgery. Over the course of several years, three corrective surgeries followed.

Jazz Jennings

After the surgeries, Jazz gained more than 100 pounds due to binge eating and various mental health disorders. According to Jazz’s mother, Jeanette, her penile inversion vaginoplasty was not cause of her mental difficulties. Instead, Jeanette blames her daughter’s struggles with mental health.

Just A Child

Jazz Jennings

As Jazz Jennings began expressing her gender identity in preschool — her mother was her biggest supporter and advocate.

 “‘I don’t care. I have my friends at school that like me, and if anybody else has a problem with it, I’m OK with that.’ This is like 4-year-old Jazz, so I gained my strength from her.” Jeanette Jennings told People.

Jeanette Jennings stated that Jazz experienced her happiest time in life during the year after the first surgery. Nevertheless, she also acknowledged that her daughter became increasingly depressed afterward and faced difficulty getting out of bed in the morning.

Jazz Regrets Transitioning

Jazz Jennings

During the eighth season of the TLC reality series, Jazz had a concerning conversation with their mother. In the scene below, Jazz expressed feeling completely broken and unable to be her authentic self. One cannot help but question whether a lifetime of hormone treatments and surgeries, aimed at altering Jazz’s appearance contributed to these feelings.

Jazz elaborates to her mother that she continues to go “back to negative” and that she “can’t get out of [her] head.” She explains: “It just doesn’t stop.”

Jazz Jennings

In an attempt to prevent the breakdown, Jeanette tried to reassure Jazz, who had recently gone on a date with a woman in an episode, that everything will be fine. “It’s okay, give me a hug. I know what you’re going through. We’ve been there before,” she says.

Jazz then reveals the truth, “I just want to feel like myself, like that’s it. I don’t care,” she said. “All I want is to be happy and feel like me, and I don’t feel like me, ever.”

Jazz flat out tells her, “I don’t feel like me, ever!”

Jeanette attempts to discourage Jazz from engaging in excessive soul-searching, “But the more you’re talking about yourself, it gets harder. You’re digging in and it’s making you put a magnifying glass on what’s already difficult as it is. So this is hard for you, I know. And we don’t want to push it.”

Press play below to watch.


Jeanette Applies Pressure 

In another scene, Jeanette pressured Jazz to dilate her “neovagina” daily, with Jeanette threatening to “wring [Jazz’s] neck” if they didn’t comply. Individuals who have undergone a penile inversion vaginoplasty are typically required to dilate the surgical site for more than two hours a day for up to two years after the procedure and for shorter periods of time for the remainder of their lives. Failure to do so can result in the wound shrinking.

Press play to watch below.


Child Abuse

Jazz Jennings

Numerous social media users believe that Jeanette’s compulsion for Jazz to transition and endure severe surgical procedures amounts to child abuse.

One Twitter account named, “Gays Against Groomers,” wrote: “Jazz Jennings’ mother speaks about forcing Jazz to dilate and further mutilate their neo-vagina to keep the wound from closing.  It’s the brazen openness to admit to child abuse on national television for us. This monster belongs behind bars.”

Jazz Jennings

Another person tweeted, “This is horrible. Her mother actually said that she didn’t want Jazz to go back to her old ways so she had to force her to open a wound. This is child abuse.”

Someone else commented, “These parents and doctors all need to go to jail for child abuse, especially at the age of five?!”

A critic remarked, “The TLC series about a transgender child named “Jazz” is a long-form documentary showing the systematic abuse of a child by their mother. A mother that forced a lifestyle on her son, for the purpose of getting wealth and fame. Munchausen’s By Proxy.”

Jazz Jennings

“Go look at how Jazz Jennings is doing. He regrets transitioning, but your side wants to silence the ones voicing this truth. And his mother is the one responsible for influencing his mind as a child. Now it’s starting to look like child abuse.” Someone tweeted.

Another noted, “Well.. Jazz is a boy.. so there’s that… child abuse by cutting off perfectly healthy & functional organs is pretty heinous.. especially when his mother does it…”

The Motive

Jeanette Jennings

It’s worth noting that Jeanette Jennings has made millions from Jazz’s transition and gained fame as a result. Jeanette and a fellow mom started the Trans Kid Purple Rainbow Foundation when Jazz was 6 years old to help other parents transition their young children.

“We said, ‘We need to do this. This is something that isn’t out there,'” Jeanette says. “A lot of people don’t know about transgender youth and when their kids are expressing themselves as the other gender. So we wanted to present something online where they could find us, go to ask questions and learn more and gain resources that could guide them into this world of being the parent of a trans kid or even find out: Is my kid transgender or not?”

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