‘RHOP’ REUNION RECAP: Candiace Dillard Calls Gizelle Bryant A ‘White Woman’ While Chris Bassett Screamed and Cussed at The Green-Eyed-Bandit

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Candiace Dillard-Bassett

‘RHOP’ REUNION RECAP: Candiace Dillard Calls Gizelle Bryant A ‘White Woman’ While Chris Bassett Screamed and Cussed at The Green-Eyed-Bandit

Welcome to The Real Housewives of Potomac season seven, reunion finale. We begin where we left off with Mia Thornton and her ex-best friend Jacqueline Blake going at it over their tumultuous season and the downfall of their thirty-year friendship.

Jacqueline Blake

Jacqueline calls Mia unhinged due to Mia’s nasty text message she sent to their friend group, accusing Jacqueline of being on food stamps and Jacqueline fires back that Mia’s business is in shambles. Jacqueline accuses Mia of never being the CEO of her company and the two pull out receipts to back up their claims. The cast laughs as Mia pulls out a bedazzled box and Jacqueline pulls out an envelope. 

Mia Thornton

Jacqueline shows text messages showing Mia wasn’t with Jaqueline’s mother as Mia claimed and also text messages from Gordon Thornton to Jaqueline; wondering where his wife is. Mia claims that she was having lunch with her ex-boyfriends mother in Atlanta and that she and Gordon already hashed things out. Jacqueline’s point is even Mia’s own husband doesn’t know Mia’s whereabouts or believes her lies. Mia puts the box away clearly running out of ammunition and Andy Cohen asks Jacqueline if she’s ever slept with Gordon. Jacqueline denies sleeping with Gordon and Jacqueline believes that narrative was created and ran with by the group. 

The ladies admit Jaqueline and Mia were coy all season with the sexual allegations and Andy ask Jacqueline if she sleeps with married men. Jacqueline says no but Mia’s face clearly indicates something different.  Jacqueline and Mia deny having a sexual history and Andy moves onto reading questions from the fans. One fan questions why Mia didn’t speak to Jacqueline privately about her concerns and Mia says she was simply responding to Jacqueline’s claims that Mia needs more d***. Mia admits Gordon recently recovered from prostate cancer and that Jacqueline was taking digs at Gordon, due to his ill performance in the bedroom. 

Gizelle Bryant

Jacqueline thinks Mia’s exaggerating as Dr. Wendy Osefo shakes her head at the nonsense. Andy ask Jacqueline about meeting Gordon while he was still married, and Mia admits she should’ve kept her legs closed to married men too. Mia doesn’t like that Jacqueline denies her extracurricular activities. Jacqueline tells the group that Mia never tried to call her to discuss their issues like women, and the two go back in forth about who still has a home and Jacqueline asking Gordon for money. Andy wonders how much Mia and Gordon bought for Jacqueline and Mia claims they lied to create a storyline for Jacqueline! Jacqueline says Mia never bought her car and admits to lying for Mia to continue the narrative. 

Jacqueline pulls out her car title showing she is the legal owner and soon Mia continues putting Jacqueline down in an attempt to lift herself up. The ladies ask if there’s any chance of reconciliation and Mia doesn’t think so. Andy hopes the ladies can figure out a resolution and gives the ladies a break while Wendy ask Jacqueline to forward her the receipts.

Backstage we see Charrisse Jackson-Jordan getting ready to join the couch and continues talking about Karen Huger. After the break, Charrisse joins the couch and Andy clarifies that Charrisse is officially divorced. Andy reads a question from a fan who wonders how long Charrisse and Robyn Dixon have been friends. Robyn tells us that she met Charrisse in 2002 and that Charrisse has been a good friend and that most of the ladies love her. 

After the recap of the drama between Karen and Charrisse throughout the season, Andy wishes Karen a happy birthday and a fan wonders why Karen wouldn’t have lunch with Charrisse. Karen says the viewers saw her reasoning and it’s her journey and to respect it. Andy tries to get Karen to see Charrisse’s side but Karen refuses to discuss her mother’s funeral further. Andy then ask Charrisse what her intentions were when attending the funeral and Charrisse claims it was genuine while Karen files her nails. Andy clears up the accusations and admits that they asked Charrisse to come back and it was not to take down Karen. 

Charrisse ask Karen why she invited her to Karen’s even in 2019 if the two weren’t friends and Robyn chimes in to tell us Charrisse was also at Karen’s 55th birthday party. Karen says her assistant invited Charrisse and soon the ladies go back and forth about Karen’s inconsistency. Charrisse tells Karen to get her lies and dates together and Andy tells Charrisse she threw out all kinds of accusations about Karen and Charrisse says she was upset due to Karen coming after her character. Karen continues holding her ground as Charrisse claims she never spoke bad of Karen until this season. Karen’s upset that Charrisse would tell a lie about Karen sleeping with another man, especially since Karen’s heard rumors about Charrisse but she didn’t repeat them due to Charrisse having children. 

Andy moves to Mia’s accusation about Karen sleeping with a restaurant owner and Karen tells Mia to give it to Andy because she’s going to sue him! Karen stands up for herself against the rumors; and Wendy adds her opinion that this group gets mad when a rumors about them but have no problem spreading lies about someone else. Mia says she brought it up because Karen wasn’t considering the source and Mia wanted to point out that she heard somethings as well. Karen and Mia go back and forth as Karen tells Mia to stop spewing BS. Robyn claims that she hears rumors from people she knows personally and Karen fires back with the same accusation. Karen isn’t playing these ladies game and soon Robyn and Mia stop pushing for more answers as Andy shows us a preview of The Real Housewives Ultimate Girl’s Trip. 

After the break, Andy gives us a recap of Robyn throughout the season and Andy wonders if Robyn’s wedding was everything she wanted. Robyn says she made the best decision for her, and Gizelle Bryant admits to being sad that she wasn’t invited. Robyn did admit that she and Juan Dixon did sign a fifty/fifty prenup and that if they divorced’ Robyn’s businesses would be protected. Andy wonders if Robyn placed an infidelity clause in the prenup and Robyn admits she didn’t. Robyn said it was too many grey areas and that their prenup is pretty cut and dry. 

Andy ask Charrisse what she thinks of Robyn getting married and Charrisse is happy for them and didn’t have issues with their relationship before. A fan ask Karen why she was giving Robyn the business all season about her wedding and Karen admits she was obsessed because she didn’t think it was going to happen. Andy brings up Karen’s accusations about Juan having a girlfriend and Andy wonders how Karen found out. Karen says she heard it through the grapevine and Robyn brings up Karen’s frustration during her birthday. Karen admits she went off because she was mad and Robyn wonders why Karen brought it up if she had no proof of Juan’s infidelity. 

Andy ask Robyn if she spoke with Juan about Karen’s accusations and wonders why Juan was so upset. Robyn says Juan doesn’t like the drama and wants to be left out of their issues. Andy brings up Robyn’s family fund day and how she got ripped apart by the viewers. A fan ask how much money Robyn spent on her family event and Robyn chucks it up to being last minute. Andy ask Robyn how she thought it would go by asking Candiace Dillard-Bassett to bring Wendy’s kids to Robyn’s event. Robyn thought it was a great idea and says she would’ve allowed her kids to go if it was Wendy’s event. Wendy thinks Robyn is willfully missing the point and that Robyn alienated her kids. 

Robyn says she didn’t mean to and that she has nothing to do with Wendy’s children. Andy then brings up Juan’s legal issues at Coppin State and Robyn doesn’t think the accusations are true. Robyn isn’t disputing the sexual assault from the student and believes Juan is being used as clickbait to push the story. Andy ask Robyn what she’d like to say to the haters and Robyn says be careful who you judge because you never know how things can end up for you. Leaving it there, Andy thanks Charrisse for coming as the husbands get ready backstage. 

Chris Bassett is ready to set the record straight and anyone who wants smoke can get it! The husbands join the couch and after introductions, Andy and a fan give the Osefo’s props at the way they laughed off Deborah’s accusations. A fan ask Eddie Osefo how he handles the blogs and drama from the show and Eddie says unless it affects his wife or family; that he’s a pretty easy going guy. A fan ask Eddie whose money is bankrolling Wendy’s adventures and Eddie answers that it’s a joint effort. Andy ask Gordon how he felt going through Mia’s health scare this season and Gordon admits it was one of the hardest things he’s experienced. Gordon gets emotional as he expresses how hard the season was for him. 

Gordon cries as he admits it was hard due to picturing life without Mia. Andy then moves to the issues with Jacqueline and ask if Gordon slept with any of Mia’s friends. Gordon says no and then Andy brings up Peter Thomas’s ex-girlfriend. Gordon admits to going as far as four-play with Peter’s ex and but is adamant there wasn’t any penetration. Andy moves onto Chris and ask how he felt when he heard Gizelle’s claims against him. Chris says he was shocked and admits to asking Gizelle to talk in her room and thought her team were in there. Gizelle tries to interrupt Chris, but Chris isn’t letting his opportunity to speak pass! Chris ask Gizelle when she noticed her team wasn’t in there, why she didn’t push their conversation until a more appropriate time. 

Chris then points out that Gizelle Bryant told Karen that Chris needed to apologize for what he did and ask Gizelle what he did. Gizelle answers that she was taken aback by Chris suggesting they talk in her room, but footage shows Chris saying “We’ll talk later”. Chris agrees to disagree and tells Gizelle to get to it because he’s been dealing with this for ten months. Chris goes off and explains that he had to answer to his children, family, and business partners about Gizelle’s false accusations. Chris tells Gizelle to “f***ing spit it out” and Gizelle turns into a victim and says she won’t finish if Chris continues cursing at her. 

Candiace jumps in and says “What’s not cool is your gutter-snipe b*** a** lying on my family!”. Gizelle is shocked, but Candiace ain’t done! Gizelle says she didn’t lie and says she thought Chris had too much to drink and she felt uncomfortable. Chris says that’s fair and Gizelle brings up the conversation she had with Kal and how Kal felt uncomfortable with Chris being alone with Gizelle. Kal claims that Chris knew Gizelle’s team was gone but Chris doesn’t have any idea where he got that from. Gizelle continues saying BS while Andy checks her about the difference between what someone DID and how someone made you FEEL. Gizelle didn’t like the optics of the situation and soon Chris and Gizelle go back and forth about whether the dressing room door was open. 

Chris stands up to demonstrate what he did that night and Gizelle continues lying. Gizelle states she thought Candiace should know how she felt and Chris wonders why Gizelle waited five months to bring it up. Gizelle says she brought up her feelings because of the DM Chris sent to Ashley Darby. Ashely continues saying she felt the message was inappropriate although Chris was responding to Ashley’s story on Instagram. Ashley admits she didn’t know Chris worked at The W at the time and that Gizelle felt she needed to bring it to Candiace’s attention. Chris brings up the many times Gizelle brings up Chris’s penis but never expected an apology because Chris never talked to her about it. Chris continues standing up for himself and that he didn’t do anything wrong and now they’re playing a game of semantics. 

Gizelle Bryant gives a half-a** apology, but Candiace isn’t accepting it. Andy brings up the text message Chris sent to Gizelle after filming and explained he wanted to apologize for IF he did something wrong. Chris didn’t want to apologize because he didn’t feel he did something wrong and Candiace laughs at Gizelle’s disgusting behavior. Candiace has had enough and calls Gizelle a garbage person with no soul! Candiace is over Gizelle playing the victim and tells her that she’s the reason women can’t come forward with sexual assault allegations and misconduct. Candiace tells Gizelle off about her privilege and fair skin that’s allowed her to continue such ill behavior. Mia jumps in and says Candiace is going too far but Candiace isn’t slowing down for nobody.

Candiace tells Gizelle Bryant that her proximity to whiteness helps Gizelle to continue her lies. Mia’s upset and says Candiace can’t call Gizelle white privilege since she’s a Black female as Chris looks unphased. Ashley tells Candiace that she’s reintroducing the colorism conversation and Wendy ask Candiace to be mindful what she’s implying but made it clear Candiace is still her girl and she loves her. Candiace knows exactly what she’s implying and she understands what she said. Ashley ask Candiace if the colorism conversation applies to her and Candiace answers that if she made a sexual assault claim; it wouldn’t be taken as serious but would be if it came from Ashley or Gizelle. 

Candiace isn’t sorry and she’s hurt by the way Gizelle conducted herself. Ashley doesn’t think Candiace’s words were appropriate and soon Candiace releases her wrath on Ashley and tells Ashley not to address her. Andy ask Chris if he has anything else to say and Chris accepts Gizelle’s apology, but Candiace doesn’t.

Andy lightens things up as we look back at the fun times the ladies had during the season. After the recap, Andy ask the husbands how they felt about their wives dancing in Miami and Andy ask why Karen doesn’t like her breast to be called titties LOL. Karen just wants the right name addressed to her assets and Andy ask about Robyn at her bachelorette party. Robyn had a great time and Juan likes when Robyn comes home drunk. Andy wants clarification on what went down in Miami and Wendy tells us that they showed each other their vagina but there was no licking or kissing. 

Wendy coins her coochie as the prettiest of them all and Gordon makes sure the ladies didn’t show their coochie to production. Andy ask Ray Huger about his reaction to Karen’s infidelity rumors and Ray thinks it’s a shame this season was so nasty. Ray’s disappointed in the ladies and understands that Karen reacted to the accusations and thinks the rumors are BS. Karen brings up that she never saw the picture but Gizelle wonders why Karen brought up the Juan rumors without any proof. Andy gives Karen the benefit of the doubt since Karen was only in a bar and Karen threatens to show a picture of the blonde woman. Ray tells Karen not to pull it up and Robyn believes Karen accused Juan of sexual assault in Mexico. 

Robyn ask Karen if that’s what she was implying, and Karen says he did not sexual assault her but Juan did touch her inappropriately. Ray takes up for his wife by telling the group that Karen told him about it when it happened and that they talked to each other about it. Karen stands that Juan needs to keep his hands to himself and Andy thanks the fellas for their services as they exit stage left. Andy plays homage to Robyn’s speaker-gate by finishing off with Candiace’s song playing. The ladies dance it out as they wrap up a crazy season. Then, we get the recap of Juan’s infidelity news coming out and Andy’s one on one with Robyn during Watch What Happens Live. Robyn continues her story that Juan never slept with the woman, but Andy doesn’t believe her. 

Robyn admits she never saw the correspondence between Juan and this mystery woman and that she never asked to see them. Robyn trust Juan and believes the two were never physical with each other. Robyn doesn’t think there was an affair nor anything physical and Andy wants details on how Juan and Robyn handled the situation. Robyn stated she and Juan went through marital counseling and that they felt stronger going into season seven. Robyn says the situation put pause on the wedding planning. Andy wonders since infidelity was such a huge topic this season, why Robyn stayed silent. 

Robyn Dixon

Robyn says she was waiting on Karen to bring it up, but Andy thinks Robyn would’ve had more power bringing it up herself. Robyn choose not to bring it up and Andy tells Robyn about Candiace’s feelings of betrayal. Robyn doesn’t see the comparison, but Andy thinks Chris was the sacrificial lamb for the seasons drama. Robyn doesn’t want to bring up the issue and continues arguing back with Andy about things that make no sense. Andy’s over it and so am I. Let’s hope Robyn does better next season. Thank you for riding with us during this season and be sure to come back for season eight of The Real Housewives of Potomac. 


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