Today’s Al Roker Snaps At Producer on Live TV

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Al Roker

Today’s Al Roker Snaps At Producer on Live TV

Today fans took notice when Al Roker snapped at a producer during Friday’s live broadcast. The producer gave the weatherman direction and received a snippy response in return. 

Substitute anchors, Jill Martin and Jacob Soboroff, joined Al for Friday’s show, which featured a segment with Self magazine editor-in-chief, Rachel Miller, who stopped by to share the publication’s 2023 Pantry Award Winners. 

Over 400 various snack foods were tested by a panel of dietitians and editors to determine the winners. Miller shared the results, along with some tasty samples, on Friday’s episode.  

The three hosts enjoyed the snacks but sparked feedback from NBC producers with their loud chewing and intentional lip-smacking. 

Jacob said — “Allie Markowitz, our producer just said ‘TV bites guys, stop eating so much.’”

Al, who clearly didn’t appreciate the demand, fired back — “Too bad! You’re not down here Allie! We’re eating!”

Fans of the show appeared to back Markowitz, with one person tweeting — “[Jacob] is as bad as Craig [Melvin]… eating like he hasn’t eaten in days.  So disgusting. These food segments need to go.”

The 68-year-old weather anchor appeared on edge throughout last week. 

On one occasion, Al called out a guest and heckled a producer for making a mistake on live TV.

Al Roker

Producer, Dan Slepian, made a premature exit after Al and co-host, Sheinelle Jones, wrapped a segment about the “Letters From Sing Sing” podcast. Dan walked off stage early, instead of waiting for the duo to cut to commercial.

Al announced — “Dan’s doing a walk-off!”

Dan rushed back to his post, but Al continued to razz the flustered producer.

“Hey Dan! Have you ever done television at all?” Al teased. 

Dan shouted out — “I’m the producer! I didn’t know we were done! I’m sorry!”

Sheinelle dissolved into laughter and Jacob gave the producer a supportive hug. 

Al imitated the producer’s early exit, joking — “Yeah, let’s all just walk off!”

The frazzled producer repeated his apology, but Al continued his rant. 

“I thought we were done!” the weather anchor joked. “Keep walking, everybody! Here we go!”

Al Roker

Sheinelle declared through laughter — “That was the most hilarious thing I have ever seen!” before the group finally cut to commercial. 

Al Roker returned to Today in early January after battling a life-threatening health issue for two months. The 68-year-old weather anchor was off the air as he recovered from back-to-back hospitalizations, after being diagnosed with blood clots in his legs and lungs. 

Al Roker

“It is a really special Friday morning. I’m sorry but the tears are already flowing. Al Roker is back!” Savannah Guthrie said on his first day back. “To say we have missed you doesn’t begin even describe it. It is nothing without you here.”


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