New TLC Spinoff ‘Seeking Brother Husband’ Divides ‘Sister Wives’ Fans

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Seeking Brother Husband

New TLC Spinoff ‘Seeking Brother Husband’ Divides ‘Sister Wives’ Fans

TLC is launching a new series called Seeking Brother Husband, in the wake of three of Kody Brown’s wives calling it quits with the Sister Wives patriarch. The new series will feature several couples on the hunt for another man to join their relationship. 

TLC recently released a preview trailer for the new show, giving viewers a sneak peek at the debut season. 

The network announced — “TLC is excited to announce an all-new series coming later this year, Seeking Brother Husband, which follows four polyandrous relationships and their quests to add additional husbands into their families.”

The preview gave fans a glimpse into the lives of the featured families and teased the issues that they will confront during Season 1. 

One of the wives kicked off the preview by explaining the concept behind the show.  

The new TLC personality explained — “Polyandry is the practice of one woman having multiple husbands, but those husbands cannot have any other partners.”

Another wife addressed the stigma that surrounds polyandry — “There’s definitely like a double standard. When a female has multiple partners, it’s, oh my gosh, she’s such a sl*t, she sleeps around.”

The trailer pointed to other problematic hurdles, including husbands feeling “swapped out,” and complaints involving men hearing their wives having sex with other men. 

Sister Wives fans sounded off after the preview circulated on various social media platforms. Some viewers are ready and willing to take in another TLC spectacle, while others are not fans of the subject matter.

One person said — “Hey, men have been doing this shit forever. As long as everyone is a consenting adult, I say get after it, woman!”

Another cheered a potentially messy reality show, writing — “TLC is the gift that keeps on giving. May the messiness begin lol.”

One user joked — “Just think off all the handyman stuff a gal could get done around the house! This might not be so bad.”

One skeptic called the new show “the most bizarre reality show ever.”

Another wrote — “We sit here and s**t talk polygamy and how it’s bad and abusive yet applaud new shows like this??? I mean, make it make sense.”

The TLC spinoff emerged after Kody lost three of his four wives, damaging the premise of the long-running series. Christine announced her split from her spiritual husband in November 2021. Janelle confirmed that she had separated from Kody, in December 2022. Meri declared that her relationship with Kody, which had shifted to a platonic relationship years ago, was officially over the same month. Christine, who has since moved on with a new man, later confirmed that she will continue to film Sister Wives, which is currently in production for the upcoming season. 

Christine Brown

In December, Christine revealed her brand new confessional interview set, which had been assembled in the basement of her Utah home. 

“This is the set in my home!” she said. “I’m so excited. You’re gonna love it.” 

The decor featured bookshelves stacked with books, glass bottles, and various hats perched on mannequin heads. 

“It’s like my favorite room in the house,” Christine declared.

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