Today’s Craig Melvin Calls Co-Host ‘Nasty’ In Heated Debate

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Al Roker was left drop-jawed after his Today co-host, Craig Melvin’s recent comments to Sheinelle Jones and Dylan Dreyer. On Monday, the group shared a heated debate over how often people should wash their clothes, specifically their sleepwear. 

Craig Melvin

Al asked the daytime panel — “How often do you wear your clothes before washing them?”

“What do you mean how often?!” Craig, who appeared shocked, replied. 

Sheinelle confessed to wearing her jeans several times before tossing them in the wash. Craig admitted that “jeans are different.”

Craig Melvin

Dylan chimed in, sharing that she expects her kids to wear their jeans multiple times, as long as they haven’t spilled on them. Al shifted the chat into a pajama debate, which proved to be a controversial topic. 

Dreyer noted that because she showers at night, she wears her sleepwear three nights before changing to fresh garments. 

“Three nights!” Craig responded. “After you take a shower you’re still rolling around in those jammies.”

Craig Melvin

Craig, who appeared appalled, added — “You get skin cells.”

Al noted that “the average person perspires a cup of sweat every night.”

The panel dissolved into laughter as Craig and Dylan continued their back-and-forth. 

Craig Melvin

Dylan took issue with Craig claiming that she sweats while she snoozes,  commenting — “No I don’t. I’m always cold, my hands are ice-cold right now.”

“That’s because what’s in your veins is ice cold,” Craig lightheartedly fired back. 

Craig clarified that he was joking, calling his co-host “warm-hearted.”

Craig Melvin

Sheinelle was drawn into the conversation, as Dylan revealed that her co-host sometimes conks out in her work clothes. 

“There are times when I am so exhausted that I fall asleep in my clothes,” Sheinelle admitted.

“What kind of life are you living?” Craig asked. “You sleep in your work clothes sometimes? You know that’s nasty.”

He noted — “You think you know people and then you start talking to them about stuff…”

Al stated that the standard rule of thumb is that clothes should be washed after any contact with the skin. 

The segment was inspired by TikTok user, Allison Delperdang, who asked her followers to weigh in on how often they changed their PJs. The divided responses seemingly left users questioning their cleanliness standards. 

While The America Cleaning Institute advises that pajamas should be washed after three or four wears, Martha Stewart disagrees. 

The lifestyle guru told Today — “I absolutely suggest you wash your pajamas, your nightgowns, your underwear, whatever you sleep in, every day.”

Al Roker

Al Roker returned to Today in early January, after battling a life-threatening health issue for two months. The 68-year-old weather anchor was off the air as he recovered from back-to-back hospitalizations, after being diagnosed with blood clots in his legs and lungs. 

“It is a really special Friday morning. I’m sorry but the tears are already flowing. Al Roker is back!” Savannah Guthrie said on the weatherman’s first day back. “To say we have missed you doesn’t begin even describe it. It is nothing without you here.”

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