Today’s Al Roker Calls Out Craig Melvin’s Poor Restaurant Behavior on Live TV

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Al Roker called out co-host, Craig Melvin, for being a dodgy dinner partner on Monday’s episode of Today.

Al and Craig were discussing the subject of attention spans with co-hosts, Sheinelle Jones and Dylan Dreyer, when things took a snarky turn.

Al Roker

Al referenced dinners he shares with his wife, Deborah Roberts, noting her advice to save up his stories for their shared mealtimes. 

“You know, it’s funny because I’ll start telling Deborah stories and she’ll say, ‘save it for dinner’,” Al said, which prompted his coworkers to dissolve into laughter. 

“We’ve run out of things so I’ve gotta save stuff?” the weather anchor added, mimicking his wife. 

“Save it for dinner!?” Craig chuckled. “Save your best material!”

Sheinelle suggested a strategy for when a dinner companion begins telling a story that you’ve already heard. 

“And here’s what you’re never gonna get if you go to dinner with Craig… fighting for the check!” Al interjected. 

Craig burst out laughing at the friendly jab as Al advised—”So you should all agree in the beginning what you’re gonna do, or like I do, I make an excuse to go the bathroom!”

“He disappears!” Craig shouted as Sheinelle and Dylan laughed over the silly exchange. 

Amused viewers sounded off about the conversation after a clip was posted on Today’s Twitter account.

Al Roker

One fan tweeted — “This was a hilarious round table discussion.”

Another wrote — “Good tips.”

A third chimed in — “I wish they could have been sitting closer together at a smaller table.”

Al and Craig’s back-and-forth came only days after the pair recreated a famous scene from James Cameron’s movie, Titanic.

Al Roker

Last week, the daytime show featured a story about some newly released footage of the doomed ship. The “ship of dreams” struck an iceberg in April 1912 and sank to the floor of the Atlantic Ocean. 

Al veered off script and approached the anchor table after Savannah Guthrie introduced him for a weather segment. 

“Hey guys, I am inspired,” Al declared.

Al Roker

The 68-year-old passed by Savannah, who was ready to jump into the role of Rose to Al’s Jack, before choosing Craig to pull off the romantic film recreation. 

“What are you doing?” Craig exclaimed, before dissolving into laughter.

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