90 Day: The Other Way’s Debbie, 67, Defends Romance with 24-Year-Old As Son Julien Declares ‘It Makes Me Sick’

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90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way just introduced a new May-December romance between Debbie, a 67-year-old American woman, and Osama, a 24-year-old man from Morocco. Fans met Debbie’s son, Julien, on Sunday’s episode, who made it clear that he was not on board with his mom’s new relationship. 


The episode featured a tense conversation between Debbie and her son, who was outspoken about his belief that Osama was likely scamming his mother. The police officer told cameras that it “made me sick to my stomach” when he heard that his mother had connected with someone 43 years her junior. 

“This guy’s young. He lives in a third-world country. He has no job. This is 100 percent a catfish,” Julien told his mom. 


Debbie denied that Osama was in it for the cash, as she continued to argue with her concerned son.

“In all this time, he has never asked for money,” Debbie pointed out, to which Julien replied, “Not yet.”


“My mom has always been such an outgoing, friendly, loving character,” Julien explained in a confessional spot. “She’s a free spirit. She’s not going with eyes open. I think there’s something sinister behind this. There’s many fears as a loving son that I have for her.”


The show walked viewers through Debbie’s quirky lifestyle and highlighted her colorful personality. She described herself as “eccentric” as footage revealed her love for art, crystals, and fossils. Fans also learned that Debbie sells semi-precious gemstones for a living. She loves to paint and even referred to painting as a “friend.” The new TLC personality opened up about her two marriages and explained her decision to stay alone after her second marriage ended.

“For 12 years I sat behind closed doors. I swore off men. Until I met Osama,” Debbie shared. 


Debbie explained that she followed Osama, who shares his own art and poetry on social media, adding that he later slid into her DMs. 

The pair connected as creators and it didn’t take long for Osama to win the Georgia artist over. 

“All of a sudden, he’s like a tree that takes root in your heart,” Debbie said.


Debbie flew to Morocco to meet Osama in person, shortly after they began chatting online. She initially dismissed the idea of a romantic relationship due to their massive age gap, but Osama managed to change her mind. 

“He made me see that it wasn’t about the age and circumstances. It’s about a deeper level of connectivity,” she shared. 

Watch Debbie and Osama’s story unfold on 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way, Sundays at 8 pm ET on TLC.


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