Whoopi Goldberg GOES OFF On Co-Host During HEATED Debate

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Whoopi Goldberg put her co-host, Alyssa Farah Griffin, on blast Wednesday, after tensions boiled over during a panel discussion about gun violence and mental health on The View.

Whoopi Goldberg

The panel opened the episode with an emotional discussion over gun violence, in the wake of the Michigan State University tragedy. The hosts were discussing common profiles of shooters involved in such horrifying incidents when Whoopi and Alyssa butted heads.

Alyssa pointed out the issues that young men face and how sad statistics point to a growing number of men suffering from mental health issues that can potentially lead to arrests, overdoses, and even suicides. 

Alyssa asked — “What is going on with the young men in our country that is allowing this to happen?”

“Guns are part of the problem, absolutely, but I’m worried here that the left and the right bear some responsibility,” she added. “The left will not touch the mental health side of this and the right won’t touch the gun side.”

Whoopi Goldberg

Whoopi interrupted her co-host before she could finish airing her thoughts. 

“That’s not accurate,” Whoopi said, repeating — “That’s not accurate.”

“Let’s not touch the mental health aspect,” she continued.

The pair continued to speak over each other before Joy Behar nudged her co-hosts to get back on track, ahead of a commercial break.

Whoopi Goldberg

Fans have not been shy about calling out Whoopi on social media, most recently for noisily eating on camera. Viewers have also blasted producers for encouraging behavior they described as “annoying.”

Whoopi dove into some chips and dip on Monday’s show, as the panel discussed their favorite Super Bowl highlights. Whoopi crunching her snack could be heard over the panel banter, and viewers took notice.  

Whoopi Goldberg

One fan wrote — “Seeing food in a host’s mouth is not cool.”

Another said — “Still not understanding why they stuff their faces during a segment when they have to talk.”

A third person pointed out — “Whoopi is chomping down on them chips. We can hear all that crunchin!”

Whoopi Goldberg

One fan tweeted — “We can hear crunching in our ears.”

Another pleaded — “PLEASE stop giving Whoopi food to eat while on air. She can NOT gracefully eat and speak well. #disgusting”

Chef Jeff Mauro

Last week, fans took issue with the hosts enjoying fresh game day fare prepared by Chef Jeff Mauro without sharing with the studio audience.

One viewer tweeted — “It is so rude how the cohosts eat in front of the audience and all the audience usually gets are some stale snacks and juice boxes.”

Whoopi Goldberg

Another said — “You can afford to feed the audience @TheView.”

A fan noted — “I hate to watch these people eat. I’m gonna go get myself some food.”

Another wrote — “Kinda thought about how folks say about how they eat in front of the audience.”

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