Guerdy Abraira Explains Why Andy Cohen Screamed at Larsa Pippen During ‘RHOM’ Reunion Taping

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Guerdy Abraira claims that a dispute over the meaning of the word “bastard” was the reason Andy Cohen unleashed on her Real Housewives of Miami co-star, Larsa Pippen, during the Season 5 reunion taping. 

Guerdy Abraira

The wedding planner described what set Andy off before he “screamed” at Larsa, during a live taping of Page Six’s Reali-Tea podcast, Friday night. 

“Well, it’s over the definition of a child out of wedlock — is that called a bastard or is that not?” the 45-year-old said.

“It’s literally, like, trying to move forward and there’s a misunderstanding about what the content of some contexts are, and so, you’ll see what happens at the reunion, obviously,” Guerdy told hosts, Danny Murphy and Evan Real.

Andy Cohen

Guerdy’s remarks came more than two weeks after the Watch What Happens Live host issued a public apology to Larsa for losing his temper during the reunion.  

“We’re still shooting, and I didn’t have screaming at Larsa on my bingo card today,” Andy admitted in a video posted on his Instagram Story on January 26.

Larsa, 45, chimed in from the background, asking the Bravo executive if he planned to apologize.  

Andy Cohen

“I’m sorry, Larsa, Andy replied, and the reality star seemingly accepted the gesture.  

The Bravo boss clarified that he does not condone shouting at women.   

“I don’t like screaming at women,” Andy confessed, to his five million plus followers. “I said it on the break, I don’t want to scream at women.”

Larsa Pippen

Guerdy went on to call Larsa the “fakest ‘Housewife’ of them all,” during her podcast chat. 

In January, RHOM cast member, Dr. Nicole Martin, accused the jewelry designer of taking aim at Julia Lemigova’s marriage to tennis great, Martina Navratilova.

Nicole, who has experienced her own issues with Larsa, sounded off about her co-star spreading chatter after Julia, the first LGBTQ  “Housewife,” shared a smooch with a man as a married woman.  

Larsa Pippen

“There was some Instagram drama between them and it was some stupid, petty drama and then here [Pippen] comes, like, ‘I heard you’re making out with men,’ like, potentially trying to ruin a marriage,” Nicole, 37, told Page Six.    

She added — “Like, Instagram drama [versus] ‘Let me destroy your marriage’? This is a perfect example of how Larsa fights.”

Larsa Pippen

Nicole and Larsa clashed during the Season 4 reunion over Larsa’s ex-bestie, Kim Kardashian, supposedly forcing her to sign an NDA. Larsa shamed Nicole for having a baby without being married to the child’s father, her fiancé, Anthony Lopez.  

Nicole admitted that the OnlyFans personality’s comments about her child stung.

“That was a really hard one for me to get over. Greyson’s the love of my life and for anyone to question his validity or, like, the circumstances under which he was created, to me, was really hurtful,” she shared.

The anesthesiologist added — “And especially coming from a mom…someone who has kids.”

The Real Housewives of Miami Season 5 is currently streaming on Peacock. 

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