90 Day Fiancé’s Shaeeda Sween Suffers Miscarriage

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90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After? star, Shaeeda Sween, has suffered a miscarriage. She shared the difficult news with fans in the comment section of a recent Instagram post. Viewers know that she and husband, Bilal Hazziez, agreed to expand their family after being locked in a disagreement over having a child.

Bilal Hazziez

Shaeeda moved from her native Trinidad and Tobago to Kansas City, Missouri, to get married and start her own family. The couple hit emotional bumps along the way but finally agreed to “go half on a baby” during the Season 7 tell-all. Bilal, 43, surprised his wife with a sweet on-set proposal, presenting the 38-year-old with a onesie that read — “If you think I’m cute, you should see my mommy.”

“I want to ask you, will you have my baby? Do you want to go half on a baby?” Bilal asked.

Bilal Hazziez

Shaeeda became emotional before giving her hubby a hug. 

She responded “I think so,” when asked if the proposal changed the couple’s “timeline.”

“I just hope that I’ll be able to be a mom and that I don’t have to wait too long,” she said through tears. 

On February 3, Shaeeda took to Instagram to show off a form-fitting dress, writing alongside the photo — “Pretty girls walk like this! Beautiful Friday evening! My video man always does an amazing job.” 

Shaeeda Sween

Her followers naturally tried to detect a baby bump and one fan asked — “I was looking haaaaard for a bump.” 

Shaeeda’s shared the sad news in her reply. 

“I lost the bump,” Shaeeda wrote, adding a broken heart emoji.

Shaeeda had not yet announced her pregnancy but hinted that she was expecting in a previous Instagram post. 

Bilal Hazziez

Bilal, a father of two, expressed uncertainty over having more children as the couple’s story unfolded on the TLC show. He eventually promised to give his new wife a child, just not right away. 

Shaeeda gave Bilal an ultimatum as they worked to hash out the issue, warning her husband that she was ready to walk if he refused to give her a child. Shaeeda even outlined terms that allowed a pregnancy in the pair’s prenuptial agreement. 

“I want something else. I would like to have a child before 40,” she told her husband, as they hammered out the terms of their premarital agreement. 

Shaeeda Sween

The show featured a visit to a doctor, who advised the couple against putting off a pregnancy. Shaeeda pushed Bilal to consider bumping up their timeline, but he continued to insist that he was not ready to have another child. 

She admitted at the time that she had doubts that Bilal even wanted another child, but made it clear that she planned to move forward anyway.

Bilal Hazziez

“I’ve always assumed that Bilal wanted to wait to have children, but now I’m wondering if he even wants children at all,” she said in a confessional. “I don’t want to take a chance on Bilal not wanting kids. I’ll waste the best years of my life. I need answers now, and going to the doctor is something we need to do to prepare for the future.”

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