‘RHONJ’ RECAP: Jennifer Blasts Dolores As A ‘F**king C**t’

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The Jersey girls are back! Season 13 of The Real Housewives of New Jersey is finally here! First up, we get the flash-forward many of us have seen before — a look into later in the season, when Teresa Giudice prepares to marry Luis Ruelas. While the bridesmaids walk down the aisle, we see an argument between Teresa and Melissa Gorga, and also a snippet of  Dolores Catania discussing her relationship with Frank Catania to the group. Guests arrive at the wedding while Margaret Josephs and Jennifer Aydin hash out their issues. Teresa’s wedding looks beautiful, but that’s nothing compared to the chaotic season they have in store for us!

Back to the present, Luis is at home, fixing a meal as Teresa greets him in the kitchen. Melissa’s asking the kids to help her move a chandelier as Joe Gorga dictates from the sideline. Margaret is cleaning Joe Benigno’s nose hairs as Jennifer lays on the couch with a broken foot. At Dolores’s, she’s on FaceTime with her daughter, Gabby, as she tries to convince her not to bring another cat home. Gabby asks about Dolores’s plans and Dolores reveals that she’s supposed to go on a date with her boyfriend, Paulie. However, Paulie tested positive for COVID-19. Dolores is excited about her new love and enjoys being in this blissful state. Without knocking, Frank Catania comes through the door and Dolores hangs up with Gabby to see what’s up with Frank. 

At Melissa’s, she’s asking Joe when her kitchen will be ready, and he gives the project another month and a half. Melissa’s excited for Antonia to be turning 17 and to finally move into their new house. Antonia’s excited to get a car, but when Melissa asks if she’s going to drive her brothers to school, Antonia gets less excited, LOL. “They smell like BO,” Antonia says as one of her brothers throws a ball at her in retaliation. Once the laughter dies down, Melissa asks Joe whether he likes her new nails for the upcoming rolling skating party. Joe doesn’t know much about the event so Melissa fills Joe in on the kickoff to Memorial Day Weekend with an 80s-style party. 

Frank Cantania

Melissa gives Joe a new hat as Melissa explains how much she loved the 80s in her confessional. Joe asks Melissa who’s coming to the party and Melissa replies that she invited everyone. Frank asks Dolores if she and Paulie plan on attending the party, and Dolores hopes Paulie can make it but isn’t sure since he’s sick. As Dolores continues packing to go visit Paulie, Frank comments about how often Dolores visits Paulie and that Frank moved out of Dolores’s house so that Paulie didn’t feel uncomfortable. Dolores tells Frank to stay where he is, and we get a flashback of Frank discussing living with David (Dolores’s ex) and that he and Paulie don’t get along. 

Frank complains to Dolores that he barely sees her anymore and how he’d like for Dolores, Frank, Paulie, and their kids to be in the same room together with no issues. Dolores reassures Frank that it’ll happen and that he should be patient. Frank asks if Dolores thinks he and Paulie will get close before Dolores and Jennifer, and Dolores replies, “Probably.” Back at Jennifer’s, her kids are asking if she’s going to party with the boot as Jennifer contemplates getting a scooter. As Jennifer searches the web with her kids, in her confessional, Jennifer complains about her current streak of bad luck. First, Jennifer recalls Margaret calling out Bill Aydin’s affair last season, then her Ferrari got stolen so her mother performed an evil eye ritual to rid the bad juju! 

Jennifer Aydin

From the couch, Jennifer tells her mom that the ritual didn’t work because now Jennifer has a broken toe from Teresa’s 50th birthday celebration. Jennifer’s daughter wonders if the energy has something to do with it as Bill arrives home. In her confessional, Jennifer thinks Dolores put an evil eye on her and Frank asks Dolores when she last saw Jennifer. Dolores admits that she hasn’t seen Jennifer since New York and that she has no plans to talk to her anytime soon. A flashback shows the discourse between Dolores and Jennifer at last year’s reunion, and the two said some horrible things to each other. 

Dolores tells Frank that she did nothing egregious to Jennifer and producers ask Dolores why she thinks Jennifer is calling her out for not being a good friend. Dolores doesn’t know and tells Frank that Jennifer’s been bad-mouthing her to people and talking about her on social media. Dolores felt she stood behind Jennifer and now tells Frank not to bring Jennifer’s name up to her again. Once upstairs, Bill asks Jennifer whether she’s going to talk to Dolores, and of course, Jennifer’s not going to approach Dolores! Jennifer explains that the minute she told Dolores her feelings were hurt, Dolores picked her bestie and called her a “see you next Tuesday.” Jennifer questions whether Dolores is a true friend as she tells Bill that she never thought she’d see the day when she’s closer to Melissa than Dolores. 

Teresa Giudice

Meanwhile, Joe asks Melissa if Teresa’s invited to the skating party, and although she is, Joe is still holding a grudge against Teresa for excluding Melissa from bridesmaid duties. Joe says Teresa showed them how she truly feels about them, and Melissa tried to text Teresa to smooth things over but was left on read. However, Teresa did invite Melissa to her birthday celebration, but Melissa feels the damage is done. Joe questions his sister’s maturity as Teresa takes pictures of the balloons Luis got for her. Luis starts grilling as Teresa’s daughter, Gia, wishes her a “Happy Birthday.” The boys are on the grill as Teresa greets her future in-laws. Everyone’s hugging and mingling as Luis shows his father his pizza-making skills and Teresa hosts the women in the kitchen. 

In her confessional, Teresa tells us that Luis’s mother is a therapist and that their family is comfortable talking about their feelings. Teresa’s enjoying her time discussing details of her wedding as Joe continues talking about her to Melissa. Joe’s upset about the way Teresa treats Melissa and Melissa tells Joe that Teresa confirmed they aren’t close and that she has her people with Luis. Joe claims he hasn’t answered Teresa’s calls and that he doesn’t plan to attend her birthday party. Back at Teresa’s, Luis shows her the flowers that arrived from Melissa and Joe, and Teresa admits that she’s hurt they aren’t there. Luis doesn’t think Joe should be mad at her, but Teresa knows how to push Joe’s buttons. Luis says he’s surprised Teresa didn’t call Joe a “b-tch boy” long before and now Teresa thinks they are punishing her by saying they have plans. 

Margaret Josephs

Luis thinks it’s stupid and childish while Teresa continues blaming Melissa for her brother’s choices. Luis continues bad-mouthing Joe by calling him immature and insecure! Geez! Teresa agrees as Melissa tells Joe that she thought Teresa being with Luis would make Teresa happier, but instead, Teresa’s nastier than ever. Melissa doesn’t understand because she believes she truly tried with Teresa, but now, she’s at the end of her rope. Teresa and her new family are saying grace at the dinner table and Teresa opens gifts after. Teresa makes her daughters reveal what she wanted for her birthday, which is for all her kids to get along. Teresa uses this moment as a perfect segway into bringing up Joe and how she never wants her daughters to fight like they do.

The girls claim that sisters are different and that they will never go through something like that. We sure hope so, LOL. The next day is Melissa’s 80s Roller Jam and she and Joe are dressed in neon,  ready to party! The pair check in with the event coordinator while we get a quick look at the food and arcade. Melissa runs to put on her skates as Margaret and Marge Sr. pull up. Melissa and Joe are all smiles as they greet Margaret, and Margaret shares her 80s experience in her confessional. As the crew begins to skate, Frank arrives with his girlfriend, Brittany. Dolores greets the pair and reveals that she likes Brittany although she questions their age difference.

Jackie Goldschneider and Evan arrive as the men begin taking shots. Margaret asks Melissa if Teresa is coming and Melissa expects her to show since she extended the invite. Melissa asks Margaret if she’ll be cool around Teresa, and Margaret begins rehashing the terrible things Teresa said to her. As Margaret continues her rant, Teresa and Luis pull up ready to start some ish! All eyes are on Teresa as she greets Joe with a hug as Luis looks on like a bodyguard. Joe asks Luis why he didn’t dress up, and before you know it, Teresa jumps in to answer Luis’s question. Teresa’s irritated that Melissa hasn’t spoken to her, yet, but holds in her frustration to get skates with Luis. 


Margaret introduces us to her friend, Jennifer, whose she’s known for years. The group gets their skate on and seems to be having a lot of fun in this 80s utopia until Margaret falls and hurts her wrist. While getting ice, Teresa and Luis actually greet and hug Margaret. Surprisingly, a flashback shows Teresa working on being more forgiving by taking Luis’s advice to see a psychotherapist. Back at the party, newbie Danielle Cabral arrives on the scene with her husband,  Nate Cabral. Teresa introduces Danielle to the group as Teresa gives us the backstory of Danielle. Jennifer, Aydin, and the scooter finally arrive while Melissa and Dolores revisit the “See you next Tuesday” comment from the reunion. The ladies gather around to meet Danielle as Jennifer fires off with her first set of questions.

Everyone’s getting along except Dolores and Jennifer who are avoiding each other. Melissa pulls Jennifer aside to talk and Jennifer admits to being disappointed by the loss of Dolores’s friendship. Jennifer can’t forgive Dolores for what she said, and Dolores tells the girls Jennifer’s a child. Next, Melissa introduces her to her friend, Rachel Fuda. Melissa met Rachel due to their sons being best friends and Melissa thinks Rachel is a good time. Rachel chats with Margaret about being born in 1991 as Bill asks Frank about Dolores.

Teresa Guidice

Dolores skates over to greet Bill as the fellas begin inquiring about Dolores’s boyfriend, Paulie. Paulie couldn’t make it because he’s sick, but Frank insinuates that Paulie’s pretending. Joe can’t wait to meet him, but Frank tells Dolores she better stay loyal to him! Surprised, Dolores asks what he means and tells his drunk self not to start. Frank changes the conversation by asking if Joe’s going to talk to Teresa tonight and Joe’s not sure. Joe says that it’s Teresa’s fault their relationship is strained, and Dolores agrees. Frank’s girlfriend thinks Joe and Teresa should be closer since losing their parents and Joe agrees. Dolores tells Joe that his relationship with Teresa is experiencing a different dynamic, and Frank chimes in about the different dynamics of his and Dolores’s relationship. 

The party’s still going as Teresa and Jennifer take shots and Teresa discusses her birthday trip. Teresa claims to only hang with fun people, but new girl Jennifer takes this time to talk to Teresa about Margaret! Margaret hears her name from a mile away and scurries over to listen in. Jennifer tells Teresa how much she loves Margaret and wonders why she and Teresa can’t sit down and talk. Teresa says she wants to have a conversation with Margaret and walks over to invite Margaret to her house. Margaret asks, “Why, so you can bury me in the backyard?” but instead of getting upset, Teresa holds back and asks if they can talk. Margaret agrees and Teresa even extends the invitation to Margaret’s husband to come.

Margaret immediately goes to Jackie to tell her what just happened, and it’s clear Margaret’s surprised by Teresa’s generosity. Dolores gives us the rundown on her friend Rachel and that Frank used to be her trainer. The party’s still going strong as Rachel tells Teresa how her son and Melissa’s son are best friends. Teresa wonders if Rachel’s Italian and Rachel clarifies that she’s half Italian/Jewish. Danielle and Jennifer join Teresa as Dolores catches Jennifer trying to run away from her again. 

Dolores Cantania

Dolores pulls Jennifer back to the group as she invites all of the women and their husbands to her annual baseball game. To raise money, Dolores had the idea that the ladies could participate in a sexy-calendar shoot! As soon as Dolores is done talking, Jennifer makes a scene, claiming she needs to go find Bill. Danielle senses the tension and Dolores voices her issue with Jennifer avoiding her. Dolores thinks Jennifer is acting childish and Dolores needs time before moving on with Jennifer. The next day, newbie Danielle is trying to get her daughter up and ready for the day. Danielle and her husband fuss about the kids’ clothes, but ultimately Danielle gets her way as the kids eat breakfast.

Danielle gives us the backstory of when she met her husband and the amazing life they share together. Meanwhile, Joe’s fixing coffee for Margaret as she asks for his assistance with her hair since her wrist is broken. As Joe puts Margaret’s hair in a ponytail, she asks what he thinks the visit with Teresa will be like. Joe thinks it’s going to be scary, but hey, this is what they signed up for, LOL. Teresa’s prepping for Margaret’s visit and tells Luis that she’s hoping Margaret apologizes for hurting her. Joe’s shocked Teresa even invited them, especially since being so nasty to them last year. Margaret expects Teresa to apologize, but Joe doesn’t see that happening. Teresa continues making excuses for her actions by blaming her father for his angry impulses.

Teresa Giudice

Teresa doesn’t want to be reactive anymore and Luis helps Teresa by practicing responses before Margaret arrives. Joe and Margaret arrive, and the couples have small talk before grabbing the food and heading outside to talk. Margaret couldn’t even sit down before she commented about Louie living with five b-tches (Louie has four dogs …), but Teresa held it together. Margaret thanks Teresa for inviting them and Teresa asks Margaret if she knows the real Teresa. Margaret says that it’s hard because they were so close, but last year was very hurtful. Teresa’s still upset about Margaret warning her about Louie and doesn’t care if Margaret was concerned about her at the time. 

Margaret and Teresa go back and forth as Louie chimes in and asks Teresa to listen and stop cutting Margaret off. Teresa gets defensive but quiets down to let Margaret finish. Teresa tells Margaret that she’s seeing a therapist and Margaret calls Teresa a “grudge holder.” Teresa doesn’t think she is anymore because she’s working on herself, and Margaret brings up reconciliation with Melissa and Joe. Teresa blames Margaret for her issues with Joe but is mainly upset at Melissa for reading the text she sent last year about backing up Louie. Louie thinks Melissa is insecure and Teresa admits to testing Joe. Teresa likes to test people to show their love and loyalty and that’s always been her biggest flaw. Margaret and Teresa bond over the tribute Margaret set up for Teresa’s mother when they first met. For a second, things looked promising. 

Margaret Josephs

Then Margaret asks Teresa if she’s meeting with them to make Louie happy. Teresa denies it and claims to being as raw as a cucumber, LOL. Teresa apologizes to Margaret and invites her to the wedding! Margaret and Teresa make a pack to build friendship and trust and briefly discuss Dolores’s calendar shoot. It’s the day of Dolores’s calendar shoot. The food is prepped and we are ready to see some men! While Dolores sets up, Margaret’s assistant gives Joe B. the blues for not hitting the gym for this photoshoot. Dolores tells Margaret that Frank is in the hospital due to pain in his stomach. Frank’s okay but would need to change his diet. Joe B. is the first one to get dressed as newbie Danielle and her hubby arrive.

As everyone arrives, Joe B. gets his pictures taken first with Rachel’s husband going next. Danielle’s husband is the lumberjack as Joe questions his outfit choice. The ladies are swooning over Evan as Teresa greets Joe. Joe’s still upset at Teresa and is avoiding her while the men finish their photos. Bill and Jennifer arrive last, and we find out Bill’s going to be the sexy doctor. Joe’s a sexy chef as Melissa cheers on her man from the side. Louie goes next as Margaret calls Teresa a fluffer, LOL. Of course, Teresa doesn’t know what a fluffer is, which makes this scene even better, LOL. While Teresa’s occupied with Louie’s shoot, Margaret chats with Joe and Melissa about her talk with Teresa. Melissa’s confused because she never said a bad thing about Louie, so why is Teresa mad at her? Margaret agrees and tells Melissa about the text message that Teresa’s upset about. 

Jennier Aydin

Joe wants to know what Louie said, and messy Margaret tells them how Louie called Melissa an insecure woman. Offended, Melissa is confused and thinks he’s insane. Melissa claims that she doesn’t give a f—k anymore and that she has nothing to prove. As Dolores talks with Teresa, her boyfriend, Paulie, surprises everyone with his presence! Dolores introduces her man to everyone but Jennifer and it’s hilarious. Bill’s getting all oiled up and takes his pictures, and even Paulie joins in on the fun. Jennifer is on the side complaining that Dolores isn’t acknowledging her and the newbies encourage Jennifer to apologize. Jennifer doubles down and throws shade at Dolores for staying with David when she knew he wouldn’t propose.

Jennifer confides in the new girls and explains what she went through when Margaret spilled the tea that Bill had cheated. Jennifer doesn’t think she’s a hypocrite, but new girl Danielle thinks Jennifer is for being married to a cheater! Jennifer snaps at Danielle, and as the fellas wrap up their shoot, it’s clear that Danielle struck a cord in Jennifer. Jennifer becomes emotional as she runs out of ways to talk herself out of this situation. Soon, Teresa interrupts so everyone can eat. As everyone gets their food, Rachel gives Dolores a quick update about Jennifer’s meltdown as Jennifer complains to Melissa about the same thing. While in the kitchen, Rachel and Dolores can hear Jennifer talking and stop to ear hustle for more. Getting upset, Dolores goes right up to Jennifer to ask if she can speak with her alone.

Teresa Guidice

After Jennifer and Dolores walk away, Rachel tries to tell Melissa and Jackie what’s going on,  and somehow Jackie gets offended that Rachel didn’t look at her during their conversation. Like, WTH? Rachel’s over it at this point, and once alone, Dolores confronts Jennifer about her actions tonight. Jennifer claims it was to get Dolores’s attention. Dolores reminds Jennifer that she walked away from her twice at the skating rank, but Jennifer’s still held up on Dolores calling her the C-word. Dolores doesn’t like that Jennifer told everyone that she isn’t a good friend and Jennifer doubles down by saying that’s how she feels.

Jennifer’s hurt that Dolores didn’t defend her against Margaret, and Dolores tells Jennifer that she’s not defendable! Dolores tells Jennifer that they disagree on what a friend is and Jennifer calls herself “nice” and states Dolores isn’t while walking away! Jennifer and Dolores continue arguing with each other as everyone else looks confused. Everyone jumps up to try and defuse the situation as Bill drags Jennifer out of there. Dolores continues sh-t talking, LOL. Jennifer and Bill leave, but Jennifer hurls a bunch of bad words on her way out. Whew! Come back next week for episode two of The Real Housewives of New Jersey! 


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