Fans DEMAND Robyn Dixon Be Fired For Lying About Her Life

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Andy Cohen called out Real Housewives of Potomac star, Robyn Dixon, Sunday, for hiding her now-husband, Juan Dixon’s relationship with another woman. Fans are now demanding that the Bravo exec take action. 

Robyn Dixon

The Watch What Happens Live host put Robyn in the hot seat only days after she fessed up to knowing about Juan’s relationship with the woman, which took place during the pandemic. Andy took issue with Robyn shutting down on the show only to later spill the tea on her podcast. 

Robyn Dixon

Fans have been sounding off on social media and slamming Robyn for not revealing her real life on the Bravo show. 

Robyn pleaded her case during her tense WWHL appearance — but seemingly failed to make any headway with fans, or with the Bravo boss. 

Robyn Dixon

Andy pointed out that she was filmed shutting down Karen Huger’s accusations against her future husband, despite knowing they had merit.  

“The expectation is that you’re sharing everything that’s going on in your life,” Andy said. “So that’s why. It’s not about ‘pick me,’ wait to be picked. It’s ‘Hey, we went through something and this is what’s happening in our lives.”

“But it wasn’t an issue at that moment while we were filming,” Robyn countered. 

“But it had been an issue in your relationship,” Andy hit back, as Robyn noted that the matter “wasn’t relevant to where we were in that present time.”

Andy Cohen

Fans backed Andy for putting Robyn on blast — and many viewers want the Bravo star fired. 

Some Twitter users drew a parallel between Robyn and Real Housewives of Atlanta star, Kenya Moore, who secretly wed and later refused to discuss her husband on the show. Kenya was fired for her behavior but later returned to the RHOA cast.

One user recalled — “Remember when Kenya got secretly married off season and didn’t talk about her husband on the show and then got fired (for one season)? Yeah it’s not looking good for Robyn. 

Kenya Moore

Another added — “The same way Kenya [an MVP to #RHOA] was fired from #RHOA for not sharing her story with the show and the world, Robyn Dixon should be fired the same way and given a timeout. If she’s not fired, the hypocrisy & favoritism @ Bravo continues.”

Fans flooded the platform and called for Bravo to fire the RHOP OG for hiding her life events from viewers. 

A viewer wrote — “Robyn Dixon needs to be fired. At this point, it is a necessity to let her go. This is NOT The Real Roommates of Potomac. She can take that loveless shacking up somewhere else. Maybe OWN is hiring.”

Robyn Dixon

Another said — “I just logged on to say that Robyn Dixon deserves to be fired for the way she just played with Bravo’s money and didn’t fulfill her contract. She really tried to sell us a false reality. No wonder Juan cussed her out. If you subbed to her Patreon, you’re a fool. FIRE HER.”

One fan pointed out — “Wow! The whole season was fake! Complete fiction. When Yolanda (RHONH) hid her divorce until after filming they fired her. When Kenya (RHOA) had a secret wedding off camera they fired her. KEEP THAT SAME ENERGY FOR ROBYN!!! Ashley and Gizelle too. Clean house, @bravo.” 

The Real Housewives of Potomac Season 7 reunion begins Sunday, February 19 at 8 pm ET on Bravo. 

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