Sunny Hostin Exposes Author Marie Kondo’s Hypocrisy

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Sunny Hostin Exposes Author Marie Kondo’s Hypocrisy

The View host Sunny Hostin expressed her frustration with author, Marie Kondo, during a recent episode of the daytime talk show.

Sunny Hostin took issue with Marie Kondo’s method of decluttering and organizing, which involves only keeping items that “spark joy.”

Last week, Sunny Hostin and The View panelists discussed the famous organizer and her new outlook on keeping things tidy.

In an interview with The Washington Post, Marie admitted that she had “kind of given up” on keeping her home organized.

The View co-hosts engaged in an intense discussion on the topic, which was kicked off by Whoopi Goldberg — “Marie Kondo became famous for telling people to declutter their house and purge what doesn’t spark joy,” Whoopi began.

“Leave me out of these conversations!” Joy Behar, 80, chimed in.

“She was all about sparking you, baby,” Whoopi, 67, joked before continuing.

“But in a recent interview, she admitted that her house has been ‘pretty messy’ since she’s had her third child,” Whoopi said sarcastically.

“She’s okay with it though,” The View moderator explained. “She said the concept of decluttering your life isn’t just about keeping a tidy house, she’s more concerned with other things right now.”

Due to Marie’s previous teachings, Whoopi asked the audience if anyone else was “really pissed” about throwing out their belongings and Sunny, 54, did not look too happy.

“Yeah, they are pissed,” she said, “because she used to go into people’s houses and declutter their houses for them and throw out their stuff.”

“I have Marie Kondo’d every closet and every drawer in my house,” said co-host Sara Haines.

“You can’t maintain it, because you get busy,” she admitted, but clarified that Marie’s actual position on the matter was more about “overall wellness” and that now that Marie has three children, that’s where she’s “focusing her energy.”

Sarah Haines

“I’m pissed, because I decluttered my stuff because of her.” Sunny barked.

While Hostin acknowledged that Kondo’s approach can be helpful for some people, she argued that it does not take into account the sentimental value of certain possessions. Hostin explained that some items may not bring immediate joy, but still hold significant sentimental value and should be kept for that reason.

Sunny also pointed out that Kondo’s method is not realistic for many people, especially those with limited space and limited means.

Sunny stated that for some individuals, getting rid of items that don’t “spark joy” is simply not an option due to practical considerations.

Sunny’s message was that while Kondo’s method can be useful, it is not a one-size-fits-all solution and should not be taken as gospel. Sunny emphasized the importance of considering personal circumstances and being mindful of the sentimental value of possessions when decluttering and organizing.


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