‘Sister Wives’ Brothers Logan and Hunter Brown Stand By Meri Amid Abuse Claims

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Logan Brown and Hunter Brown are seemingly standing beside Meri Brown as abuse allegations swirl around the Sister Wives star. 

Meri Brown recently reunited with two Brown men during a birthday trip to Las Vegas. The birthday girl surprised fans when she posted pics snapped with two of Kody and Janelle Brown’s sons, Logan and Hunter, last week.

Meri Brown

The TLC star took to Instagram to share a glimpse of the rarely-seen Brown sibs, with her followers. 

Meri beamed as she hugged Logan, 28, and Hunter, 25, whom she nurtured as Kody’s first wife, during their childhoods.

Meri captioned the happy snap — ”When in Vegas, it just makes sense to find a couple of good looking guys to spend a few hours with!”

Meri Brown

The meeting came after Kody and Christine’s son, Paedon, accused Meri of abuse, during a recent interview. 

A source close to the once-plural clan spoke to the U.S. Sun, sharing that the reunion was “just like old times.”

The tipster said — “They hung out and it was fun. It was just like old times.”

The source confirmed that the trio discussed Paedon’s shocking abuse allegations. 

The source continued — “She’s always been super close to the boys. She’s always adored them. They reached out to support her because they believe Paedon was full of s**t.”

The insider said — “They wanted her to know that they supported her.”

“She doesn’t really have anyone to support her – very few family members are there for her,” the snitch dished. “Most of them feel like she still betrayed the family, but Logan and Hunter have always been supportive.”

Gwendlyn Brown

The insider added that the feeling was mutual, as Meri has maintained a close relationship with Kody and Janelle’s children since their toddlerhood. Meri has also reportedly been supporting Hunter since his move from Utah to Las Vegas. 

Paedon wasn’t the only person who alleged that Meri went off the rails while the Brown kids were growing up. Paedon’s 21-year-old sister, Gwendlyn, claimed during a fan chat on Patreon that Meri once got “physical” with her sister, Mykelti.

Gwen claimed — “Meri had moments where she was rude and scary but I don’t remember her getting physical with anyone except for Mykelti and that was only once.”

Mykelti Brown

Mykelti also spoke out about the issue on Patreon. 

“I don’t want to discount my siblings’ experiences with her. I don’t remember Meri ever being physically abusive to me. She was very emotionally and verbally abusive to all of us when we were younger,” she said.

Mykelti added — “I honestly think I got the brunt of it. My siblings have told me multiple times that they think that I did receive the worst that she gave. However, I think that we were all affected by her.”

Meri Brown

Meri has yet to directly address the accusations and Kody has remained tight-lipped.

“He’s probably being advised to not talk about it at all because he has little kids at home so he has to be careful,” a source said. “He seems to only be worried about himself right now. He’s in a really weird mood.”

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