‘RHOP’ RECAP: Robyn & Juan Get Married, Ashley Confronts Chris

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Welcome to the season seven finale of The Real Housewives of Potomac! First up, we have Ashley Darby as she drags baby Dean to True Food. Baby Dean doesn’t want to wear a shirt, but Mama Ashley ain’t having that. After getting seated and having their orders taken, Ashley tells Dean about the new house they’re moving in and that Dean’s going to have his own room! Last week, Ashley found a new house in Arlington, VA, and all Ashley has to do is sign on the dotted line. Once their food and drinks come out, Ashley FaceTimes her mom Sheila to talk about Dean not wanting to leave Michael Darby. Ashley’s afraid that her kids will blame her for divorcing their dad and Dean calling out for Michael highlighted that fear. 

Ashley Darby

Ashley tells Mama Sheila that she put a down payment on the house and that Ashley’s glad Michael is handling all the correspondence, SMH. Ashley tells Mama Shelia that she and Michael purchased the house together under their LLC, and Mama Sheila is speechless. Ashley admits buying a house with Michael isn’t the smartest idea, but financially it’s better in the long run. Producers ask Ashley who’s paying the mortgage and Ashley admits she doesn’t know because she and Michael haven’t discussed bills, yet. Chile, Ashley you in trouble, girl! The next day, Gizelle Bryant is cleaning branches off her roof as Robyn Dixon and Juan work out with their sons.   

Candiace Dillard-Bassett’s home chatting with her sister, Crystal, while trying to figure out what’s on the agenda today. Candiace’s plans include paying bills and calling people to ensure they’ve RSVP’d for her video release party. Crystal and Candiace are excited to see how the video turns out and Karen Huger is chatting with her publicist about her candle line. After hanging up with her publicist, Karen calls Mia Thornton to check up on her. Mia’s not feeling well since eating the dirty bird (chicken) at Robyn’s bachelorette party. A flashback shows Mia chowing down on chicken wings, even though Mia has a gluten allergy. 

Karen Huger

Mia claims she was drinking and willing to eat anything and Karen begs Mia to give up chicken for good. Mia then gives Karen the tea about the ladies talking about her at Robyn’s bachelorette party. Karen wants details and Mia obliges by spilling how Charrisse Jackson-Jordan said that Karen will sleep with anyone when she’s drunk, and how Charrisse found out that Karen was sleeping with the help at a club! Karen’s keeping it cute, but we can tell she’s heated! Karen asks Mia if she defended her because if the shoe was on the other foot, Karen would’ve defended Mia. Mia answers truthfully with “No I didn’t and maybe I should have.” 

In Karen’s confessional, she says that she’s putting Mia in time-out and won’t be telling her anything else for the time being. Karen said she’ll be cordial with Mia, but Mia messed up! Karen tells Mia that considering the source it’s coming from, she doesn’t care and ends the conversation by stating that Charrisse is dangerous. Later, Robyn’s home working on her hat line as her parents pull up to talk. After greetings and showing her parents the new additions to the house, Robyn sits her parents down to tell them the wedding news. Before diving in, Robyn tells her parents about the boys being out with Juan and how excited Corey is to be taller than Robyn. Then, Robyn tells her parents how excited the boys are that she and Juan are getting married in Jamaica soon. 

Robyn’s mother is confused and upset that they were left off Robyn’s guest list and wonders why they can’t be there. Robyn lets her parents know if she invites them then she would have to worry about inviting their entire family, and that’s not what she wants to do. Robyn’s dad understands where Robyn’s coming from and although her mama understands, that doesn’t mean she likes it. Robyn and Juan mean a lot to her mom and Robyn thanks her parents for never judging them through their ups and downs. 

Robyn asks her mother if she’s mad at her, and although her mom says no, she still believes she should be included. Robyn promises to FaceTime her parents during the ceremony and left it at that. Next, Mia and Gordon Thornton are at the doctor’s office to check on Mia’s health. The good news is, doctors have ruled out all the bad diagnoses but still need to run tests to ensure everything’s on the up and up for Mia. Mia states she views life differently since this health scare and Gordon points out that Mia misinterpreted what the doctor said. The nurse calls Mia to the back for Dr. Schram as Mia catches the doctor up on what’s been going on. The doctor tells Mia about a potential skin disease she may have and that Mia needs more tests run to rule out anything internal going on. 

Mia Thornton

Gordon reassures Mia that her issues are tropical, and the doctor relates Mia’s condition to a simple rash. The next step is for Mia to get a chest x-ray and to follow up from there. Mia’s happy and humbled that she’s going to live for her babies (let’s hope this creates a better personality for Mia). The next day, Gizelle takes her daughters out for some ice cream at Henry’s Sweet Retreat. After ordering and getting seated, Gizelle talks to her daughters about the date she went on with Steve and asks for their commentary. When they have nothing else to say, Gizelle questions if they like Steve, LOL. The girls like Steve but won’t be putting on their eggs in Steve’s basket until he proposes to Gizelle. 

Gizelle then tells the girls about her upcoming surgery. Gizelle educates the girls on fibroids and how she’s been struggling, and naturally, the girls have a few questions. One of the twins asks Gizelle how she pees, and her sister had to tell her to stop. Clearly, some education in anatomy would do these girls good, but we’ll let them slide for now. After having a slip, Grace asks about cancer and menopause after Gizelle reveals her uterus will be taken out. Gizelle’s getting flustered as her girls have tons of questions regarding the reproductive system. Gizelle admits to her girls that she cried after getting the news, and her kids reassure Gizelle that she’ll still be a complete person, even without her lady parts. 

Gizelle Bryant

The kids joke about Gizelle needing less fans while in church, and they help Gizelle realize it’s not a big deal as they hug it out and finish their ice cream. The next day, Dr. Wendy Osefo FaceTimes Karen as she gets ready for Candiace’s video release party. Karen tells Wendy about receiving updates from Robyn’s bachelorette party and the disgusting things that were said about her. Karen won’t even repeat what was said and reveals how shocked she is that Mia didn’t defend her. Karen’s unsure if their friendship will make it past this bump, and  Wendy quotes the great Martin Luther King, Jr., saying, “It’s not the voice of our enemies, but the silence of our friends that ring the deepest.” Whew, you better say that, Dr. Wendy! 

It’s the night of Candiace’s music video premiere party and guests are arriving, looking good, as Chris Bassett greets his wife’s guests. Wendy and Eddie Osefo arrive first as Gizelle’s sparkly self comes after. Gizelle speaks to Chris as we get a flashback of three weeks ago when Gizelle tells Candiace she’d like to be in a better space with her. Gizelle’s hoping for an apology as Chris stands firm in his truth that he did nothing wrong and that he doesn’t need to see or speak to Gizelle ever again. Candiace arrives looking good as she gets Jasmine of The Jasmine Brand and kisses her hubby. Mama Dorothy is there behaving as Candiace asks her manager about announcing her presence. 

Mia Thornton

Charrisse arrives looking hot and tired as Candiace’s manager facilitates Candiace’s announcement. Candiace struts through and greets her guests as Karen and Ray Huger arrive to party. Charrisse sits next to Gizelle as they glare at Karen as she hugs Candiace. Charrisse immediately eyes her enemy and lets Gizelle know “Here’s your friend.” Gizelle says that Karen doesn’t want to come over there, and I think she may be right, LOL. Karen and Ray get drinks at the bar as Mia hugs them and Ashley shows up in a cute neon skirt. Ashley hugs Wendy and they both exclaim they haven’t seen each other since Mexico. 

Candiace is entertaining her guests as Karen meets Candiace’s sister, Crystal. Ashley tells Wendy about the rumor that popped up in Mexico as we get a glimpse of Askale Davis with Candiace. Ashley tells Wendy that Mia said maybe they had a rough start because Wendy wanted Mia’s cookie. Wendy then calls Mia over to ask for herself, and then reveals that Mia was the one whispering in Wendy’s ear about eating her box! Lord, have mercy, LOL. Ashley and Karen laugh as Mia’s memory comes back and admits she did say she likes chocolate! It’s all good as Wendy and Mia hug it out. At least one pair’s beef has been put to rest, chile. As the host tries to quiet the room, Ashley asks Gizelle where Robyn is. 

Robyn’s coming late after her bridal shower and the host announces Candiace’s music video. As the room applauds, Candiace looks beautiful as her friends celebrate her accomplishments. Candiace gets on the mic and thanks everyone for being there as she tries not to cry while she thanks her family, management team, and Chris. Chris and Candiace share a sweet moment as he gets up to kiss her, and Candiace finally announces the world premiere of “Insecure” featuring Trina. Everyone’s loving the video and Mia gives props that Candiace’s video set is better than the parking lot, LOL. Ashley loves Candiace’s visuals and Mia knows Candiace’s budget went up. Karen’s proud of Candiace but Gizelle can’t even remember the song, SMH. 

Everyone applauds Candiace’s hard work as Robyn arrives after the fact. As everyone’s mingling, Gizelle approaches Karen to talk about Robyn’s bachelorette party. Gizelle knows that Mia updated Karen but asks if Mia admitted to calling Karen a prostitute. Karen’s face says it all as she contemplates what to do next. Gizelle tells Karen to ask Mia about it while Mia slithers up. Karen excuses Ray as Gizelle asks Mia about what was said. A flashback shows Mia asking if the ladies were calling Karen a prostitute. After that was cleared up, Karen thanks God she never had to sell her coochie and will let the girls know if that ever changes, LOL. 

Charrisse Jackson-Jordan

Ashley admits that the only reason she doubted Karen was because the information came from someone who runs in the same circles as Karen. Karen explains that she’s a mother, a member of a community, and the ambassador of Surry County, and she doesn’t feel like defending herself tonight. Gizelle brings Charrisse to the conversation and Karen adamantly dismisses her. Karen says she isn’t talking to Charrisse and doesn’t know why Charrisse is breathing in Karen’s airspace, LOL. Charrisse claims she hasn’t lied about anything as Karen turns her back to her and says she hears Charrisse but isn’t listening to her. Charrisse continues calling Karen a liar as Karen keeps her back to Charrisse, claiming that Charrisse wants a moment in the last few moments, LOL. 

Robyn says that’s what she expected from Karen as Candiace cuts that conversation short to hug her friend. Robyn wore white for the girls since they aren’t invited to her wedding, and Mia attempts to pull Karen to the side. Mia has more to say as Ray excuses himself again to let the women talk. Candiace hugs Gizelle as Gizelle wonders if Chris is up for a conversation today. Candiace doesn’t think Chris is up for it today as Mia tells Karen about some restaurant owner she’s allegedly creeping with in Vegas. Karen jokes as she asks Mia questions, and says that she won’t be offended by a young man she doesn’t know. Karen makes it clear that the only thing she cares about is Ray and that she’s no longer listening to the nonsense. 

Mia doesn’t think Charrisse is the one spreading the rumor because Charrisse apparently doesn’t know the man. Mia likes Charrisse and reveals in her confessional that she heard this rumor about Karen last year. Karen says if the news was true then she would admit it as she grabs Ray and leaves. Candiace continues greeting her guests as Gizelle ponders the thought of chatting with Chris. Ashley wants to clear the air as Robyn thinks the issue isn’t as important to Chris to squash tonight. Ashley wants Chris to threaten her to her face instead of on Twitter and Candiace walks up just in time. Candiace wants to make sure everyone is good and Gizelle thanks Candiace for inviting her. Candiace knows the ladies ran Karen out and Gizelle claims Karen has something to do. 

Candiace and Wendy dress up the velvet rope as Karen, and Candiace tells the group she loves them even though they get on her nerves. Robyn tells Candiace how proud she is of her as the group toast. Chris, Eddie, and Gordon are chatting on the side as Ashley asks Candiace if it’s alright if she speaks with him. Candiace tells Ashley she doesn’t think that’s a good idea because Chris doesn’t want to take away from Candiace’s night. Ashley claims she won’t be hostile, but Candiace is adamant that they never know what Ashley may do. Ashley gets offended and says Chris’s actions were interpreted wrong and Candiace brings up the Sesame Street character, LOL. Ashley claims Candiace is attacking her “very attractive friend” and that she’s grown as she struts over to Chris to chat. 

Chris Bassett

Candiace warns Chris that Ashley is approaching, and Chris looks dead ahead as Ashley talks. Ashley took Chris’s tweet as a threat and Chris is upset that Ashley would continue this lie throughout the season. Chris apologizes if Ashley was upset but admits he was mad as well. Chris is angry because he’s been nothing but nice to everyone and Ashley tells Chris that his actions were questionable. Chris is now fed up and walks away from Ashley with Candiace following behind. 

Ashley wonders what she said that was bad and Wendy asks Ashley if she really thought that conversation would go well. Ashley claims to be an adult but none of her actions showcase any maturity. Chris walks outside as Candiace tries to calm her man down by stating that he can’t win against unhappy people. Ashley’s recap states that she and the kids moved into their new home in October and that her love life with Luke Gulbranson is done. Candiace is on tour for “Deep Space” and is happy she’s able to see Chris more. 

Karen’s expanding her live shows to five major cities and Ray’s still her number one fan. Gizelle made a full recovery after her surgery and is entertaining many suitors. Wendy is prioritizing her health and began kickboxing to decompress. Mia’s health remains stable as she and Gordon lose control of their franchises and moved out of their Potomac home. Robyn and Juan never got their prenup, but they did finally get married! Two months later on August 24, 2022, Juan and Robyn got married in Maryland. As Robyn gets ready for her big day, her mom joins her. 

Robyn admits going to Jamacia wasn’t the best move, so she asked her friend to help her get married, instead. Robyn’s wedding looked nice as we get a recap of Robyn and Juan’s time together. We saw Juan and Carter walk down the aisle and Robyn walks down with Carter. Robyn’s parents were able to attend, and everyone looks happy as Robyn and Juan finally tie the knot, again! Aw, so cute! Be sure to come back for the three-part reunion of The Real Housewives of Potomac! 


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