Kathy Hilton Wants ZERO Relationship With Sister Kyle Richards After Lisa Rinna Betrayal

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Kyle Richards is still on the outs with her sister, Kathy Hilton, as filming season kicks off for the upcoming season of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. 

Kyle Richards

Kyle spilled to Page Six that she had not been on speaking terms with the socialite since the sisters rehashed Season 12 on the reunion stage. The explosive cast sit-down aired in October. 

“I haven’t seen her in a while, I have not seen her in a while,” the reality star told the outlet at the American Heart Association’s Red Dress Collection Concert Wednesday night.

Kyle confessed — “Things are not great since the reunion to be honest.”

The revived family feud began during a cast getaway in Aspen, during which Lisa Rinna accused Kathy of threatening to destroy her sister while suffering what Rinna called a “psychotic break.” Rinna alleged that the cast “friend” spewed nasty insults about her co-stars and vowed to “f**king ruin” her sister. 

“She said ‘I will destroy Kyle and her family if it’s the last thing I ever do,’” Rinna later claimed in a personal interview. 

Kathy denied Rinna’s dramatic narrative and publicly called out Kyle after the Season 12 reunion trailer featured her sister in tears. 

Kyle Richards

“Why is she upset and crying? I’m the one who [was] bullied and percacuted [sic] for 10 months!” Kathy wrote in response to a comment posted on Instagram. 

Kyle fired back in the same comment section — “Why [am I upset and crying]? You know exactly why.”

The RHOBH veteran warned her sister — “I don’t think you want me to explain why.”

Kyle Richards

“I think she’s finally seeing true and the forest through the trees,” Kathy told Us Weekly of her sister at BravoCon, on October 14. “I think that, sure, [there’s a chance at reconciliation]. I mean, we love each other. We’re sisters. Nobody’s gonna come between us at the end of the day.”

Kathy also doubled down on her comments about Rinna, during the NYC fan event. 

“No, I don’t,” she told Extra when asked if she regretted calling the former soap opera actress a bully. “I mean, she is a bully. She’s bullied everybody, and I think that that is just the worst.”

Kyle Richards

Kyle told the outlet Wednesday that the siblings’ estrangement had been upsetting. She added that she hoped that filming season would not prove to be awkward.

“Welcome to my life,” she said. “My life is awkward all the time!”

Fans know that Kathy and Kyle cut off communication for years after Kyle produced American Woman, a TV series loosely based on the life of their late mother, Kathleen Richards. 

Kyle Richards

In October, an insider spoke to PEOPLE about the dynamic between Paris and Nicky’s mom and her sister.  

“They cannot reconcile, and it’s all so complicated because nobody’s backing down. Kyle has backed up her sister for years and no matter what she does, Kathy isn’t satisfied,” the source stated. “What we’re watching is years of family trauma that hasn’t been dealt with in a family dynamic.”

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