Bravolebrity Exposes ‘Southern Charm’ Star Craig Conover’s A DRUNK

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Andrea Denver addressed the relationship between Summer House couple, Craig Conover and Paige DeSorbo, during a recent appearance on Brandi Glanville’s podcast, Brandi Glanville Unfiltered.”

Fans know that Denver landed in a love triangle with the pair during Season 6 before Paige ultimately decided to pursue a romance with Conover. Conover and DeSorbo have been in an exclusive relationship for over a year. 

Andrea Denver

Denver, who began a new relationship after filming the season, was asked to share his thoughts on Conover during the podcast chat. Denver told Brandi that he developed a close friendship with Conover during the first season of Winter House. 

Denver said — “We were close on ‘Summer House’ as well.” 

He added, “You know, I think the whole Paige thing honestly, it didn’t bother me. I love Craig, he’s a fun guy.”

Andrea Denver

Denver added that he had a good time with the Southern Charm star during panel discussions at BravoCon in October. Brandi said that she loved connecting with the Summer House and Winter House casts during the NYC fan event, with the exception of Conover.

The host called the Bravo veteran “rude,” but added that he may have been “super drunk” at the time. Denver admitted that his buddy needed to manage his drinking habits. He also noted that DeSorbo’s patience had been a positive in Conover’s life. 

Denver remarked — “I think he’s a great guy, I just think he should balance more the drinking.”

Craig Conover

He explained that while he sees his friend as a “sweetheart,” he noted that from a “third-person standpoint, when you see him in a discussion, sometimes he raises his tone of voice and gets really fired up… I would try to find more of a balance, that’s all.”

Denver said that despite the hiccups, he always has a “great time” when Conover is in the mix. 

Denver concluded — “And I’m really happy that him and Paige are doing well.”

Craig Conover

The Summer House Season 7 trailer revealed that Denver will appear during the upcoming season, but not as a main cast member.

In February 2022, Denver spoke out about DeSorbo’s decision to date Conover despite the flirty connection they shared while filming the Bravo show.

“When there’s a lady involved, I’d rather be respectful, so I don’t talk to Paige that much,” Denver told Page Six. “When I saw her a few times [recently], everything’s great. We still, like, joke around and stuff.” 

Craig Conover

He added — “I just don’t feel like texting someone that is in a relationship, because I want to be respectful. I have [had] the chance to talk to Craig more and everything is great.”

Denver admitted that things turned “awkward” after he became close with Conover while filming Winter House. 

Craig Conover

“[I found out] basically through blogs,” Denver recalled. “In the meantime, Craig and Austen [Kroll] and I have a group chat, so we were talking like nothing was happening, and it was kind of awkward.”

He added of Conover and DeSorbo — “I think they’re great … at the end of the day, I will always care for both of them.”


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