Ashley Darby Claims Juan Dixon Was Blackmailed and Threatened By His Side Chick

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Juan Dixon

Ashley Darby Claims Juan Dixon Was Blackmailed and Threatened By His Side Chick

The Real Housewives of Potomac star Ashley Darby claims Juan Dixon did not cheat on Robyn but instead was the target of a blackmail plot by his alleged pandemic side piece.

Robyn Dixon

Juan Dixon’s cheating scandal is headline news and his wife Robyn Dixon admitted she knew about the other woman prior to filming Season 7 — but according to AshleyRobyn was misquoted.

As reported, the side chick produced hotel receipts claiming she had an affair with the Coppin State University head coach during the 2020 pandemic. The woman confirmed that Robyn had knowledge of Juan’s cheating and even produced a text message she received in 2022 from the former NBA star.

Robyn Dixon

Robyn Dixon spoke about the claims during a recent episode of her Reasonably Shady podcast that she co-hosts with Gizelle Bryant and admitted that the affair did happen.

According to The Real Housewives of Potomac star, Juan’s pandemic bae reached out to her via Instagram DM to discuss the affair. The mother of two also explained that it was something the couple had to work through before they got married.

“First of all, I was aware of the situation before we filmed season 7. Because this young lady was so pressed to tell me and tell you, Gizelle, I assume she told the whole cast.” she added, “So I’m just waiting for someone to bring it up. Gizelle added, “Cause you know Karen is good for thinking she got some tea.”

Karen Huger

Robyn continued, “That’s our life, so I’m just ready for it, I’m waiting for it … And so we were in Mexico, and Ashley tells me that Karen was talking about us, so I’m thinking, ‘This is it,’ and she talks about some blonde holding hands with him in Georgetown that looks like Karen. Ok, this is ridiculous, and that was kind of comical to me, so then we go down that road…”

However, according to Robyn’s costar, Ashley Darby, Juan didn’t actually cheat and was the target of a blackmail plot by his accuser. Ashley appeared on Fox News this week and had a lot to say on the subject.

When asked about Robyn’s cheating admission, Ashley clarified — “I texted Robyn about this, she and Gizelle have their podcast on Patreon, which is a paid thing, so people are just taking a snippet but they’re not actually listening to the full episode of their podcast. And she’s goes into depth and explains it wasn’t Juan cheating but this woman had tried to basically get money from them or something like that. Robyn has more of an explanation but that’s not exactly what she said. She does not say Juan cheated. It’s misinformation making the headlines because that’s not what she said.”

Ashley Darby

The hosts then mention the woman’s receipts that were posted on TikTok, to which Ashley claims Juan and the woman only had a conversation. 

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Despite Ashley Darby’s claims that Juan’s innocent — the mystery woman proved the affair happened with receipts. TikToker, Georgio Says, claims he spoke to the woman who claimed to be one of Juan’s side chicks and shared hotel receipts. The hotel receipt shows a man named “Juan Dixon” purchased a hotel room in the Maryland area.

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