‘RHOP’ RECAP: Mia and Wendy’s Sexual Encounters Exposed

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Welcome back to a new episode of The Real Housewives of Potomac! We start off at Dr. Wendy Osefo’s house as she’s teaching her kids the facts of life. Candiace Dillard Bassett is getting her dance on at the studio, while Mia Thornton sorts out her closet with her cousin Kellie. Robyn Dixon is finally dress shopping at Déjà vu Boutique and is looking around as she waits for Gizelle Bryant and Ashley Darby to accompany her. In Robyn’s confessional, she admits to becoming more nervous as her wedding day approaches, but Robyn’s determined to re-marry Juan Dixon. Robyn looks around as she tells the sales associate that she wants a non-traditional dress. Robyn still has a lot to plan but sis says she is going to pull it off. Ashley arrives first and compliments the bride-to-be as Gizelle comes in a second later. 

Robyn tells the ladies to sit and chat while she tries on the first dress. Once Robyn’s gone, Gizelle tries on a crown for fun. Gizelle’s giving Ashley Miss Universe vibes as Ashley asks Gizelle how she’s doing since returning to Mexico. Gizelle’s amazing but Ashley’s itching to drop some tea on this fine day. Ashley explains that some things happened and tells Gizelle about the girls hanging out on their last night in Mexico. Ashley, Candiace, Mia, and Wendy went out together and Gizelle missed it all since she went to bed at 8 p.m. Gizelle thought Ashley and Candiace kissed, but Ashley quickly clears that up by saying that it has nothing to do with her and Candiace. Gizelle continues poking and prodding Ashley while Ashley sits there making all kinds of faces.

Gizelle asks, “Was someone else vagina-bumping?” and Ashley finally gets into the nitty gritty of the last night in Mexico. Per Ashley, Mia was admiring Wendy’s physique, and Gizelle jumps full speed ahead and responds, “So Mia likes Wendy’s vagina?” Ashley says, “yes.” Gizelle then wonders if Mia saw Wendy’s vagina and Ashley denies it but explains that Mia thinks Wendy is attractive. Gizelle wonders if Wendy reciprocated and Ashley responds that Wendy was intrigued. Gizelle’s all types of shocked, but before Ashley can continue, Robyn comes out with a beautiful gown on. The ladies love it, and Robyn tries on a veil to complete the full look. Gizelle thinks dress number one is the winner and Robyn goes back to try on more dresses.

Gizelle Bryant

Immediately, Gizelle goes back to the conversation at hand and Gizelle’s confused about how Mia and Wendy went from throwing drinks to liking each other’s vaginas. Ashley thinks there may be a little sexual frustration between the two and tells Gizelle that Mia and Wendy left together. Gizelle’s flabbergasted and now has to run things by Mia to get the truth. Robyn comes out in a not-so-traditional dress and the ladies don’t like it. Ashley has to run, and Robyn goes back to try on another dress, but Gizelle is anxious to get this tea outta her! Robyn comes out in the third dress and Gizelle takes a picture before Robyn sits down. Robyn says all this brings back memories for her and Gizelle wonders why Robyn’s mother isn’t there. Robyn still hasn’t told her parents yet but says she will tell them soon. 

Gizelle tells Robyn about the upcoming bachelorette party Mia and Gizelle are throwing for her and gets Robyn excited for the fun that’s to come. Gizelle talked to Mia and thinks it’ll be a good idea if the ladies go to an upscale steak and lobster strip club. Gizelle asks Robyn if there’s anyone she doesn’t want to invite and immediately Robyn excludes Karen Huger. Robyn also is excluding Wendy for laughing while Karen was eating Robyn up last week! Robyn doesn’t feel that Wendy wants to be a genuine friend and Gizelle’s too happy to leave Wendy out. Gizelle wants the ladies to dress like they’re back in college and Robyn agrees with the party plans. 

Candiace Dillard Bassett

Candiace is home preparing bagels as she calls Chris Bassett down so they can eat outside. Candiace continues looking for the snake as Chris shares his appreciation for spending time with his wife since Candiace has been busy lately. As Candiace fills her plate with fruit, Chris brings up Candiace’s music video. Candiace explains that she has the liquor sponsor and the venue ready for her music video reveal and her deluxe album for “Deep Space.” Chris asks if Trina’s coming, but unfortunately, Trina will be at Essence Fest. However, Candiace is inviting all the ladies and hopes it’ll be fun. Chris asks about Mexico and Candiace tells him about the old ladies fighting. Candiace was trying to play peacemaker and Chris says the trip sounds extra, LOL. Meanwhile, Karen and Wendy are meeting for lunch, and after ordering, Wendy brings up the fight between Charrisse Jackson-Jordan and Karen in Mexico. 

Karen laughs due to fighting with Charrisse and then turning around and fighting with Robyn. Candiace tells Chris about Robyn and Karen’s argument and tells Chris about the rumored girlfriend of Juan Dixon in Georgetown. Chris isn’t surprised another husband is being thrown under the bus as we get a quick flashback of last week’s episode. Candiace thinks the rumor is dumb, just like the rumor that Chris was flirting with Deborah. As the food comes out, Karen says she’s been sitting on Juan hugging her inappropriately for three years. Wendy then brings up Karen’s wig shift party when Robyn asked if Karen was afraid of what she might say when she drinks. Karen responded, “No, but you should be worried about what Juan says when he’s drunk.” Now things are beginning to come together for Wendy, and Karen doubles down on Robyn knowing what’s going on. 

Robyn Dixon

Back at Candiace’s, she tells Chris about Robyn pulling out the photo of “Blue Eyes” and confirms that it was Karen in the photo with the guy everyone keeps talking about. Karen’s upset that no one would let her see the photo but won’t put any energy into it because she doesn’t believe it’s her. Producers ask Wendy if she thinks it was Karen, but Wendy says Robyn didn’t show her the photo. Chris asked if the ladies did anything fun or just talked about each other’s husbands the entire time. Candiace tells Chris that on the last night, she ended up in her room in the shower but can’t remember how she got there. Chris will be happy once the album is done, and now that Candiace is done with school, the two hope to restart their IVF journey. Candiace is excited to restart the egg retrieval process and plans to go in more optimistic this time around. Chris and Candiace cheer as Ashley FaceTimes Karen. 

After greeting and small talk, Karen tells Ashley that Robyn has misdirected anger towards her and needs to point it in the right direction. Ashley spills that there was a text thread inviting the ladies to Robyn’s bachelorette party, and noticeably, Wendy and Karen weren’t included. Karen and Wendy look stunned; Wendy wonders if she and Robyn were getting back on good terms, then what’s the issue now? Ashley tells them that Gizelle made it clear that she still doesn’t get along with Wendy and thinks that’s where the uninvite stems from. Wendy wants to call a thing a thing and says that Robyn should invite who she wants there, instead of allowing Gizelle to choose her guest list. Wendy wants to know what the issue is, but something tells me the issues are just beginning. 

Mia Thornton

Mia’s home putting out sushi for Gizelle as they plan Robyn’s bachelorette party. After greeting each other, Gizelle compliments Mia’s floor as Gizelle looks around Mia’s home. Once the two sit, Gizelle tells Mia about Robyn trying on wedding dresses and then goes into the tea Ashley spilled. Gizelle tells Mia what Ashley said and admitted to spreading rumors that Mia and Wendy slept together. Mia denies sleeping with Wendy and Gizelle admits that she only told Robyn about the supposed hookup in Mexico. Producers show us Gizelle sharing the tea with Robyn and Robyn seems unbothered by the whole thing. Gizelle brings up vaginas being shown, and Mia reveals Wendy busted it wide open for her!

Gizelle asks again for clarification and Mia spreads her arms open to imitate legs spreading. Gizelle wonders if Mia asked to see it and Mia says no but she looked, though. Gizelle asks if Mia showed Wendy her vagina in return and Mia says she did! Mia tells Gizelle that she thinks Wendy wants her cookie and that’s why the two were arguing before. Mia says she didn’t give Wendy none because Gordon Thornton didn’t consent and neither did Eddie Osefo. Mia said Wendy had to look but not touch, SMH. Mia says she and Wendy are good now but admits she hasn’t spoken to Wendy in a week. Gizelle confirms that Wendy’s not invited to Robyn’s party but also confirms that Robyn is the one who didn’t want Wendy and Karen there. 

Charrisse Jackson-Jordan

Mia wasn’t paying attention to Wendy’s theatrics due to her own issues with Jacqueline. Gizelle asks how Mia and Jacqueline are and Mia confirms they’re still fighting. Jacqueline’s already messaged Mia wanting to apologize and Mia’s not ready to forgive, yet. Gizelle thinks they need more time and switches back to planning Robyn’s party. Mia gets up to get some supplies as Gizelle finishes eating. Mia brings up penis straws and also straws that are supposed to be Juan. Gizelle drinks out of the penis straw as Mia complains about Gizelle’s choice of penis color, LOL. Wendy’s at home, preparing for her next online segment as she tells us in her confessional that she thinks Robyn’s going out of her way to have an issue with her. At this point, Wendy can’t do more since Robyn won’t meet her halfway. Wendy’s moved on in a positive way and is moving on without Robyn’s friendship. 

Gizelle meets Mia at her house and is introduced to Mia’s cousin, Kellie, before busting out the money gun. Robyn’s friend Carly comes as the sprinter van pulls up. Mia and Gizelle are setting up things as Ashley arrives and the group is shocked! Mia and Ashley are wearing the same snakeskin jumpsuit. Ashley finds it hilarious because “H*es see h*es” as Mia thinks she wore it best. Charrisse and Candiace show up as some of Robyn’s college friends arrive.  Before long, Robyn arrives and we find out in Charrisse’s confessional that she’s salty that she didn’t get the chance to throw Robyn’s bachelorette party. Charrisse feels like she’s known Robyn longer than Mia but took the back seat and kept her feelings bottled up. Charrisse gives a toast wishing Robyn love and happiness, and possibly another baby. Charrisse then makes a comment about if someone doesn’t like Robyn then they’re the problem, and the rest of the ladies cheers to that.

Karen Huger

Meanwhile, Karen and Ray are meeting their candle manufacturers to make more money. The manufacturers bring Karen the final sample and Karen’s over the moon! Karen’s now releasing a limited edition four-wick candle for the holidays. Karen already made a second order for her three wicks, but Karen’s also prepared to place an order for eight thousand and put a deposit down of ten thousand to get the ball rolling. Karen writes the check as she instructs Ray to take a picture of her with the check in hand for Robyn, LOL. Back in the sprinter, Mia’s dancing for Robyn as Candiace wonders if strippers wipe down the pole after they dance. Ashley comments that Candiace has touched worse than that when she was drunk. Candiace says she doesn’t remember and somehow Robyn brings up Mia and Wendy’s time in Mexico. 

Charrisse tells the ladies that Mia and Wendy were kissing and soon the bus is in an uproar. Ashley said Mia was rubbing some breasts and Mia claims all the ladies kissed each other. Candiace can’t commit to licking vagina and Ashley responds, “Don’t knock it until you try it.” The ladies are already drunk when they arrive at The Empire Gentlemen’s Club. There are naked ladies everywhere and the girls are ready to turn up! The ladies order steak and lobster as everyone reminisces about Mia’s statement about being an entertainer, LOL. Gizelle orders a bottle and shots for everyone as she passes out ones for the ladies. 

Ashley Darby

The ladies take shots to Robyn as Mia begins tipping the ladies and Candiace reveals her need to touch a donkey booty. Gizelle tips some of the ladies, too, as Robyn gets up to get in on the action. The ladies are enjoying themselves and I ain’t mad at it! Charrisse asks Ashley what’s going on between her and Michael and Ashley says they’ve been nice to each other. Ashley stumbles on her words as she explains that Michael has been nicer to her and things haven’t been so hostile, lately. Robyn wonders if Ashley’s reconsidering the divorce and Ashley doesn’t think they’re getting back together, but it’s clear Ashley’s confused. Candiace wonders if Ashley and Michael are dating other people and Ashley admits that she’s only been on one date. 

However, Michael told Ashley he isn’t dating and since she feels guilty, Ashley admits to the group that she quit dating altogether. Immediately after, Candiace tells the table that Michael was at Chris’s restaurant with another woman. Candiace tells Ashley that Chris said the woman wasn’t cute and Ashley says okay before going off about Michael’s dishonesty. Ashley’s rightfully upset and Charrisse tells her that she has a right to be upset because she’s getting a divorce. The food comes out and the ladies put their beef to the side as they chow down on some amazing food. 

After the chow-fest, Robyn’s drunk self asks Charrisse if she’s in their text thread and (confuses Charrisse for Karen) then ask how Charrisse feels about Karen. Charrisse *slurs* and says she doesn’t really think about Karen, and she doesn’t like that Karen lies. Charrisse claims she never aired Karen’s dirty laundry as Gizelle agrees. Charrisse doesn’t like Karen assassinating her character and claims to know all of Karen’s business, including one time at a party where Karen disappeared on Charrisse. According to Charrisse, Karen’s known as the drunk lady in Potomac who would sleep with anyone! 

Charrisse Jackson-Jordan

Candiace screams as Charrisse tells the table that Karen was sleeping with the help in the bathroom. Candiace asks when Karen was sleeping with the worker and Charrisse confirms it was years ago. Gizelle jumps in and says even last year when Karen was making up stuff about her, Gizelle kept Karen’s secrets to herself. Gizelle says Karen makes up lies and Robyn admits to hearing this story from Charrisse before. Ashley heard some things and Candiace has no comment. Ashley thought Karen was soft on her driver Blue Eyes and Charrisse says Ray hired a private detective to spy on them. Ray found out Blue Eyes was harmless and that he worked at a hotel. Gizelle and Charrisse say Ray knows what the deal is because Karen couldn’t drive for a period of time. 

Mia asked if the ladies are saying that Karen is a prostitute, and luckily, they all say no. Mia’s drunk self isn’t paying attention and is only catching half of the conversation. In her confessional, Mia said Gordon told her when an older man dates a younger woman, eventually, he lets her date since he knows he can no longer please her, SMH. Mia begins shooting the money gun as she makes Robyn and the girls take shots of tequila. Ashley and Mia get up on the pole as Robyn struggles with the hiccups. The girls pull Robyn up on stage and Robyn’s bachelorette was officially a success. Whew, what an episode! Make sure to come back next week for the season finale of The Real Housewives of Potomac! 

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