Meri Brown Hints at Past ‘Internal Struggle’ After Being Slammed by Abuse Allegations

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Meri Brown continues to post cryptic messages amid a wave of abuse allegations fired by several of Kody Brown’s adult children. 

Meri Brown

The Sister Wives star shared a quote by Australian author, Daniel Chidiac, which offers advice on how to perceive potentially damaging actions from others. 

The quote read—“When you finally learn that a persons [sic] behavior has more to do with their internal struggle than it ever did with you…you learn grace.” 

Christine Brown

Meri’s message comes after several of the Brown kids accused Kody’s first wife of being abusive during their childhoods. Mykelti, 26, Paedon, 24, and Gwendlyn, 21, three of the six children Kody shares with ex, Christine, as well as Kody and Janelle’s daughter, Madison, have claimed that Meri was verbally abusive during their younger years. 

Meri Brown

The allegations hit the press after Kody and Meri announced that they were officially parting ways.

“After more than a decade of working on our relationship in our own unique ways, we have made the decision to permanently terminate our marriage relationship,” the ex-couple said in a joint statement.

Paedon Brown

Gwendlyn Brown claimed that she had witnessed Meri becoming “violent” with her sister, Mykelti, on one occasion, after her brother, Paedon, accused Meri of abusive behavior.    

“[Meri] was scary as a kid but she never attacked me and I only saw her violent once,” Gwen said. “That was all a long time ago.” 

Gwen went on to describe how Meri interacted with the Brown children during her unusual childhood. 

Meri had moments where she was rude and scary but I don’t remember her getting physical with anyone except for Mykelti and that was only once. I believe that everyone deserves a second chance … I don’t know anything about saving anyone’s life, honestly. She was met with more dislike than anything,” Gwen explained. 

Mykelti Brown

Mykelti later busted Meri as the person responsible for the breakup of her spiritual marriage during a live chat with fans on Patreon. She and husband, Tony Padron, addressed the 2015 catfish scandal during the recent Livestream, which proved to be the beginning of the end of Meri and Kody’s relationship.  

While Myleti acknowledged that the affair was “emotional,” she added that Meri’s daughter, Mariah, who has since transitioned to Leon, had overheard “intimate conversations” between her mother and the catfish. 

Sister Wives

“Mariah heard them on the phone having intimate conversations over the phone. And if you’re sexting or verbal sexting or whatever, that’s cheating. That’s still cheating,” Mykelti said.

Meri is seemingly hinting, via the quote, that her alleged actions were due to an undefined “internal struggle” within her marriage. Kody has spoken candidly about the former couple’s marital issues, which seemingly became insurmountable after Meri stepped out of her spiritual marriage in the wake of the pair’s legal divorce.    

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