’90 Day Fiance’ Sumit’s Father Accepts Jenny But His Mother Still Thinks She’s Trash

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90 Day Fiance

’90 Day Fiance’ Sumit’s Father Accepts Jenny But His Mother Still Thinks She’s Trash

Sumit Singh’s father is no longer against his relationship with Jenny Slatten. However, his mother, Sahna, still thinks she’s beneath her son.

During the 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After Tell All, Sumit’s father, Anil, gave Jenny and Sumit his blessing.

When Jenny and Sumit got married without Sumit’s parents’ consent, his mother disowned him. Since then, Sumit has struggled to mend his relationship with his parents.

During Sunday’s episode, Sumit’s father said, “There was a time when my wife was not talking to Sumit. She don’t want to see his face. But, the time has changed. Now, she is talking to him very gently, and very sweetly.” He continued, “The relationship between Sumit and my wife is normal.”

Jenny Slatten

Despite Sumit’s relationship with his mother getting better, Jenny’s relationship with Sahna hasn’t changed. The family, talking from India, added, “She’s still not accepting the relationship. That’s why she’s not here.” As of now, Sumit’s family says they are okay with their son coming to family functions, as long as he doesn’t come with Jenny.

Slatten said, “I’m really okay with that because she doesn’t feel comfortable with me, and it makes me feel uncomfortable, too.” The 63-year-old added, “I’d rather just stay home where I’m safe.”

Jenny Slatten

This season shows Jenny considering moving back to America, but Sumit hasn’t been so willing to leave his family in India. During Sunday’s episode, the couple revealed that they still haven’t filed for Sumit’s visa and said that if they visit America, it will be just for vacation.

Sumit said, “Not permanently.”

Jenny said, “‘You should come to America and see my family and my culture, too.”

Sumit replied, “I’m okay with that, I can come for some time — but just for a visit.”

Jenny Slatten

90 Day fans reacted to the 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After episode on Twitter. 

One person said, “I don’t think that Sumit’s family is ever truly going to accept Jenny and Sumit’s marriage. And you can tell that Sumit is never ever going to move to the USA. Jenny, you are stuck in India, and this is just the tip of the iceberg.”

Another fan added, “I understand why his family doesn’t support the marriage, Jenny’s old butt is selfish she just Sumit all to herself. He wants kids, he just doesn’t want to hurt her feelings because she is old.”

Other 90 Day viewers didn’t believe Sumit’s parents meant what they said since they had “accepted” Jenny before, only to disown her again.

One fan said, “I know y’all ain’t falling for this sh!t. Did you all not see when his mother AND father previously accepted the relationship to only come back and again be devils.” 

Sahna Singh

When Sahna disowned Sumit, it was after he and Jenny talked to her about possibly getting married.

She said, “If you think that we will be happy if you get married, that won’t ever happen. You will never get married. Not even on my deathbed would I say that you can marry her.”

Sumit then shared that he and Jenny had already gotten married.

His mother said, “If you’re ever at my door, I will insult you and throw you out. Never again!”

Jenny Slatten

Prior to that, Jenny and Sahna had an emotional conversation where she accepted her.

Sumit’s mother said, “I want to say that you are a very good-natured person. So fine, whatever God has written will happen. We think we should maintain the love between us. Jenny, we will love you. We will love you a lot.”

But that wasn’t the case after she found out Jenny and her son had married. 


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