‘LPBW’ Fans Slam Zach and Tori Roloff for Holding ‘Bitter Grudge’ Against Matt

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Little People, Big World fans took to social media to bash Zach and Tori Roloff, after the season finale featured the couple making the decision to keep a distance from Roloff Farms’ traditional pumpkin season. 

Zach and Tori’s relationship with Zach’s father, Matt, has been strained in the months since the father/son duo failed to strike a deal for the sale of a portion of Roloff Farms. The finale episode, which aired Tuesday, featured the opening weekend of the 2022 pumpkin season and the festivities surrounding the event. Fans know that Zach and Tori moved from Oregon to Washington after the farm deal collapsed. 

Zach Roloff

The couple made it clear during the episode that they had no intention of visiting the farm or Matt.   

“I’m not going to pumpkin season,” Zach declared, dismissing the idea of bringing the couple’s three children to visit their grandfather.

Zach added—”I don’t wanna go, Tori doesn’t wanna go. There’s plenty of pumpkin patches up here, it’s just not needed.”

Viewers called out the couple for thwarting the relationship between the children and their grandfather. 

One fan tweeted—“Zach and Tori are sorry parents, keeping their kids away from Matt just to get back at him. Shame on both of them!”

Another fan agreed—“Tori and Zach holding onto that bitter grudge makes this show hard to watch now.”

While Matt, 61, and Zach have been locked in a feud, the couple has remained friendly with Zach’s mother, Amy, and her husband, Chris. The episode featured Amy and Chris meeting up with Zach and Tori for a camping trip. 

Amy openly shared how she felt about Matt’s newest plan for the family farmhouse after the property failed to sell on the open market. Matt launched an effort to list the house as a short-term rental as the season wrapped. Matt asked Amy for her thoughts and she revealed that she wasn’t thrilled with the decision. 

Zach and Tori’s feelings toward Matt’s girlfriend, Caryn Chandler, have remained at a seeming standstill since the farm deal fell apart. Caryn was initially shut out from meeting the couple’s newborn son, Josiah, but connected with the little one a few months later, at the Little People of America convention.

Matt dropped the idea of opening the farmhouse to all his children and Amy and Chris, free of charge, during the season finale. Amy reacted immediately, with disbelief. 

“You have got to be high,” she told her ex, implying that the upset surrounding the failed farm deals would deter their grown children from returning to the family home.  

Matt Roloff

Matt concluded the season by sharing that he remains committed to rebuilding his relationship with his son.  

“All I can do as a father and a grandfather is keep loving my kids and hope for the best,” Matt said, in an emotional interview.

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