The ‘Sesame Street’ Character Claps Back At Candiace Dillard’s Shade

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Real Housewives of Potomac “friend,” Deborah Williams, has reacted to Candiace Dillard Bassett’s “Sesame Street” remark after she accused Candiace’s husband, Chris, of trying to flirt with her at a party on Sunday’s episode. 

Featured footage of the party revealed Chris looking at his phone during an interaction with Ashley Darby’s pal, who appeared to initiate the conversation. Fans blasted Deborah as the episode aired, claiming the newbie was just thirsty for a storyline. 

Deborah took to Instagram on January 1 to react to Candiace’s ‘Sesame Street’ diss. 

“Happy New Year everyone! Oh, excuse me while I fluff my natural eyebrow,” Deborah snarked, using an Elmo puppet to brush her brows. 

She pulled out a Cookie Monster next, who fed her a cookie. 

Deborah Williams

“I love my friends … a little thirsty though,” said Deborah, seemingly taking aim at Candiace.

She took a drink from a Sesame Street cup before dabbing Cookie Monster’s eyes.

“Happy TRUE year!” she captioned the post, encouraging her followers to come back “for the moment of TRUTH.”

Deborah Williams

Chris took to Twitter after the episode aired to challenge Deborah’s allegation that he pursued her at the party. 

“So who came up to who asked introduced who to who and what to who????” he asked, referring to the revealed footage. 

Chris, 44, went on to address multiple allegations of inappropriate behavior involving several cast members. 

Ashley Darby claimed that Chris sent her a late-night DM while she was out on the town. Mia Thornton accused the chef of staring at her during Karen Huger’s Spring Bling event, but released footage debunked her claim. Gizelle Bryant accused Chris of making her uncomfortable after asking to speak to her privately in her hotel room during last season’s reunion. 

“I would just like to again, thank #rhop production and the team in the editing room,” Chris tweeted, adding — “for continuing to show the LIES these women continue to tell about me.”

Candiace recently told Page Six that her husband became very ill after Gizelle accused him of inappropriate behavior. 

“He was not well. As Dorinda [Medley] would say, “Not well, bitch.” She continued, “He was not well for quite a while. It was a mind eff for him to have this picture painted of him because that’s what Gizelle did.” 

The singer went on to say that Gizelle Bryant intentionally created a narrative about Chris that was “completely false, damaging, and hurtful.”

Gizelle Bryant

Candiace shared — “We were blown away at the number of messages and comments of people that were calling BS and saying that they didn’t believe it. But there’s always that 0.5 percent that says, ‘Oh, he did it,’ or whatever they say.”

Candiace added that her co-stars’ allegations against Chris were attempts to remain relevant on the show. 

The “Drive Back” singer quipped — “’Potomac Housewives’ on Bravo TV is supposed to be our real lives. So if you don’t have a real-life situation to offer, find a seat or the unemployment line. That’s where you should go.”


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