Fans Compare Amy Duggar’s Gross Dinner To Cat Food

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Amy Duggar

Fans took aim at Amy Duggar after the ex-reality star posted a meal she prepared for her cute 3-year-old son, Dax, on TikTok. Amy prepped chicken chili for dinner in the video, which began with an image of raw chicken breasts inside a crockpot. 

“The best chicken chili you’ll ever have,” Amy said in a voiceover. 

Amy Duggar

Amy added a can of white beans as she went on— “I use frozen chicken, I add one can of beans, and you get to choose what kind of style you like.”

”Then, I do a can of enchilada soup,” she explained. 

Amy continued her recipe — “Don’t miss this step. Then I add corn and three tablespoons of sour cream and chili seasoning.”

Amy Duggar

Fans snagged the video and posted it on a popular forum dedicated to the Duggars. Unimpressed users were not shy about critiquing Amy’s culinary skills. 

Amy Duggar

One user surmised—“Looks like cat vomit.”

Another person chimed in—“I was just about to say my cat’s can of Blue Buffalo looks like a gourmet meal next to that s***.”


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Another user asked—”What makes this chili? Because it has beans added to the chicken and chicken gravy? Hard pass, thanks.”

One person quipped—”It literally looks like vomit,” while another user  compared the visual to “the aftermath of a good New Year’s Eve.” 

A Reddit user likened Amy’s dinner visual to “the contents of a stomach on one of those liposuction reality shows.”

Amy Duggar

Amy has taken heat from the public before, most recently after cracking a holiday-themed joke about her sex life with husband, Dillon King. She wore Grinch pajamas and a Santa hat in the TikTok video, which was captured in front of a Christmas tree with a holiday tune playing in the background. 

The text slapped over the video read— “Hmmm.. I eat all the cookies, presents just magically appear, my belly is full, and I’m a hoe for the hubby.”

She added—“Omg I’m Santa!!”

The post was captioned—”HO HO HO!” and included multiple Duggar-themed hashtags. 

Amy Duggar

It didn’t take long before fans were bashing the former “Counting On” star’s Christmas video.

One user noted—“Some people shouldn’t have access to numerous social media platforms.”

Another asked—“What kind of Christmas stories was she told growing up??? Gross.”

A third wrote— “Probably Amy: ‘Does this prove that I don’t live like my cousins?’ Also, congrats on the sex I guess.”

One person said—“’I’m a hoe for the hubby’ that has nothing to do with Santa. She’s annoying with her constant need for attention.” 

Another added—”It’s HO, not hoe which is a garden tool. Also, cringe.”

Amy Duggar

Amy previously hinted that there might be trouble in paradise, writing alongside a series of photos of the couple posing in front of their Christmas tree—”We refuse to have the 7-year itch!!”

The mom of one added—”His mind has been elsewhere, he’s been stressed, there are deadlines, and by the end of the day he’s exhausted. I’ve learned to be understanding. Because that trait doesn’t come naturally to me.”

Amy concluded—“Marriage takes a ton of work, understanding, and patience. I’m grateful to do the highs and lows of life with my Taz!”


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