LaTisha Scott Storms Off ‘LAMH’ Reunion Set After Her Cousin KeKe Blasts Marsau For Cheating

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The current season of Love & Marriage: Huntsville is ending soon, but a sneak peek of the reunion shows that this season’s drama is far from over.

There’s been a lot of drama surrounding Melody Holt during this season of LAMH, including the longtime drama between Melody and LaTisha Scott’s mom, Ms. Wanda. Their beef exploded when the two nearly came to blows, creating a brawl between the Holts and the Scotts.

Martell and Melody put their relationship issues on hold while joining forces for the sake of their kids. The beef between Melody and former friend Destiny Payton simmered down this season when Mel and Destiny both agreed to put their beef aside and be cordial in group settings. However, though Mel and Tisha didn’t bury their hatchet, the two remained friendly throughout the season. 

But a sneak peek of the upcoming reunion shows that the beef is still boiling between Melody and Destiny, and Tisha.

The trailer for part one of the reunion starts off with a bang as LaTisha exclaims to Melody, “You have a dark soul,” leaving a shocked look on everyone’s faces.”She is the true definition of devil in sheep clothing,” LaTisha continued.

The scene switches to a pissed-off Destiny threatening to spill all of Melody’s tea.

“This is some bullsh*t, let’s just be real,” Destiny exclaims. “She knows the truths that I hold about her.”

Melody Holt

“What are they?” Melody asks Destiny.

“Do you really want me to do this?” Destiny asks Melody. Melody insists, “You can … I would love to,” before Maurice Scott interjects, suggesting Destiny keep her mouth closed.

Maurice Scott

The trailer then switches the topic to rumors that one of the couples has been involved in sex parties. “Someone’s gonna find themselves in a lawsuit if they keep f**king around” Maurice claimed. LaTisha claims that she expects “the same loyalty and faithfulness from” Marsau Scott before Martell shadily asks, “That’s why he went to Africa?”

Things get tense when Carlos King asks Melody if she believes that Destiny was “too chummy” with Martell.

“She called him the other week at like 1 in the morning, 5 in the morning,” Mel dishes before Destiny claps back, “Oh you talking bout when you hacked his phone?”

The reunion hits a whole new level of messy when LaTisha’s cousin, KeKe, joins the cast on stage. Carlos wastes no time and jumps right into it. 

KeKe, you know for a fact that Marsau has cheated on Tisha?” Carlos asks.

LaTisha later reveals, “I found a picture of a girl on Marsau’s phone.” After Carlos asks if it was a naked picture, Marsau smirks and KeKe answers, “Yes.” LaTisha then jumps up and walks off the stage as Marsau runs behind his wife. 

Watch the trailer below:

LAMH fans know that Tisha’s cousin, KeKe, turned on her family to side with Melody and aired out the Scotts’ marital issues. 

KeKe held a grudge against LaTisha and Marsau after the couple relayed to Martell and Melody that KeKe was addicted to pills in the past. The Scotts joked that the Holts should lock up all medication when they invite KeKe over. In turn, KeKe decided to tell her own story after accusing Marsau of threatening to expose her secret if she spilled his tea on the show. 

Melody Holt

KeKe exposed both her past and Marsau and LaTisha’s martial issues. KeKe claimed that contrary to the unbothered face LaTisha likes to put on, the mom of three has definitely had to deal with Marsau’s cheating. 


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