‘The View’ Fans Angry Over Show Airing Repeats Ahead Of Christmas Holiday

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Fans of The View aren’t happy that the show is airing repeat episodes leading into the holiday weekend. The daytime chat show is on hiatus until after the new year.

The show took fans by surprise on Monday when they aired a previously recorded episode from November 10. Whoopi Goldberg marked her 67th birthday that day and the festive televised celebration included audience giveaways, drag queens and a DJ. The cast celebrated the moderator’s special day early, as Whoopi’s actual birthday was the following Sunday, November 13. 

Whoop Goldberg

Viewers were not on board with the rewind, as many were not expecting the programming shift. 

“Wonderful show! My only complaint is they are going on winter break,” a Facebook user wrote about the show’s holiday break.

“Does this mean we are getting old shows till January? I’m sad about that,” another said.

Whoop Goldberg

Twitter users also vented about the surprise repeat, with one writing — “Repeat show folks.”

Another person tweeted—”So the witches are off all week to after New Years hopefully they will never come back.”

The women are scheduled to return for brand new episodes of The View on January 3rd. 

Whoop Goldberg

The whole panel participated in the final show of 2022, which aired on Friday, December 16. Whoopi, Joy Behar, Sara Haines, Ana Navarro and Alyssa Farah Griffin were all present for the special holiday episode. Whoopi began one segment by taking a shot at singer, Mariah Carey, calling guest, Darlene Love, the “real queen of Christmas.”

Whoopi asked Darlene—”There has been some controversy over who the real Queen of Christmas is – do you want to clear this up?” 

“I did Christmas, Baby, Please Come Home in 1964. She did hers in 1994,” the 81-year-old replied. “There’s a 30-year gap here.”

Whoop Goldberg

“Well, she can be the Princess of Christmas?” Whoopi asked. 

Sara said—“You are and always will be the Queen of Christmas.”

Darlene was given a Christmas sash to celebrate her title. 

Whoopi Goldberg

Whoopi sparked controversy during the same episode when she called out a staffer over cue cards. 

The host said—“I didn’t write any of this, but I’m going to pay homage to the woman who wrote this.”

Whoopi introduced a gift idea after clearing her throat, stating—”It’s a Christmas Potty.”

“Yes, I said it,” she added, after the audience laughed. 

She then showed off eco-friendly toilet paper printed with Christmas carols.

Whoopi Goldberg 

Fans noticed Whoopi’s dig and took to Twitter to call her out. 

One viewer tweeted—”Did anyone see Whoopi humiliate the staffer who wrote her cue cards? So disgustingly rude.”


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