‘RHOP’ RECAP: Mia Thornton Confirms Threesome With Peter Thomas’ Girlfriend

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Welcome back to a brand-new episode of The Real Housewives of Potomac! This week we begin with Gizelle Bryant as Karen Huger stops by to visit. The two are all smiles as they greet each other, and Karen gives Gizelle props on her finished house. Last year, Gizelle had the ladies in the dirt and Karen’s glad the house looks fierce. Karen also gifted the twins, Adore and Angel, Gucci for their birthdays. Gizelle enjoys her friendship with Karen and hopes it lasts. After the girls leave, Gizelle brings up Reasonably Shady’s live show and wants to know more about Karen’s upcoming show. Karen explains the difference between her and Gizelle’s live show, but honestly, no one understands. Karen plans on inviting all the women and Gizelle questions Karen about Mia Thornton.

Karen Huger

Karen likes Mia but doesn’t like Jacqueline Blake being Mia’s mouthpiece. Gizelle tells Karen about their time at the beach and that Mia alluded to buying Jacqueline a Porsche. Karen looks shocked and Gizelle continues by reiterating that Jacqueline had sex with Mia’s ex-boyfriend back in the day. Karen is shocked and had no idea the two were showering together in Miami. Karen thinks Mia and Jacqueline wanted to be seen and Gizelle and Karen end their cute moment with the right amount of shade. Later that evening, Dr. Wendy Osefo’s at the Emergency Room as Eddie Osefo records Wendy suffering in bed. Wendy’s kidney stones need to be removed by the doctors and Eddie wants Wendy to take it easy! Wendy gets carted off to surgery and we wish her a speedy recovery! 

The next day, Ashley Darby’s at home cleaning as the nanny brings Dean home. The kids get ready for lunch, and we get a brief look into Ashley’s hectic household. Ashley tells the nanny about a conversation she recently had with Michael Darby about a potential house. Ashley plans to view the house soon and feels worried about negotiating the house, but she wants to leave that part up to Michael. Ashley doesn’t know what to do during this separation and I’m wondering why Ashley’s telling the nanny this info. On the other side of town, Gizelle meets up with the podcast producers and Robyn Dixon to prepare for their show. 

Candiace Dillard

The venue has the capacity to hold four-hundred people, and Gizelle believes the upcoming show is causing Robyn some anxiety. Robyn wants the venue to look as full as possible, and producers ensure her that they can seat guests wherever to make the venue look fuller. Robyn asks the producers more questions before Gizelle dismisses them to speak with Robyn alone. Gizelle wants to know if Juan Dixon will participate in the show, and Robyn ensures Gizelle that her man will be on board. Juan has the tendency to forget, but Gizelle quickly changes topics to Robyn’s upcoming wedding, to which Gizelle isn’t invited. Gizelle doesn’t even know what’s going on but continues sticking by her friend, LOL. 

Robyn doesn’t have a wedding date yet and claims she and Juan have to iron out their prenup. Robyn’s nervous to speak to Juan about it but is determined to save her coins. That evening, Candiace Dillard-Bassett is on set for her music video! Candiace is trying to do crunches backstage with Mama Dorothy encouraging her. Candiace looks amazing as we can tell our girl is a little nervous. The set looks good and the budget has definitely improved since last year, $25k to be exact. Candiace thanks Trina for participating in the song and video with her, and Trina is truly happy to help young women on the come up. The set is cleared, and we get a peak at Candiace’s upcoming music video! You go, girl! 

Wendy Osefo

The next day, Robyn is home as the boys are outside, playing basketball. Juan comes in asking Robyn about her day (as if he cares) and the two catch up. Robyn tells Juan about Gizelle being upset that there is no date and Juan wants to make the day about Robyn. Robyn and Juan lightly banter about issues in their first wedding before Robyn slides in the prenup conversation. Robyn makes it seem like the lawyer brought up the infidelity clause, but it was really Robyn’s concern. Juan doesn’t think infidelity will be an issue, but Robyn’s concern is about the horror story of others. Juan gets a little testy as he ensures Robyn that they will be alright and doesn’t believe they’ll fight over money. 

It’s a rainy day as Eddie escorts Wendy back into the house after surgery. Wendy is moving slowly and it’s clear Dr. Wendy is in pain honey! Wendy’s mom is there to help Wendy recover, but Wendy is exhausted with a full-beat face, LOL. The boys help out as Wendy’s mom facilitates how the house works now. Wendy’s mom brings her soup as she encourages Wendy to drink wine, and she tells Wendy she’s a nurse, LOL. The Nigerian culture in this household is so beautiful and hilarious. Wendy compliments her daughter’s caretaking skills as she chats with Eddie on the couch. Wendy asks her mom to sit down and asks how she’s doing. Wendy’s mom has recently been to the hospital as well, but her mom says she’s all good. 

Karen Huger

Wendy says the doctor told her to slow down and Wendy’s mom had to bring her priorities back into focus. Wendy knows that she needs to be there for her family and encourages her mother to make some health changes, as well. Wendy’s mom still wants her breasts done, but with everything Wendy’s going through, that’s last on her list. Karen visits Mia Thornton as she and the family pretend to be wholesome and regular. Mia greets Karen and the kids make graduation cookies. Karen’s not getting her hands dirty today as Mia leaves Gordon to the kids in order to chat. Mia tells Karen she’s doing good, and Karen tells Mia about Gizelle catching the two in the shower. Karen also drops the bomb about knowing other things and Mia begins spilling all the beans. 

Mia admits to sleeping with Jacqueline before. What in the world! Karen seems like she’s heard this before, but inside, we can tell Karen is screaming! Mia claimed she wanted to be a gynecologist and that she and Jacqueline first slept together when they were teenagers, and admits that she and Gordon sleep with other people together! Karen asks if they slept with Peter Thomas and Mia admits to sleeping with Peter’s girlfriend. 

Robyn Dixon

Now things are beginning to make sense to Karen and she asks Mia if she and Gordon share Peter’s girlfriend. They laugh and end it with that, SMH. It’s the night of Gizelle and Robyn’s Reasonably Shady Live show and greets Adore when she sees her. Charrisse Jordan-Jackson is there looking out of place as Karen and Ray Huger come ready to slay. Juan brings the boys to the show and Karen’s glad to see them. Karen points out the empty seats and begins recording on behalf of Robyn since Robyn records everything, LOL. Karen stands up as she gets a full view of the venue. Ashley sits down next to Karen and Karen wonders if Candiace is coming. Candiace isn’t supporting Gizelle or her tactics and will be sitting this one out. Mia and Jacqueline give Robyn and Gizelle props as Robyn gets nervous closer to showtime. The host begins and already messes the ladies’ names up.

Karen takes out a notepad and begins taking notes on what NOT to do, LOL. Gizelle and Robyn scurry down the aisle and the show begins. Robyn has a few technical issues as Ray tells Mia about Karen’s notetaking. Robyn’s mic is fixed and it’s nice to see the ladies support each other. Juan got up from his seat to meet Robyn on stage and do a quick segment with the pair. Juan gets himself out of the hot seat as Gizelle calls Ashley to the stage to dance for fans while the ladies look bored and play on their phones. Karen continues adding things to her list as Ray goes to the bathroom. Gizelle and Robyn begin a Q & A segment, and all the fans want to know is when are Juan and Robyn getting married?! 

Jacqueline Blake

Robyn avoids the question by telling fans to “stay tuned,” but we’re all Karen in her confessional — “We ALL want to know!” The green-eyed bandits wrap up their show and the other ladies give them props (to their faces) for a job well done. As guests leave, Karen shades Gizelle before leaving. Gizelle wants to chat with Jacqueline and Robyn wants no part of this conversation, but Charrisse is all in it. Gizelle questions Jacqueline about the Porsche and Charrisse verifies that she heard Mia say the same thing. Gizelle states that she knows Mia and Jacqueline like to do things together and wonders if they ever picked her. Jacqueline tries to avoid the question as Ashley walks up. Robyn thanks Mia for coming and apologizes for not showing up for her event. 

Ashley gets into the conversation as Gizelle calls Mia over to clarify her and Jacqueline’s strange relationship. Mia confirms the Porsche is in Jacqueline’s name but doesn’t verify who purchased it. Mia claims Gordon ain’t got no money and Gizelle brings up how Mia shared her ex with Jacqueline. Mia knows Gizelle’s nosy, but now, Mia and Jacqueline need to clear up this mess. Jacqueline claims that Gordon isn’t her type and Charrisse wonders if Mia would watch Gordon and Jacqueline hook up. This is insane, but something in the buttermilk ain’t clean as Gizelle tables the conversation and we have to wait till next week for more. Come back next week to see how chaotic this season truly is on The Real Housewives of Potomac! 


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