‘Vanderpump Rules’ Star Banned from ‘DWTS’ After Getting Caught with ‘Drugs’

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Vanderpump Rules star, Scheana Shay, has claimed she was banned from competing on Dancing With the Stars because she was caught with drugs during a live broadcast.

Scheana Shay

The reality star spoke out about the incident during a recent episode of her podcast, Scheananagins. Scheana revealed that she had not been invited to compete on the show — and could guess the specific reason for the decision. She went on to describe an incident that occurred four years ago, while she was attending a live taping of the popular ballroom show.

“In 2018, I go with my mom to see Dancing with the Stars. When we checked in, they found a weed pen in my purse,” Scheana began.

Scheana Shay

The 37-year-old reality star claimed that the mishap got her banned from returning to the lot. 

“Apparently, once you cross the gates at the CBS lot it’s like private federal property, and I brought drugs onto that property,” she explained.

Scheana added — “At the time, I had my medical card. They didn’t care. They took my ID, they said ‘Don’t ever come back.’ So I have not tried to go until this season.”

Tersa Giudice

The Pump Rules personality attempted another visit to the set for the Season 31 finale after being invited by her pal, Real Housewives of New Jersey star, Teresa Giudice. 

Teresa competed with ballroom pro, Pasha Pashkov, 36, but the duo was eliminated in an early round. Teresa, 50, returned to the ballroom with the rest of the cast for the finale episode, where she watched Charli D’Amelio take home the win and the coveted Mirrorball trophy.  

“I was like ‘Oh my God. it’s Teresa [Giudice] and Heidi [D’Amelio] and Shangela and Gabby [Windey],” Scheana said. 

Scheana Shay

The Bravo star explained that Teresa talked her into attending the finale without knowing about her past issue with security. 

“So Teresa goes home after like two weeks, but for the finale, she’s like ‘You and Brock should come,'” referring to her husband, Brock Davies.

She continued: “Now I don’t tell Teresa that I might not be allowed on the lot again, but Teresa’s like ‘Don’t worry, I got your name down, you’re good to go.’”

Scheana Shay

Scheana ran into problems at the gate, despite Teresa’s assurance that her name was on the guest list.

Scheana explained — “We walk up to the gate, the guy is looking at my ID. … I give him my ID, he looks up, he’s like ‘Hold on.’”

She continued—“And the guy’s like ‘I don’t really know how to say this to you, but your name matches the name of someone who’s not allowed on the property. So my supervisor’s gonna come over and have a talk with you.’” 

Scheana Shay

“And I’m like ‘No f***ing way. I am actually blacklisted still from ‘Dancing With the Stars!’ So I’m freaking out a little bit.”

Scheana explained that while the supervisor referred to her as the “marijuana girl,” he let her past offense slide, citing since-lifted bans on personal belongings such as cell phones. 

She concluded — “Long story short, we got into the show and it was amazing.”

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