Todd Chrisley Says Chloe’s Biological Mom Has ‘No Rights’ To 10-year-old, Chloe

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Todd Chrisley

Todd Chrisley Says Chloe’s Biological Mom Has ‘No Rights’ To 10-year-old, Chloe 

Todd Chrisley is making it clear that his adopted daughter Chloe’s biological mother has no legal rights  to the 10-year-old and should not regain custody.

“It’s ironic that her biological mother would come forward now when she has not been in her life since 2015, and Angela Johnson surrendered her parental rights [in] March of 2017, and we never heard from her again,” Todd, 53, said in Wednesday’s episode of his Chrisley Confessions podcast.

Todd Chrisley

The Chrisley Knows Best star explained that he and his wife, Julie Chrisley, legally adopted Chloe, therefore who gets custody of Chloe once they start serving their collective 19-year prison sentences is their decision.

“We’re not going to discuss who that’s going to be because we don’t owe that to the world and that’s our private matters,” he continued. “At the end of the day, Chloe’s family is who Chloe has been raised with. Her life is going to be as unaltered as it possibly can be based on what Julie and I have the ability to control.”

Julie Chrisley

Todd continued to go off on Johnson for legally giving up her parental rights to the child, asserting that she “has no [more] rights to Chloe than a stranger on the street does.”

“Angela Johnson literally surrendered her rights to her child. She did this in front of a judge. The judge explained to her, ‘You understand what you’re doing? You understand that you’re surrendering the rights of your child?’” Todd recalled, adding that Johnson denied in court that anyone promised her “anything financial” nor had “anyone threatened” her.

Angela Johnson

“Just so the record is very, very clear: Angela Johnson has no rights to Chloe. Her rights were terminated. She has been legally adopted,” the reality TV star reiterated.

Todd revealed that before legally adopting Chloe, he bought Angela Johnson a condo, a Toyota Prius, and paid her tuition for nursing school. He explains that he did this because he never wanted Chloe to believe that he “allowed her mother to be in the streets.”

Todd Chrisley

But ultimately felt that Angela was, “just using us for the money.” 

After Angela lost the condo, failed to complete nursing school and did not “show up half the time” to pick up her daughter during their joint custody phase, Todd and Julie went after full custody.

“Angela terminated her rights voluntarily,” He pointed out. “She wasn’t threatened. She wasn’t coerced. … There is no truth to anything that she has said.”

Chloe Chrisley

Todd said he has receipts to back up all his claims, and challenge Angela to prove him wrong.

“What you need to do is understand that I have retained every text message, and so has Julie, with any communication that we’ve ever had with you,” he warned. “We have not released those, but if we need to, we will. That’s just drawing our line in the sand. You have had no relationship with Chloe. She does not have any relationship with you.”

Savannah Chrisley

“I want her home. She deserves to be home. I’m her biological mom. I didn’t walk away from her. I was pushed out of her life.” Angela shares Chloe from a previous marriage with Todd’s first son, Kyle Chrisley. 

In a statement sent to PEOPLE , Julie and Todd Chrisley said that they “are saddened by the unfortunate and misleading narrative currently being portrayed in the media regarding Chloe.” Jessica Doyle also told the news outlet that Angela’s public statements were not correct nor valid.

Todd Chrisley

“I handled the formal adoption of Chloe by Todd and Julie Chrisley. Angela Johnson’s parental rights were terminated when she voluntarily surrendered her parental rights to Todd and Julie Chrisley on March 24, 2017.” Doyle also said that Johnson hasn’t had any contact with her child since 2015.


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