Kody Brown ‘Embarrassed’ Christine and Janelle Dumped Him On National TV

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Sister Wives patriarch, Kody Brown, is “embarrassed” that two of his wives, Janelle and Christine Brown, dumped him in the same year, according to a new report by In Touch. 

“He’s not that shocked,” a snitch told the outlet, referring to the core issues that existed within the relationships. “He admitted that their version of polygamy was dysfunctional.” 

Kody Brown

Multiple reports have claimed that Janelle made the decision to leave the plural marriage after Christine moved to Utah. Kody and Christine announced their breakup in November 2021, after a 25-year spiritual marriage. The TLC series documented the breakup shocker and the family fallout that occurred in the wake of Christine’s exit. 

During an episode that aired last month, Kody admitted that the split was negatively impacting his other relationships. 

“I’m struggling so much with this divorce. It’s probably poisoning my relationship with Janelle a little bit and definitely poisoning my relationship with Robyn,” Kody confessed. “I think that’s because I haven’t figured out what I am when we’re not this family. I’m out of my frame and I’m out of my purpose. I’m spiritually off course. I’m a mess.” 

Meri Brown

Kody purposely left his first wife, Meri Brown, out of his marital analysis, as the pair currently shares only a platonic relationship. Fans know that Kody and Meri divorced in 2014, so Kody could legally marry Robyn and adopt her children from her first marriage. Kody and Meri’s shifted relationship was rocked by scandal the following year after Meri became embroiled in a relationship with an online catfish. The marriage never recovered, but Meri remained steadfast in her commitment to her spiritual husband. Kody said that he believed their marriage had been “dissolved” following the messy ordeal.  

Meri Brown

A separate source told the outlet that Kody “has this unusual hold” on Meri, despite their distant relationship. 

“It’s no secret that she’s been to hell and back in that relationship,” the source said. “It wouldn’t surprise anyone if she bolted, but for some strange reason, she’s still loyal to him. They have the most dysfunctional relationship ever.”

Meri Brown

The insider added that Kody only “tolerates” his loveless marriage with Meri. Meri called Kody out during a recent episode, for claiming to be heartbroken over Christine’s decision while refusing to work on their own relationship.

“It’s interesting hearing him talking about this and the parallels that (are) happening with him and Christine and me and him,” she said in a confessional spot. “It’s kind of disturbing because some of the things that he’s frustrated about with Christine, he did to me. He wants to work on it with Christine but not me.”

Meri Brown

Meri previously acknowledged that Kody’s break from Christine had fueled public chatter about her own bleak situation.

“As the news about Christine leaving has been more public, and has spread, more and more people know about it,” Meri explained. “It shocks me how mean people are.”

Meri Brown

“These people, like, come at me. And they’re just like, ‘Why can’t you be strong like Christine? Why don’t you leave Kody?’” Meri said. “It frustrates me because you know what, Christine has her own value regardless of Kody. I have my own value regardless of Kody.

The Sister Wives: One on One special kicks off Sunday at 10 pm, ET, on TLC.

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