Teresa Giudice Slammed As A ‘Monster’ After Attacking Host During Live Interview

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Teresa Giudice

Teresa Giudice Slammed As A ‘Monster’ After ATTACKING Host During Live Interview

Teresa Giudice is being blasted as “the rudest person” a Boston radio personality has ever met after she allegedly attacked him during a live interview on Monday. 

During a phone interview with Billy & Lisa in the Morning, Billy Costa, 69, asked Teresa about her 11-month stint behind bars in 2015. 

Teresa Giudice

Teresa, we know you spent some time in prison, but you came out of prison and wrote a book — a bestseller — about your time in prison, and did it focus a lot on the food in prison?” Costa asked her before she flipped her sh*t.

“I don’t know if you know this, but I’m a four-time New York Times bestselling author,” Teresa clapped back before adding she didn’t “want to talk” about her jail time. 

Teresa Giudice

Costa assured her he did know that. He then tried to move on, focusing on an event Teresa will be cohosting in Lynn, Massachusetts next month. However, Tre didn’t let up. 

“[We’re going to] have a good time, and it’s all about being positive, right? And not negative? You should learn some of that,” the newlywed directly told Costa, to which he replied that he’d “work on that.”

“I have a podcast called ‘Namaste Bitches,’ [and] you should listen to it and learn how to be a little more namaste,” Teresa said before her publicist cut off the interview. 

Billy Costa

After Teresa hung up, Costa labeled the Dancing With the Stars alum an “idiot” and a “monster” before claiming she attacked him on air. “She was easily, hands down, the rudest person I’ve ever interviewed,” he added. 

As for Costa attending Teresa’s event next month, he noted doesn’t “even want a coffee with Teresa Giudice.”

Following the interview, Teresa’s attorney, James J. Leonard Jr., exclusively told Page Six, “I think Mr. Costa needs to work on being a bit more namaste like Teresa is — he seemed like he was looking for a confrontation or to have his moment.”

Teresa Giudice

Andy Cohen, 54, got wind of the drama during his SiriusXM show, Andy Cohen Live, after two listeners called in to discuss it. 

He asked the first caller what the radio hosts asked Teresa since “they had to say something to get her to be rude.” The caller made it clear that Teresa was “rude right off the bat.” Andy, seemingly in shock, replied, “That’s what’s happening in Boston this morning, I like it.”

Teresa Giudice

The ‘Real Housewives’ executive producer asked the second caller for more details. When she said that the hosts asked Teresa about her time in prison, Teresa’s behavior made sense to Andy

“OK, well, there you go,” he said. “I knew it, so he started with the jail thing.”

Teresa Giudice

Teresa was sent to prison for fraud charges related to her first husband Joe Giudice’s bankruptcy case. She spilled all the tea about her time behind bars in her 2016 bestseller, ‘Turning the Tables.’


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