Kelly Dodd Is Spilling Tea On Shannon Beador For Rekindling Friendship With Tamra & Vicki

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Kelly Dodd landed in hot water with her former Real Housewives of Orange County co-stars, Shannon Beador and Tamra Judge, after she and husband, Rick Leventhal, dished about Tamra’s sex life with husband Eddie on their podcast, The Rick and Kelly Show.

Kelly Dodd

Kelly revealed during an October episode that Shannon’s boyfriend, John Janssen, had shared inside info with Rick regarding the couple’s sex life. Rick admitted earlier this month that while he shouldn’t have identified John as the snitch, Tamra and Eddie’s sex life should not be off limits.

“I was wrong for betraying John’s trust, but the fact is Tamra and Eddie have both talked about their sex life publicly on their show repeatedly. So for us to mention what [Eddie] said to John about their sex life – it shouldn’t be a big deal because they’re the ones bringing it up,” Rick said, in an episode earlier this month.

Kelly Dodd

Rick shared a critical message he received from a listener, via social media, who chastised the couple for taking aim at Tamra and Shannon.

“You put [Shannon] and John in a bad predicament, now you are bashing her and Tamra on your podcast. Not cool at all,” the person wrote. 

Kelly Dodd

Vicki Gunvalson

Kelly explained that Shannon had recently ended their friendship, which had been ongoing since Kelly left the show, in 2021. Kelly also raised an eyebrow at Shannon’s current relationships with Tamra and Vicki Gunvalson. Kelly claimed that the friendships are not the real deal.

“First of all, Shannon is not my friend okay? When I was talking to Shannon, I tried to get Vicki and I tried to get Tamra together okay? And Shannon didn’t want to have anything to do with them. All of the sudden now they are thrown in the mix and now she wants to talk to them because it’s her bread and butter,” the former Bravo star said.

Shannon reportedly “ghosted” her former co-star despite Kelly apologizing for Rick, after he spilled info shared by John.

Shannon Beador

Kelly declared that she had lots of dirt on Shannon that she had yet to reveal.

“I’ve got a lot of dirt on Shannon. A lot,” she warned. “I haven’t said anything, except okay, maybe I talked about the Instagram, who cares but I don’t talk about what really goes on in her life, which, okay, so.”

She also complained about Tamra cutting off communication, pointing out how frustrated her former cast mate was after Shannon did the same to her after she and Vicki exited RHOC.

“The very thing that Tamra got mad about Shannon, is what Tamra did to me,” Kelly noted. 

Kelly Dodd

Kelly made headlines earlier this month after reports alleged that she was gearing up for a custody battle with ex-husband, Michael Dodd. The Bravo alum reportedly plans to file for full custody of their 16-year-old daughter, Jolie, amid an ongoing conflict with Michael and his girlfriend, Laura White. The exes currently share joint custody of the teenager. 

 The Real Housewives of Orange County Season 17 is expected to premiere, early next year. 

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