‘Bachelor In Paradise’ Greg Grippo and Victoria Fuller Wedding Plans Underway

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Greg Grippo and Victoria Fuller’s relationship is getting serious as they plan to move in together.

Bachelor In Paradise star, Victoria Fuller, revealed during a recent interview that she and Greg, 29, are not only moving in together but also thinking of getting married. The couple appeared on The Vial Files podcast where they spoke about Grippo moving to Nashville to live with Victoria.

Greg, who lives in New York, told host Nicki Viall, “We’re kind of already in the process. It’s Nashville for us. I think that’s the step that we’re taking right now is moving in together.” He said they could be in a room together for days and still not get tired of each other.

Victoria Fuller

Grippo also hinted at marriage with Victoria, 29.

“I see it going that route [of marriage]. I want that. I know that’s important to her. I want to be able to take that step with her,” he said. Fuller also revealed that Greg has already gone to Boston to meet her family and she said in the interview that they loved him.

Grippo added, “I just have such a close-knit family that I want her to be super involved with them and I want to be able to love hers and vice versa.” He also revealed how the couple plans to spend this year’s holidays.

The former Bachelorette star continued, “I’m meeting her parents in a couple of weeks, and then she’s coming home with me to Jersey for Christmas.”

Victoria and Greg went Instagram official with their relationship when they posted on Thanksgiving. They both also made an appearance on the Bachelor In Paradise reunion to defend their relationship because, during the show, Victoria was in a romantic relationship with Johnny DePhillipo. Fuller said she hopes Bachelor Nation fans can see she is happy and resonate with that. 

“We do want to enjoy each other but we also don’t want to put out too much right now about our relationship, so it’s a very delicate dance,” she said. 

In an interview with E! News, Victoria said getting babies is on the couple’s agenda. When asked about the possibility of building a family together, Fuller responded, “Greg and I are very very happy right now. We are just enjoying finally being able to be together.” She continued, “We don’t know what the future holds, but maybe it’s a bunch of Grippo babies. We’ll see!”


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