Christine Brown’s Aunt Kristyn Says Kody Brown Forced Himself to ‘Believe’ in Polygamy

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Christine Brown’s aunt, Kristyn Decker, cosigned an opinion shared by Christine’s daughter, Gwendlyn, who recently stated that her father, Kody Brown, was “forcing himself to believe” in polygamy. The ‘Fifty Years in Polygamy’ author recently sounded off about the Sister Wives star during an interview with In Touch. 

“I think that’s how it is with most men. I really do. They believe that they have to,” Kristyn told the outlet. “I saw that in several of my brothers and that it was really heartbreaking to them to not be successful. And so, I guess to a great degree, maybe Kody really is feeling like a failure.”

Kristyn’s comments come only weeks after Gwen joined her friend, Sarah, to host a Q&A on TikTok Live. One fan asked if Kody was “as abusive in real life as he is on [Sister Wives].”

“It’s about the same. He’s a little nicer on the show,” Gwen, 21, responded. “He’s gotten a lot better since then, like, he’s really healing, and I’m really proud of him. I think the strain of having so many wives and forcing himself to believe in something that he wasn’t really for, kind of made him more of an upset, unhappy person.”

Kristyn, who helps polygamy victims through her nonprofit organization, Second Chances Coalition, agreed with her great-niece, commenting that “the Browns wouldn’t have done that polygamy thing if they didn’t believe in it.”

“A lot of other plural families who left, they’ve said that we would never have worked polygamy if we didn’t believe we had to,” she added. “So it’s coercive and yeah, it makes me sad that I was so happy after I left and I’m so happy for Christine … I’m so glad she’s out of there.”

Christine Brown

Christine announced that she was leaving Kody and the Brown family in November 2021, at the age of 49. Kristyn revealed that she was around the same age when she made her own personal decision to leave the polygamous lifestyle. 

The author explained why many women leave plural marriages in similar stages of life.

Kristyn Decker

Christine Brown

“We watch our kids and what they go through and they’re suffering. Her with her children and what Kody’s not part of and how he’s treating them or not, and how he’s treating the other kids and Janelle’s kids. And we see all these dynamics,” Kristyn explained. “As [the kids are] growing and going out … they’re outta here, they’re doing this, they’re doing life and we need to do that as well.”

“I did love the idea of a family. Of having sister wives, of raising kids together,” Christine told Kody in a recent episode. “It is an important part of a plural family, that each relationship and each marriage is strong too. We always talk about the spokes in a wheel, and when there’s a spoke that’s broken, how do we keep it going?”

Sister Wives

Kody accused Christine of ignoring the “big picture” regarding the family,  for her own self-interest.

“I’ve been heartbroken for years,” she responded. “I was tired of being heartbroken. Just tired. You don’t think I stayed for the big picture as long as I did? Because I wanted it to work?”

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