Nene Leakes Son Brentt Discharged From Hospital After Suffering Stroke 2 Months Ago

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NeNe Leakes

Nene Leakes Son Brentt Discharged From Hospital After Suffering Stroke 2 Months Ago

NeNe Leakes’ son Brentt Leakes was released from the hospital this week after suffered a stroke and heart failure two months ago. 

NeNe Leakes shared a video update of her 23-year-old Brentt Leakes’ on social media, walking again, just in time for the holidays.

Brentt Leakes

The former Real Housewives of Atlanta star posted the video on her Instagram stories of him walking through the hospital and showing love to the staff. Brentt waved to the nurses and even hugged one who was happy to see him walking cheerfully. NeNe could be heard saying, “I’m so happy for you. This is so good.” In the next text post, “To God Be The Glory.”

Press play below to watch the touching scene.

NeNe also celebrated the fact that Brentt was home in time for Christmas. She said, “Home just in time for the Holidays. Nurses are the best.”

Brentt Leakes

The nightclub owner revealed how tough her son’s recovery was. She shared a video of him learning to walk again while on a treadmill with a contraption that was holding him up. In a separate video he was taking steps backwards while hooked to the contraption as he threw a baseball and worked on their hand eye coordination. 

Press play below to watch.


In October, Brentt was rushed to the hospital after he suffered congestive heart failure and a stroke.

Press play below to watch the monumental moment Brentt walked out the hospital.


NeNe said at the time that the doctors were still working to find out what caused her son to suffer a stroke in his early twenties.

The reality star did say experts ruled out Brentt’s weight as a cause of the stroke. “We are still trying to figure it out, because if we knew the cause then obviously they could treat the cause.” Leakes also said doctors told her Brentt could have caught COVID since people who catch the Delta variant suffer similar issues. 

“They were thinking that maybe he had caught COVID and maybe he didn’t know that he had COVID.” When NeNe spoke out about her son’s condition two months ago, she asked fans to keep him in their prayers. “I don’t even want to go into details of what happened and how I found out and what condition he was in. Obviously a stroke is a very serious thing, and he’s struggling with speaking.”  The tv star continued, “He has shown some improvement. We’re really happy and blessed for that.”


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