Jen Shah Calls Tamra & Teddi ‘Two P**sies In A Pod’ And Reveals What Really Happened During Public Altercation

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Jen Shah

Jen Shah Calls Tamra & Teddi ‘Two P**sies In A Pod’ And Reveals What Really Happened During Public Altercation

In a recent interview, Jen Shah opened up about the latest string of events that have occurred in her life over the past few months. Jen spilled tea on her and Tamra Judge’s tiff behind their BravoCon run-in and what really happened in the altercation video that has made its rounds.

Back in October, Tamra revealed on an episode of Two Ts in a Pod that Jen wandered into her hotel room and welcomed herself to use Tamra’s glam squad.

Tamra Judge

“The glam room was in my room, so there’s about four people getting glam coming in and out, between [Taylor Armstrong], [Vicki Gunvalson], myself … Teddi did a little glam. There was a lot of people coming in and out so my door was open,” Tamra explained. “It was like a party in this 200-square-foot hotel room. So who walks in but Jen Shah.”

Jen wasn’t invited to BravoCon, however, she was close to the scene, making appearances. At the time, the Real Housewives of Salt Lake City star responded, hinting that Tamra lied about several BravoCon stories. Tamra denied the accusation.   

Jen Shah

During a recent Up and Adam! interview, Jen told her side of the glam room story. But before she got into the deets, she threw major shade at Tamra’s podcast that she cohosts with Teddi Mellencamp.

“Listen, Two P*ssies In A Pod, let me set the record straight, or whatever they’re called,” Jen began before claiming that she didn’t even know it was Tamra’s room. 

Heather Gay

Jen said that when she arrived at BravoCon, she texted Heather Gay and Heather’s business partner to see where they were, and Heather texted her to “Come to room 610.” Once Jen found the room, she saw “Two Pu**ies In A Pod and everybody else that’s in there” and claimed she “had no idea.” 

Jen says Tamra lied to get attention off of Jen’s name since she’s always trending. 

“I think that, you know, some people just need to latch onto somebody that’s trending, because they, they’re not and haven’t been in the last few years,” Jen said.

Tamra took to her Instagram Stories to clap back at Jen’s shade thrown at her podcast.

“Just trying to make you feel at home sweetie. I hear might be surrounded by a bunch of P’s soon,” Tamra wrote, putting Jen’s upcoming sentencing on blast.

The podcast’s Instagram account posted a clip of a recent TWOTs episode where Tamra and Teddi are discussing Jen calling them “Two P*ssies.”

“If someone who has just pleaded guilty to all of these things is going to call us two p*ssies in a pod, go for it, honey,” Teddi said.


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During the interview, Jen also spoke out about a recent video that showed the reality star screaming at someone in public. Jen was with four other people, and upon the video’s release, fans speculated that she was going at it with a family member. 

On Nov. 5, bystanders videoed Jen screaming “F**k you” to someone in the streets of Utah. The details of the argument were unclear, but one of the people kept mentioning someone’s “husband,” while another hurled homophobic slurs.

Jen Shah

Jen revealed that “someone in Salt Lake” sent the video to TMZ but  “didn’t capture the entire… incident.” She also claimed “no one in my family was there,” contrary to speculation.

Jen explained that she was walking out of a restaurant when she saw a group of drunk individuals who were “screaming and yelling” at a gay couple.

“So then I get involved,” she said, “because I’m trying to make sure this gay couple gets to their car safely as well.”

Jen said the video didn’t capture the “gay slurs” she heard, which pissed her off.  

“Yeah, I was heated. Because it got out of hand,” she explained. “The gay couple felt threatened.”


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