‘Bachelor Nation’ Kaitlyn Bristowe Apologizes To Sierra Jackson Amid Backlash

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Kaitlyn Bristowe apologized to Bachelor Nation alum, Sierra Jackson, after she made talked badly about her on her podcast.

Kaitlyn Bristowe

Kaitlyn, 37, tweeted her apology to Sierra on Monday, November 21.

Sierra, I am deeply sorry. I have been reflecting for a few days and I see where I went wrong. I sent you a DM a couple days ago and one now, on Instagram. Would love to apologize offline and to you personally.”

Sierra Jackson

The reality TV star wrote the apology after Sierra shared screenshots from a fan who told her about Kaitlyn bad-mouthing her on her show. 

Sierra, 27, posted the screenshots on Friday, November 18. She captioned the post “Leaving these here” in an effort to let BN fans know she was aware of what Kaitlyn had said during her podcast show with guest Danielle Maltby.

One of the texts in her DMs read, “They didn’t ever refer to you by name and were like ‘what’s her face again,’ and they were basically invalidating any feelings you had even though both of them were not present for your conversations with Michael [Allio].”

Sierra and Michael sparked a strong connection during season 8 of Bachelor In Paradise, however, his feelings later changed and he broke up with her. To avoid seeing Michael date other people, Sierra chose to leave the house, and later on Danielle, 37, joined the show and began dating Michael. Sierra tweeted on November 19 that she was over Michael and that she thinks Danielle should also get over him by now.

The yoga instructor said, “For clarity, I’m over Michael and have been. This is why I don’t understand why I’m a point of topic for them.”

Sierra Jackson

Jackson also addressed fans’ comments.

“Those who keep saying ‘get over it’ … it’s comical [because] I’m in a relationship. But damn near 40 and hating on a 27-year-old that also had your man? Goodbye. My feelings are valid,” she said.

Michael Allio

Danielle has not addressed Sierra since the podcast episode aired last week. However, Michael admitted in a TikTok video last month that he should have handled his breakup with Sierra better.

He captioned the video, “Choosing to end my only relationship when I was gifted a constellation and didn’t have a rose was not a ‘good look’, but I knew that. I still should [have] handled the breakup better, that’s on me.”


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