Michael Darby Crashes Candiace Dillard Bassett’s Performance, Drama Ensues!

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Michael Darby

Michael Darby Attempts To Confront Candiace, Gets Turned Away

Michael Darby showed up to Candiace Dillard Bassett’s concert to confront the singer, according to a fan on Twitter.

Twitter user, lifebyolivia, tweeted a photo of Michael Darby talking to an unidentified woman in a public place. “I really can’t believe Michael Darby came to @TherealCANDIACE concert just to talk about Ashley and be messy. It’s giving desperate,” the fan wrote. 

Candiace’s husband, Chris Bassett, replied to the fan’s post and tweeted, “shout out to this woman in the pic….tellin him he need to #rollout.” Chris then took to his Twitter to retweet the photo. “damn man….we can’t go nowhere…..and this bama f**kin sh*t up #rhop #international #worldwide,” he wrote. Fellow RHOP husband, Eddie Osefo, asked Chris, “Wait, did this really happen?” prompting Chris to go into detail.

Chris explained, “yea man….he was really here at the same resort. that’s not candiace he’s speaking to, that’s someone telling him if he doesn’t like her, he should leave.” Candiace chimed in under Chris’ tweet with a laughing emoji. 

Fans flocked to Chris’ tweets to comment on the drama. One fan said, “I’m surprised he and @_AshleyDarby are divorcing as they are the same. Or maybe that’s why! Let people live their lives. The Bassetts do not trouble anyone who does not trouble them!” Chris replied, “facts.”

Another fan tweeted that Michael popping up was so random and that they hope the Bassetts paid Michael dust. Chris said, “And did.” But there was one fan who accused Chris of blaming Michael’s surprise pop-up on Ashley Darby. Chris clapped back, “what does she have to do with any of this…..candiace was. performing in the bahamas….he happened to be at the same resort…. “

Candiace Dillard Bassett

The Bassetts and the Darbys have been at odds for seasons on RHOP. This season, Ashley and Candiace attempted to start over, but after Ashley confronted Candiace more than once about Chris’ recent behavior, things went left. 

In the season premiere, Ashley questioned a late-night DM she received from Chris telling her she should have partied at the W Hotel. At the time, Ashley didn’t know that Chris managed a bar inside of the hotel and assumed he was flirting. During a conversation, Candiace informed Ashley that Chris was only trying to bring business to the hotel, not trying to get with her.

Ashley Darby

Candiace gave Ashley a pass and put it behind her. However, when Ashley returned with more tea about Chris, sh*t hit the fan. Ashley accused Chris of sending inappropriate DMs to other women and flirting with her friend at Karen Huger’s Spring Bling event. 

In true Candiace fashion, she clapped back and dropped a bombshell about Michael. Candiace claimed that Michael is a client of a male escort she knows and that Michael pays the man to go down on him. In turn, Ashley called Candiace out for “deflecting” and “turning a blind eye” to Chris’ questioning behavior. Candiace screamed at Ashley, calling her a “lying a** vindictive b*tch.”

Candiace Dillard

Gizelle Bryant also confronted Candiace about Chris’ behavior.

Gizelle accused Chris of making her feel uncomfortable by trying to have a talk with her in her room alone at last season’s reunion. An angry Candiace broke the fourth wall and called out her castmates for coming for her husband this season. 

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