‘Bachelor In Paradise’ Season 8 Reunion Spoilers!

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Bachelor In Paradise season 8 reunion spoilers reveal which of the couples are still dating, engaged, or even in each other’s lives after filming wrapped. 

This season, which was filmed at the Playa Escondida Resort in Mexico, was filled with a lot of drama, and the reunion was no different. The two-part reunion, which aired on November 20 and will air on November 21, was filmed earlier this month on November 4. According to Reality Steve, during the filming of the reunion, Danielle Maltby revealed that she is moving to Ohio to be closer to Michael Allio (a.k.a. Papa Mike). Despite the couple bonding on the show, they didn’t leave Bachelor in Paradise engaged. Maltby said during the reunion that she is not moving in with Allio, but instead getting her own place while they take things slow. 

One of the couples who left the show engaged were Brandon and Serene. At the reunion, they reveal that they are still engaged and haven’t tied the knot, yet. Jesse tells the couple during the finale that he was ordained as a priest and could marry them anytime. The other couple who left the show engaged, Victoria and Johnny, opened up about why they broke up. As per Reality Steve, Victoria said they went for couple’s counseling for three weeks in an effort to save their relationship. She also claimed that Johnny called her a “stupid c*nt” and he told her that she doesn’t cook or clean, so what good was she as a woman? 

Johnny, however, denied using that phrase but admitted that he said some things he shouldn’t have. He also accused Victoria of throwing a wine glass at him and saying she was out of his league.

Speaking of Victoria, she confirmed that she is now dating Greg and they are an item. The two even went to Italy together and got matching tattoos in Italian meaning “hot” and Johnny said that he had to find out about the trip through social media. 

Andrew Spencer and Teddi Wright

Andrew Spencer, who self-eliminated himself from the show after Teddi’s exit, said during the reunion that he did reach out to her. While speaking on a recent episode of Talking It Out with Bachelor Nation, Andrew said, “It was nothing serious; I just really wanted to get a chance to have a conversation with her. I just want to be friends at the end of the day. We went through this experience together. We spent some good time together and we laughed a lot together.” Teddi didn’t attend the taping. 

Rodney Matthews and Eliza Isichei

Rodney Matthews and Eliza confront each other for the first time since she dumped him for Justin Glaze. Rodney recounts the beginning of the end of his relationship with Eliza. “What I said to her was, ‘If you don’t know that it’s me, you should go on the date.’ Because I didn’t want to be a hypocrite. I didn’t want to be toxic or controlling, because that’s not me, that’s not my nature.”

Kira and Jill hashed things out during the reunion about their situations with Jacob and Romeo. Jacob also says he didn’t think Kira returned to Bachelor In Paradise for the right reasons. After the chaotic convo, he still asked her out, and she said yes. Romeo and Kira are still talking and during the reunion, he gives her a pair of handcuffs he claims she left at his house. Logan had a lot to say during the reunion, including calling Kate Gallivan a golddigger for choosing Hayden over him. 

Watch the reunion trailer below!

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