Christine Brown’s Daughter Mykelti Pushes for a Formal Farewell to Ex Kody and Family

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In the upcoming episode of Sister Wives, Christine Brown’s daughter, Mykelti Padron, pushes her mother to say a final farewell to the Brown family before leaving Arizona for a new life in Utah.

Mykelti Padron

The 26-year-old joins her mother to help out with her move and asks Christine what she has planned for her last night in Arizona. 

“Are you guys gonna do anything like a goodbye? Is the family gonna come over for social distance breakfast outside tomorrow? Are they gonna drive by and wave? Are we gonna go to dump toilets on their lawn? What are we doing? What’s the plan?” Mykelti asks. 

“No, I don’t think we’re doing anything like that,” Christine, 50, responds with a grin. 

Mykelti Padron

Mykelti, who appears surprised, asks — “Nobody’s gonna come over and say bye?”

“I don’t think so. No one said anything,” Christine says, to which Mykelti replies—”I think that’s stupid.”

Christine explains that she notified the adults in the family that she would be leaving the next day, implying that the ball was in their court.

Mykelti asks—”But what about the kids?” 

Christine Brown

Christine expresses frustration, asking — “I don’t know what to do. What do you want me to do?”

Christine relents after her daughter reminds her that this will be her last night in Flagstaff. 

“If they want to come over it would be great,” she says. 

Mykelti Padron

Mykelti tells cameras why she thinks that a formal goodbye is necessary for everyone, amid her parents’ messy split.

“I want my mom to have everybody say goodbye to her,” she says. “Yes, she’s divorcing my dad but she’s not saying, ‘OK, peace out. I’m done with every single one of you.'” 

Mykelti visits Robyn during Sunday’s episode, despite her mother previously requesting “space” from Kody’s fourth and only legal wife. Mykelti shares a close bond with Robyn and even invited her to witness the birth of her first child, via a Zoom call.

“I moved in with Robyn when my dad and Robyn were first courting because she needed some help with the kids for school, around the house, so I lived with her for a few months,” Mykelti explains. “And that’s why I’m still so close to Robyn and her kids is because of that special time that just us had together.”

Mykelti Padron

Christine gives her daughter the green light to invite the family over if she so chooses.

“I think if you wanna say something that’s fine but keep it to the Flagstaff family,” she says. “I don’t wanna pressure anybody.”

“I want to,” Mykelti replies.

Mykelti opens up more about how she feels about the awkward situation.

“My mom’s honestly upset that I’m pushing her so much to have people come over and say goodbye because my mom wants to be done,” she explains. “But I think that she’ll regret it if she doesn’t get a goodbye and I think so will they. They’ll regret not saying goodbye just as much as she will.”

She adds that she’s concerned that skipping the ritual would “make it so everybody can’t look back on this moment and be happy for (Christine).”

Mykelti Padron

Mykelti defended her mother’s decision to leave the 26-year spiritual marriage, earlier in the season. 

“I was honestly relieved when I heard my mom was leaving my dad. They’re not happy, they’re not in love,” she said at the time.

Her husband, Tony Padron, added — “I thought it was a little inevitable. I can’t imagine any man being perfect enough to be able to handle four wives.”

Watch the clip below!

Sister Wives airs Sundays at 10 pm ET on TLC.

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