Alaskan Bush People’s Bear Brown Rips Estranged Brother Matt on Instagram

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Alaskan Bush People star, Bear Brown, took to Instagram to rip into his estranged brother Matt, accusing his sibling of “lying” about and “abandoning” their family. The social media rant was later deleted.

Matt Brown

Matt, 39, broke off from the family a few years ago, after he allegedly raped two women. 

Bear, 35, posted a video on Instagram last week, singing the praises of the clan’s reality show.

“In its heart, it’s really a show about a family coming together in adversity,” he said.

A fan challenged Bear to encourage family unity, writing — “Would plead that you embrace these words that you have just spoken and bring back your brother and continue as a united family.”

Bear fired back—”He doesn’t want to be a part of the family and I’m getting tired of people acting like it’s us!”

“Why take his word over the whole family?” he asked. “It makes no sense! You talk about someone who has not ever apologized for the things he’s done!”

Bear, who is expecting his second child with wife, Raiven, went on—“Someone who spoke lies about his own dad after he died – a dad that was ALWAYS there for him! Someone who continues to speak lies about his family, his mother, his brothers and sisters!”

The Discovery star added—“If you knew the truth about him I guarantee you would not support him! He abandoned his family NOT the other way around!”

Bear later deleted his scathing rant from the post’s comment section. 

Matt Brown

In 2020, two women came forward, accusing Matt of raping them only days apart, in 2018. Jessica Jurges, 37, a past personal assistant to the reality TV family, alleged that Matt Brown raped her in a swimming pool, ripping off her swimsuit while she tried to fight him off. Jessica alleged that she was eventually rescued by Shelly Dawn Early, Brown’s former manager. She said that Shelly managed to pull him off her by his hair, allowing her to escape. Just three days later, Shelly alleged that Matt had raped her at the same location, in Canoga Park, Los Angeles. The women reported the alleged assaults to the LAPD/ Topanga Division, who eventually passed the case to the LA County District Attorney’s Office. The DA’s office declined to prosecute. 

Matt Brown

Jessica later reached out to Matt’s brothers, Bear and Gabe, who reportedly apologized for their sibling’s alleged actions. The U.S. Sun shared a text message in which Bear told Jessica—“I’d have killed him! No one disrespects a lady! That is unacceptable, he will pay!”

Matt was admitted to rehab to treat addiction issues, that same year. 

Jessica Jurges

A source close to the family told The Sun that the alleged crimes were “not shocking at all.”

“I believe her story simply because of the way the family acts around him,” the insider said. 

“Some family members refuse to even speak to him let alone work with him,” the source added. 

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