Love Island’s Liberty Poole Speaks Out About Being Publicly Fat-Shamed in an Airport!

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Love Island star, Liberty Poole, is speaking out about being publicly fat-shamed by a group of young men, who taunted her for being a “catfish”  while following her through an airport. 

Liberty Poole

The 23-year-old, who appeared on the ITV2 dating series in 2021, spoke to The Sun about how she handled the upsetting incident, at the Kiss FM Haunted Halloween party.

“I posted on TikTok the other night and I still get trolling where people say I’ve got a big tummy,” the reality star said. “You still get insecurities, but you’ve got to believe in yourself and not let it bother you.”

Liberty Poole

Liberty was on a girls’ trip to Spain when she was shouted at by the men, who were reportedly on a bachelor trip. She admitted that the encounter left her horrified, but that didn’t stop her from calling out the nasty abuse on social media.

“I turned up with no makeup on and I got penalised for it by a couple people,” Liberty said.

“I was on my way to Tenerife with my friends and these people were on a messy stag do and they were shouting it through the airport in front of other people and said, ‘what’s happened to her since Love Island’ and shouting that I was a ‘catfish’ through the airport.” 

She continued—“A lot of people were around and then they got onto the plane and told the air hostesses what they said about me, like it was something to be proud of…they were sat too not far behind.”

“As soon as I got off, I was looking not glam, which is fine and some girls asked for a photo, I say yes to everyone as I love meeting people and they then said to not worry as they’ll put an Instagram filter on me,” she explained.

Liberty added—“I won’t lie, I did get upset and was left in tears as I’m a human being with feelings but in the end, I powered through it and thought I could sit here and let this eat me up and believe what these people say, or I can go out there and make a change and use my platform for the good.”

The social media influencer noted that her unfiltered, bare-faced appearance should not invite public abuse. 

“I put a social media post to turn something negative that happened to me into something positive,” Liberty shared. “In life you’re going to get knocked down and it’s really all about knowing who you are and standing up for that.”

“It’s normal, on social media everyone posts their best pictures, you’re always dolled up and I love getting glammed up, it’s always been me,” she said. “I’ve always been a fan of my big lashes, big lips, everything, I love all of that.”

“But it’s really important to let people know that you are going to have your down days and not going to feel as good sometimes. You’re going to be natural and you’re beautiful both ways,” the former Nandos waitress pointed out. “This is me with no makeup, no tan, no lashes, scraped back and I’m not going to apologise for that and I’m not going to make anyone make me feel sad.”

She added—“So, if there is anything I can do with my platform is to help young girls know that and feel comfortable on social media. I speak from the heart and that’s what I’ll always do. What is good about social media, is that your job is being yourself, I get to be unapologetically me.”

Liberty Poole

Liberty dated Jake Cornish, 25, during their time together in the villa, but the duo later ended their romance and quit the show together. She admitted that she wasn’t sure if their romance was the result of an executed a “game plan” on his part. Liberty revealed that she was looking forward to watching Maya Jama as the new Love Island host. The show’s winter cycle will feature a new cast heading to South Africa. 

“I can’t wait, I’m looking forward to it, I can’t wait to see her – I think she’s going to be fun, new energy, smash it,” Liberty said. 

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