Gwendlyn Brown Dishes ‘Sister Wives’ Update — Reveals She Dislikes Robyn Brown!

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Gwendlyn Brown dished some inside dirt with her bestie on TikTok Tuesday night, updating fans on where the Sister Wives family stands since her mother, Christine Brown’s exit. Gwendlyn seemingly confirmed that her father was living in a monogamous relationship with fourth wife, Robyn Brown, after hinting that his second wife, Janelle, had also walked away from the plural marriage. 

Gwen addressed her own relationships with her father and his first wife, Meri Brown. 

Gwendlyn Brown

Gwen, who admitted that Kody acts a “little nicer” on the show, revealed that her father had been healing in the months since Christine moved to Utah.

“Because we all act for the show but he’s gotten a lot better since [this season was filmed]. He’s really healing and I’m really proud of him,” Gwen said.

She added that Kody had gained self-awareness in recent months.

“I think the strain of him having so many wives and forcing himself to believe in something he wasn’t really for kind of made him more of an upset, unhappy person,” Gwen said. “But he’s really healing. He’s getting a lot better.” 

Sister Wives

Gwen revealed that she hadn’t seen her father since mid-October when they connected for her birthday. She shared that he told her at the time that he was hurt that she mentioned on camera that she believed her parents should have gone their separate ways long ago.

Gwen also offered an update on Meri’s life and how she and Robyn have been getting along.

“I think [they’re still close],” Gwen said of the pair.  

She explained that Meri had made lots of new friends, who have filled the void created by an absent husband and family. 

Meri Brown

Gwen explained—“Meri is, like, a hot commodity in her friend group so…you know how people have ‘found families?’ Meri has a found family. Obviously she shows up for us [in her real family] but she’s better off around them so she tends to hang out with them more, because they’re kinder to her.”

Gwendlyn revealed that she is fond of Meri.

“I think Meri is a sweetie. I try to be around her but she’s super-popular,” Gwen said. 

Gwendlyn Brown

Gwen’s relationship with Robyn appears to be a different story. When asked if she liked Kody’s fourth and only legal wife, she asked her pal to refrain from reading the question out loud. She answered the question with a “no,” but added that she didn’t want to stir up any drama. 

“Please don’t mention her again, we don’t want bad vibes,” Gwen joked.  

The 21-year-old revealed in a comment section on her new Patreon account that she thinks that Robyn is “worse in person” from what viewers see on Sister Wives. 

Gwen also dished that Robyn “makes her girls do all of the work” regarding her online jewelry business, “My Sister Wives Closet.” When a fan told her that the website had been defunct for quite some time, Gwen noted that Robyn collects a paycheck for appearing on the TLC series. 

“Otherwise how would she pay for the nanny?” she said with a laugh.

Paedon Brown

Gwen confirmed that she had no plan to repair her relationship with her brother, Paedon, after years of not getting along. The pair fell out after Paedon hit her during an incident that occurred while they were teenagers.  

“He Who Must Not Be Named? No,” Gwen answered when asked if she would ever fix things with her brother. “No, absolutely not. F**k that guy.”

Gwen also shared that she gets along famously with Meri’s only child, Leon, who uses they/them pronouns.

“I love them so much,” Gwen said.

Gwen Brown

She added—“We sat next to each other at Logan’s wedding. It was so funny because Logan texted me and was like, ‘Are you cool with sitting next to Leon? Are you guys close?’ And I was like, ‘You better sit me next to Leon!‘” 

Gwen confirmed that her mother was doing great, a year after leaving her spiritual marriage.

“Absolutely, yes, [she’s happy]. Her life is so good right now. I’m so proud of her,” Gwen said.


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