Little People’s Matt Roloff BLASTS Zach & Tori For Disrespecting His Girlfriend!

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Matt Roloff is blasting his son, Zach Roloff, and Zach’s wife, Tori, for being disrespectful to his girlfriend, Caryn Chandler!  

Matt Roloff

During a recent episode of Little People, Big World, Matt spoke out about the strained relationship between himself and his son, Zach. Zach and Tori had denied Caryn the chance to meet their newborn baby, Josiah, who was born in April. Matt, 61, said, “Even though we’re not officially married, I think people know that she’s a big, big part of my life now. Caryn’s been getting a lot of blame from Zach and Tori and I don’t think it’s deserved.” Zach and his wife distanced themselves from Matt and his girlfriend after negotiations to buy part of the Roloff farm went south. 

Josiah Bell

Matt Roloff

Matt Roloff decided to put part of the family farm up for sale for $4 million, however, after a few months, he decided to turn the property into an Airbnb. Caryn became involved in the family rift after the couple blamed her for influencing Matt’s decision to sell the farm. While speaking about Caryn, 53, not getting to meet JosiahMatt said, “I think she’s really hurt by the process. I think they should show her some respect. She’s on their team, so to alienate her is probably not a mature way to handle things.” Matt also spoke about his girlfriend’s relationship with his son’s wife. “When it comes to Tori and her relationship with Caryn, I hope it heals. Two people can never come together and heal if they don’t each give a little bit.”

Tori Roloff

Caryn Chandler

Caryn said in a confessional that she wants to be part of Matt’s family but she doesn’t feel welcome. “I would love to see the grandkids, I miss them so much, I would love to see Josiah. “But I just don’t feel welcome. So I’m just kinda standing down and letting Matt do the grandfather thing right now.” Since the episode aired, Matt, Caryn and Tori, and Zach had a small reunion when they all attended a family memorial on Sunday, November 6. The family gathered to honor Matt’s father, Ronald Roloff, who passed away in July at 84.

Papa Roloff

An insider told The U.S. Sun that Caryn didn’t talk to Zach or Tori during the event so they haven’t mended their relationship. “Caryn hasn’t spoken to them in months now, and that hasn’t really changed despite the weekend get-together for Matt’s dad.” The insider added, “They just said hello and goodbye, it wasn’t the place to sit and talk about the feud, but things don’t seem to be going in that direction anyway right now.”

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