Why Mauricio’s Umansky’s New Reality Show ‘Buying Beverly Hills’ Landed on Netflix Not Bravo!

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Mauricio Umansky’s new reality show sparked fan chatter after it was announced that the real estate series would be featured on Netflix, not on Bravo. Mauricio and his wife, Kyle Richards, have appeared on Bravo series, The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, for over a decade — so, many were surprised to learn that Netflix would be streaming the reality show. Mauricio recently explained why the new show, which follows agents as they navigate careers at the Bravo star’s Los Angeles real estate firm, The Agency, landed on Netflix.  

Mauricio's Umansky

Mauricio and Kyle share three daughters, Alexia 26, Sophia, 22, and Portia, 14, along with Kyle’s daughter from a previous marriage, Farrah, 34. Mauricio will star in Buying Beverly Hills alongside Farrah, Alexia, and a cast of Agency employees. 

“We currently have 60 offices. We’re in the middle of growing, we’re continuing to grow, we’re now in Europe,” Mauricio told E! News. “We actually just opened up in Amsterdam, which is where Netflix has their headquarters in Europe. Netflix is a global brand, as well. It just made all the sense to be on Netflix.”

Mauricio Umansky

Mauricio’s new project will certainly draw comparisons to another Netflix California real estate series, Selling Sunset, but Mauricio explained that Buying Beverly Hills will highlight real relationships and not just glitzy real estate deals.

“We put ourselves out there with a lot of vulnerability,” he said. “The relationships that exist are old. You know, my daughter, my relationship with her is 26 years old. There’s a lot of history on it. It all starts with a really tight relationship.”

Mauricio Umansky

The new reality show will also feature several Agency real estate agents, which Mauricio claimed were not chosen for the TV spotlight. 

“Nobody was cast for the show,” he said. “These are all real people that are struggling. We show the rookies, the young 20-year-olds and allow them to make mistakes. Some of them may not make it. They may not have what it takes to be an Agency agent and be prepared to work for the most successful, luxurious, global real estate firm in the world.”

Mauricio Umansky

Mauricio’s show hit some bumps last month after a disturbing scene led to RHOBH fans calling for a boycott of the new Netflix series.   

Kyle and Mauricio were filmed laughing over RHOBH cast member, Erika Jayne, berating the 14-year-old son of co-star, Garcelle Beauvais. 

Kyle Richards

Kyle Richards and Erika Jayne were both slammed by viewers after the episode featured Erika drunkenly lashing out at Garcelle’s son, Jax. Erika repeatedly ordered the teen to “get the f**k out,” during a scene filmed at Garcelle’s birthday party. Garcelle later discovered that Kyle, Mauricio,  Dorit Kemsley, and her husband, Paul “PK” Kemsley, had been filmed cackling over Erika’s nasty antics.

Erika Jayne

Kyle and Mauricio, who called Erika’s behavior “great,” were both slammed with harsh fan feedback, after the episode aired. Kyle immediately apologized on social media, but that didn’t stop fans from calling for a blackout on her hubby’s new reality show.  

Buying Beverly Hills is currently streaming on Netflix. 

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