‘Married to Medicine’ RECAP: Eugene Confronts Quad About Her Shady Remarks!

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Welcome back to the Married to Medicine reunion finale of season 9! We begin with the husbands as Andy Cohen asks Dr. Kiran Sajja about the joke at Toya Bush-Harris and Eugene Harris’s expense. Kiran thinks joking about it takes away the seriousness of Eugene’s situation. Andy asks who Toya’s best friend is, and Eugene admits that it’s Dr. Simone Whitmore. Andy asks if Cecil and Simone did the same joke would Eugene still be upset, and Eugene admits he would. Cecil tries to bring balance before Curtis brings up Eugene’s jokes surrounding Cecil’s past infidelity. Andy switches the conversation to Toya stating that she feels lonely and asks Eugene what he’s not giving Toya. Eugene thinks the pandemic made things worse since he was working at two separate emergency rooms and unintentionally removed himself from the family. 

Eugene states that it’s tough but he’s there for Toya and continues showing up for her. Andy reads a fan’s question and Curtis reveals there’s a P-shot to make a man’s member a little larger. Dr. Scott Metcalfe explains the process of the P-shot, and Eugene wouldn’t wish that surgery his worst enemy. Toya shades the men backstage because of all their complaining, and onstage, Andy wonders why none of the fellas took Dr. Kiran up on his Botox. Dr. Kiran says most of his clients are Black men and Andy asks Dr. Damon Kimes about hormone therapy. Damon says he just wanted to feel better, but the hormones took things over the edge. Andy focuses on Scott’s new music career and asks about Scott’s suspicious lyrics. Scott admits that he did wrong last year, and this song is dedicated to Dr. Contessa Metcalfe. Scott didn’t plan to act on last year’s DMs but still agree with his wife that his actions were wrong. 

Andy surprises Scott with a microphone and Scott gives us a glimpse of his new song. The ladies laugh backstage as Contessa looks so proud of her mans. After Scott’s performance, the men give him his props as we head into break. After the break, the men join the ladies on stage to wrap up the reunion. Andy begins with the ups and downs of marriage and recaps Cecil and Simone’s journey this season. After the recap, Andy starts softly by asking who has the longest lease when it comes to the men. Cecil thinks Curtis has the longest lease and Dr. Kiran raises his hand, LOL. 

Andy asks Quad about her comments about Toya cheating, and Quad claims that Toya was laughing too much. Andy asks the husbands if their wives approached them to open their marriage to others, would they do it? Scott said no because a lot of women are attracted to Contessa and Contessa tells Scott it doesn’t have to be a woman. Heavenly calls the other woman a b*tch, and we all know Heavenly ain’t letting no other woman touch her man. A fan asks what the men didn’t know about their wives before they got married. Eugene said he didn’t know Toya’s mouth would never close and Andy asks how Eugene feels about Toya dissing his manhood. Toya tries to explain herself and Heavenly mumbles for Toya to just let it go. 

Toya Bush-Harris

Toya thinks the sex gets kind of lame and predictable throughout marriage. Toya did, however, see the episode and how it landed and apologized to Eugene ahead of time. Andy asks Cecil what three things he doesn’t want Simone talking about in public. Cecil said sex, finances, and his manhood. A fan has a hypothesis and thinks Eugene has a humiliation kink, and Andy asks if Eugene likes to be humiliated. Eugene clarifies that he’s very vocal in the house and Andy asks Quad about a tweet online. Quad said a bunch of nothing as she doubles down on her words. Eugene said that Quad’s jokes were worse than anything Toya said and Quad states she meant everything she said. 

Quad thinks Toya shaded her about the T-shirt and Toya is upset about Quad calling Eugene a vagina. Eugene yells at Quad, asking what she has against them and to stop talking about them; and Quad responds stop commenting about her. Andy reads more tweets from Quad and Eugene thinks Quad is miserable. Toya tells Quad to go get a man to talk to Eugene instead of talking to him herself. Andy asks Damon what he meant by Heavenly and Contessa’s issues being BS. Damon says that the men make up faster than the women and apologizes to Contessa. 

Dr. Damon Kimes

Contessa asks Damon why he hasn’t scheduled a dinner for all four of them, and Damon admits to going through things in his personal life. Contessa doesn’t think there’s any interest in resolution, and soon, Heavenly jumps in, claiming every time she and Contessa made up, Contessa would talk mess about Heavenly to Quad. Kiran tries to allow Damon to speak, and Damon continues as Contessa tries to talk over him. Damon doesn’t want to fight to talk over people. Quad acknowledges talking to Contessa about ambushing Heavenly and that Contessa wanted to handle Heavenly as Heavenly handles them. Heavenly said after the COVID testing that Contessa told Quad all the negative things Heavenly said about her. 

Quad states that Heavenly was the person who initiated the rumor about Quad sleeping with her contractor.  Scott adds that he loves Damon and Heavenly and thinks Heavenly kicked him while he was down. Heavenly apologizes to Scott and claims that she doesn’t have a problem with Scott because he’s a Scorpio. Contessa jumps in that Heavenly called him an abuser and Heavenly admits that she doesn’t believe Scott is an abuser. A fan loved that Damon checked Heavenly outside and Damon clarifies that he’s just human, but nothing changed in their relationship. Damon just wasn’t in the mood for the ladies that night, and Simone thinks that Heavenly and Damon have a normal marriage with problems. Simone was upset that Damon got mad and left and Heavenly thought it was too soon for Contessa and Heavenly to meet up again. 

Simone thought they left Vegas in a good spot, and Heavenly blames Simone for not getting the dinner under control. Another fan thinks Damon is getting tired of Heavenly’s mouth, and of course, Heavenly thinks is BS. Andy asks Toya if Damon can check Heavenly more often, but Toya doesn’t see anything wrong with it. Andy comments about the guys’ friendship and asks the husbands if they have any advice for the ladies. Damon says trying to move on and Quad comments about Heavenly dragging her friends. Heavenly thinks they drag each other, and Quad asks Damon how he talks to her in private, but Heavenly doesn’t like Quad addressing Dr. Damon. 

Heavenly doesn’t think the conversation is for Damon and continues pushing back on Quad as Quad pushes forward. Lord! Quad isn’t respecting Heavenly’s marriage and Heavenly doesn’t care what Quad wants and tells Quad not to ask Damon a question. Damon speaks up and says he’s happy to answer any questions. Andy reiterates what Quad meant about Heavenly’s empty promises, and Damon thinks everyone has homework and things to work on. Heavenly and Quad joke about whooping each other’s asses as Andy thanks the men and send them on their way. Andy focuses on the doctors making themselves feel good as he shows us Married to Medicine after dark. 

Dr. Jackie Walters

After the naughty recap, Andy asks how long the O-shot lasts. Dr. Jackie Walters states that the shot lasts 18 to 24 months and Andy asks how many vibrators Quad brought to Vegas, LOL. Andy admits a lot of fans related to Anila when she peed in the limo and Anila admits a diaper brand reached out to Anila to collaborate. Jackie talks more about the O-shot and how Anila’s mom wouldn’t let her get one. Anila claims that she’s coming back to get her shot and that it’s $2500 a shot. A fan asks Heavenly if she told Damon about her strip club shenanigans, and Heavenly admits that she has double standards with herself and Damon. Heavenly enjoyed the strip club but feels like men take strip clubs to another level. Heavenly says she was offended at the strip club and none of the ladies agree as Heavenly says Jackie had sex with Toya. Jackie knows Heavenly is trying to deflect and another fan points out Quad cheating before. 

Andy asks Quad if the men she’s dating should be concerned and Quad says no. Andy then focuses on Anila and allowing Kiran to access her back door. Jackie admits her patients send her pictures and Simone says the same thing happens to her. Simone actually dropped a phone and cracked the screen because she was scared of the d**k pic, LOL. Andy wraps up the reunion by asking Heavenly how she’d like her relationships with her friends to improve. Heavenly claims that Simone only talks positively about Toya and allows Heavenly to see Toya in a new light. Contessa thinks this season showed people for who they were and Quad claims she feels good about most women in the group. Quad claims that she’s in a tough place with Toya and feels vindicated (somehow). Andy asks Anila where she and Toya are, and Anila apologizes to Toya and moves on. 

Toya takes it in and says she has a forgiving heart, but that it’s hard to trust a lot of the ladies on the stage. Toya says she and Eugene worked hard on their marriage and that her sons are watching everything. Toya doesn’t want to say bad things about her friends and Quad clarifies why she used the word “vindicated.” The ladies laugh at Quad’s polygraph as Andy asks Jackie what she thinks would happen. Jackie’s happy to have the golden girls back together and Andy ends by asking Simone how the ladies can get back to the best place. Simone says everyone has to come to the table as their best selves and stop bringing baggage to the table. Andy has a champagne surprise for the ladies as sexy men come out to Dr. Scott’s song. Toya’s making it rain on the men as Eugene attempts to get Toya’s attention, LOL. Jackie toasts the ladies off and that’s a wrap! Whew, what a season! Thanks for riding in there with us and be sure to come back next year for season ten of Married to Medicine! 

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